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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight R2 2021 SP1

June 16, 2021


  • HorizontalContentAlignment property is not respected in Windows8Touch, Office2016, and Office2016Touch themes.


  • ColumnGroup is not displayed when the Columns DisplayIndex is set when they are initialized.
  • Еrror appears when the ControlPanelItemCollection is used in XAML and GridView and Data Telerik dlls are referenced. The Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data.CardView namespace is no longer mapped to telerik= schema. If an error appears, the cardView=clr-namespace:Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data.CardView;assembly=Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data should be used.
  • SelectedCellsChanged event not fired for individual cells when SelectionUnit is Mixed and the control is sorted or grouped.
  • Wrong selection when updating cell's value and the corresponding column is sorted.
  • The invalid indicator is not hidden when one cancels the edit of a new row.


  • CurrentItem of the bound CollectionView is not updated when selection is changed from the UI in Extended/Multiple mode and IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem is True.


  • Handle the import of documents with invalid cross-reference table offsets.
  • Handle the import of documents with many trailing zero bytes at its end.
  • Handle the import of documents with trailing content at its end.
  • Handle the import of documents containing streams decoded with FlateDecode filter with a Reserved compression method.
  • Text is exported with a wrong encoding when the document contains Simple Font with Differences array.


  • The PopupPlacement property is not respected when changed during runtime.


  • Key tips are not applied to the children of a RadMenuGroupItem.


  • Enable users to disable the transparency of SelectionMiniToolbar.
  • An ArgumentNullException is thrown when the style of a paragraph that contains revisions is changed twice.
  • InvalidOperationException: 'Nullable object must have a value.' is thrown on exporting to PDF on a specific document.
  • Memory leak related to shapes UI when editing a document.
  • Images in nested Merge Fields are not exported after Mail Merge.
  • .NET Core: Buttons for changing the layout have missing images in RadRichTextBoxStatusBar.
  • Exceptions are thrown when importing multiple DOCX files simultaneously.
  • NullReferenceException when importing document exported with DocxFormatProvider, containing several images with track changes.
  • The PasteSource.SameRadDocument is not respected when pasting from the same document.
  • The version of the RTF document is not saved when the content is exported.
  • DocxFormatProvider: An InvalidOperationException is thrown when saving a document with enabled track changes and a table pasted from MS Word as the first document element.
  • Pasting a table inside of content with track changes, only the text inside the first cell text is styled as new text.
  • Using InsertFragment while tracking changes, does not identify tables as newly inserted.
  • When pasting a table with track changes, only the text inside the first cell text is styled as new text.
  • Shape Fill and Shape Outline content is not left-aligned in Windows8Touch theme.
  • Run-time modifications on RadDocument may cause application freeze.
  • RulerThumbType name inconsistency between DependencyProperty and its backing CLR property.


  • An exception is thrown when copying a worksheet that contains a shape.
  • А NullReferenceException is thrown when importing a scatter chart with only one axis.


  • Opening XLSX file with combo chart having line series and scatter series with date time axes throws InvalidCastException
  • The formula cell value is not updated when another cell value is changed
  • Missing defined names in spreadsheet UI due to missing scrolling functionality in the NameBox.


  • ToolBar.OverflowMode attached property is not respected when set on the root element in the ItemTemplate.

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