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UI for UWP R2 2020 (Version 2020.2.427)

May 13, 2020


  • Added footer area with a Button.


  • ClearSelection of the ChartSelectionBehavior does not raise SelectionChanged.
  • Points that are outside of the ViewPort, but have connections to points inside of it are not rendered.


  • Added IsFrozen property of the group headers.
  • Exposed a method to scroll to a specific position.
  • Added contextual information in the command parameter of the LoadMoreDataCommand.
  • Prevent item from being swiped beyond the SwipeOffset property.
  • SwipeOffset property is not respected.
  • LoadOnDemand event fires multiple times with automatic load on demand.
  • Frozen group headers are not being measured correctly.
  • Frozen group headers lose their collapsed state while scrolling.
  • Sticky group header overlaps top header.

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