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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight R3 2016 SP1

October 24, 2016


  • A Binding error is printed in the Output on start-up for WatermarkTextBox.
  • A StackOverflow exception is thrown when the ItemsSource and the SelectedItems are of type "int".
  • Presing Esc does not close the DropDown, instead NoResults text is shown.
  • NoResults dropdown is shown when there is a SearchText set and tab is pressed.
  • The watermark color wasn't consistent with other Input controls for some themes. The change affects Office Black, Office Blue, Office Silver, Office 2013, Summer, Transparent, Vista and Windows7 themes.


  • The control is not vertically centered in Windows8Touch theme.


  • A NullReferenceException may occur in the loaded event of the control.


  • Editable RadComboBox does not update its focused state when disabled.


  • Triggering validation when DataForm is empty causes an exception.


  • SelectedDate property gets updated twice when the date is selected through the Calendar in the drop down.


  • Bezier connection is not deserialized correctly.
  • BezierConnection is changed unexpectedly on dragging / rotating if bezier handles are already changed by code or manually.
  • Editing a RadDiagramShape does not take into account the FontSize of the shape.
  • Bezier handles are not moved when floating connection is modified and then slowly dragged.


  • Second Splitter is created and when dragged NullReference exception is thrown.
  • The compasses don't disappear when reordering panes in Deferred DragDropMode.
  • Loading the Layout while BusyIndicator is running, results in a PaneGroup with no SelectedPane.
  • AutoHideArea DisplayClass memory leak.
  • ElementName bindings are broken in DocumentHost if RadDocking is not loaded in the VisualTree.
  • Loading a layout containing a single empty RadPaneGroup inside the DocumentHost causes the IsInDocumentHost property of the group to return false.
  • ElementLayoutCleaning Cancel doesn't work as expected for panes in the DocumentHost.
  • RadPanes docked in the header area of the DocumentHost are not saved in SaveLayout.


  • Selection using Shift + Click does not work.
  • The expand button is not shown if a task is added to the TasksSource after it is initialized.


  • SelectedCells are available after removing the corresponding Item.
  • Null value cells are not filtered when OptimizeDistinctFilterQuery of GridViewDataColumn is set to True.
  • GridView with SelectionUnit="Cell" and IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem="{x:Null}" selects all cells from first row on initialization when ItemsSource is a ListCollectionView.
  • Setting ShowColumnHeaders property to "False" hides the upper border of the control in Windows8 theme.
  • There is 1px border on top of the grid when ShowGroupPanel and ShowColumnHeaders are set to False in VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • Copying when hidden columns are present is inconsistent.
  • When SelectionUnit is Cell and a sorting is applied, a selected cell is removed from the SelectedCells collection, but SelectedCellsChanged event is not raised.
  • InvalidOperationException when group GridView in an application with multiple UI threads.
  • New Row is added when commit edit in Paged RadGridView bound to QCV(AsNoTracking Source).
  • Pasting rows when ClipboardPasteMode has flag AllSelectedRows is inconsistent when there are invisible columns.
  • Move commands do not function correctly when ItemsSource is VirtualQueryableCollectionView and RadGridView is sorted.
  • Aggregate Functions are not visible in GridViewFooterRow.


  • When the ItemsPanel is set to VirtualizingStackPanel which Orientation is set to Horizontal, selecting an item moves it to the rightmost position.
  • Selecting an item that is already virtualized doesn't scroll to that item when the ItemsPanel is set to VirtualizingStackPanel which Orientation is set to Horizontal.
  • ListBoxPanel throws NullRefference exception when RadListBox with the ListBoxPanel is used in OutlookBar.
  • RadListBoxItem's text can not be read by a screen reader.


  • Location.Parse method throws FormatException when the location string is saved via ToString() with de-DE culture.


  • Access Keys of MenuItems located in a second MenuGroupItem of a Submenu are not handled.


  • The value of RadNumericUpDown with UpdateValueEvent set to PropertyChanged is not updated when the Delete key is pressed.


  • VerticalResizerStyle property added for easier customization of the resizer thumb.
  • Foreground of MinimizedButton remains dark on MouseOver in Expression_Dark theme.
  • Cannot apply templates using ItemTemplateSelector property.

PDF Viewer

  • CMYK color conversion is not correct which leads to darker image colors.


  • Text fragments in nested tables are drawn in wrong order.
  • InvalidCastException is thrown while importing indirect reference inside CID font widths array.


