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UI for Universal Windows Platform R3 2017 (version 2017.3.0912)

Sep 12, 2017


  • Add row details support
  • Designer breaks with InvalidCastException
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when DataGridComboBoxColumn's ItemsSource is bound to external data source and the DisplayMemberPath is not set.
  • When item from the DataGridComboBoxColumn gets selected the selection box of the ComboBox becomes empty
  • The ComboBox of the DataGridComboBoxColumn cannot be focused on Tap
  • TargetParameterCountException when binding ItemsSource with x:Bind expression
  • BindingExpressionHelper throws AmbiguousMatchException when the DataGrid is bound to a specific type of data
  • RadDataGrid duplicates display of rows when incremental loading is explicit


  • DateTime in SelectionChanged args is now nullable
  • Setting SelectedDateRange to null does not clear visual selection in Single Selection mode


  • NullReferenceException with ChartTrackBallBehavior while RadChart is updating
  • RadCharts Axis break the designer on x86 arhitecture
  • Prevent adding null fill brush when the applied palette fill brush is null

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