  • PercentDifferenceFrom TotalFormat applies wrong string format for calculated aggregate descriptions.


  • MemoryLeak when updating the Item property.
  • An instance of nested custom data type with null value is created when PropertySets are used.
  • When RadPropertyGrid is placed in RadPane, its loading performance degrades after a few open-close actions.
  • Nested PropertyDefinitions cannot be added at run-time after changing the initial Item value.


  • AutoClose functionality of SubMenu (DropDownButton) inside ApplicationMenu does not work as expected.
  • ApplicationMenu items don't respect the theme when it is changed at runtime.
  • The Backstage does not close in case it has been initially opened and another RibbonTab is later opened as well.


  • PDF format provider: Introduced export of images to PDF with DCTDecode when the compression mode is Automatic or Jpeg.
  • Section columns dialog: Implemented closing the dialog when "Enter" is pressed.
  • PDF format provider: Exporting document with transparent image and opening it in Adobe Reader results in missing image.
  • The backslashes in hyperlinks pointing to local files are duplicated on import.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when visualizing DOCX file containing hyperlink without navigational information.
  • PDF format provider: Corrupted PDF document is generated when exporting DOCX file containing PNG images with JPEG extension and PdfImagesCompressionMode property set to Automatic or None.
  • PDF format provider: Invalid document is generated when exporting PNG image SMask with non-default ImagesDeflaterCompressionLevel export setting.
  • PDF format provider: IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when exporting list level without level text.
  • Section columns dialog: "Line between" and "Equal column width" checkboxes are not disabled when one column is selected.
  • "Line between" option is not persisted when selecting column type through SectionColumns drop down.
  • When "Equal column width" is unchecked and then Columns dialog is closed and reopened, last column's RadNumericUpDown button for spacing gets enabled.
  • Column separator is not added between last two columns in some circumstances (e.g when 9, 12 or 13 column count is applied).
  • Section columns dialog: Section column numbers are enabled when the respective row is disabled.
  • Text in a section before continuous section break is not evenly distributed among columns. As a result the height of some columns is bigger than the height of other columns.
  • The Textblocks in Page Setup ribbon group dropdowns have their FontWeight changed from Bold to Normal (default) applied.
  • When changing the size or orientation of all sections divided by continuous section break, the sections are split into separate pages.
  • RTF format provider: A table with applied table style with conditional styles for the first row and column is not exported correctly to RTF format. When the document is opened in MS Word the top left cell has a missing background.
  • Converting a document from RTF to DOCX format results in paragraphs with applied list style.
  • RTF format provider: When a document with conditional table style is exported and opened in MS Word, some span properties are not updated.
  • Fixed increased watermark opacity.


  • Appointments with Start and End time 00:00 are not displayed in MonthViewDefintion.
  • CurrentVisibleRangeText is not formatted correctly in WeekViewDefinition when the VisibleRange.End is the last day of the month.


  • Added support for importing dates which are saved in the document as standard date strings.
  • Setting values to cells referred from formulas causes memory leak and performance issues.
  • Improved the performance of exporting documents containing many cells and rows with set properties.


  • Added support for importing dates which are saved in the document as standard date strings.
  • Cancel button in Custom Sort Lists dialog has incorrect margin and the list entries are clipped.
  • MoveToPreviousPage and MoveToNextPage images in PrintPreviewControl are not visible in some themes.
  • Setting values to cells referred from formulas causes memory leak and performance issues.
  • Improved the performance of exporting documents containing many cells and rows with set properties.
  • Exception is thrown when Custom sort dialog is opened with ExpressionDark theme applied since BorderBrush resource is missing.


  • NullReferenceException is thrown when performing a touch action over a Tile which is placed outside of RadTileList.


  • Enabled reordering of TileViewItems when in Minimized mode.


  • Setting Background to Transparent does not affect the control in horizontal and vertical orientation.
  • RadToolBarSeparator can't be seen in Windows8Touch theme.


  • Clearing nested hierarchy when filtering is applied breaks filtering expression.
  • Expanded TreeListViewRow cannot be collapsed when SelectionMode is set to "Extended" and a child node is selected.


  • The ItemClicked event is fired on MouseUp with no MouseDown on the same RadTreeViewItem.


  • The last web response contains incorrect information.


  • Setting MaxWidth and MaxHeight to RadWindow makes moving it impossible.

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