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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight R2 2016 SP1

June 14, 2016


  • Exposed override for HandleKeyDown method.
  • SearchText is not cleared when SelectedItem is set to null.


  • The path in the SplitButton of the BreadCrumbItem is not visualized correctly in press state in VisualStudio2013 theme.


  • Focus state border is visible in Pressed state.
  • Missing pressed state path fill of DropDownPart in RadSplitButton in VisualState2013 theme.
  • Missing hover state of DropDownPart inside RadSplitButton for VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • When the DropDownIndicatorVisibility property of SplitButton is set to Collapsed, it collapses the DropDownPart toggle button instead of the indicator.


  • Candlestick and OhlcStick are not being updated when its data point's Close and Open values are changed at runtime.
  • PointSeries does not respect the PointSize when a DefaultVisualStyleSelector provides a Style with no Width and Height setters.


  • RadToolTipService.ToolTipContent is disregarded when getting HelpText.


  • DataFormValidationSummary control can be used outside the context of RadDataForm.


  • SettingsPane's popup is positioned wrong when it is opened too close to the screen upper or lower bounds.
  • Horizontal/Vertical ContentAlignment properties of the DiagramConnection do not apply when they are set in style.


  • Some Panes are rendered incorrectly when DragDropMode is set to Deferred and the layout is changed and saved.
  • The dock operation could not be performed when trying to dock a Pane to the Root Compass that is over the dragged Pane and DragDropMode is set to Deferred.
  • ToolWindow remains hidden when AnimationManager is disabled and ToolWindow is hidden and shown in two consecutive calls.
  • There is a memory leak when a context menu is used on floating panes.
  • ElementSaving event is not raised when LoadLayout(stream, true).

DragDrop Manager

  • DropVisual has missing brush resources for Windows8Touch theme.


  • The TaskEdited event is called in a loop if the TasksSource is cleared in this event.
  • The CurrentUICulture's time format is disregarded in the TimeRuler and the dragging/resizing Tooltip of the control.


  • GridViewHeaderRow and GridViewFooterRow instances leak when themes are changed at run-time.
  • A memory Leak is observed when StyleManager.Theme is set and there is a custom RowStyleSelector assigned.
  • Validation errors with IDataErrorInfo overwrite column tooltip message and the last is not visible even the error is corrected.
  • Frozen column and FlowDirection="RightToLeft" leads to overlapped content after scrolling.
  • Wrong column width for GridViewSelectColumn and GridViewToggleRowDetailsColumn when RadGridView.ColumnsWidth property is star.
  • GridViewColumn's sorting state is not updated if a ColumnSortDescriptor is added at run-time.
  • Adding new row causes NullReferenceException in a scenario with RadComboBox in CellEditTemplate.
  • NullReferenceException in FilterDescriptorCollectionExpressionBuilder.CreateBodyExpression().
  • GroupRenderMode property is not copied to the inner grids in a hierarchy.
  • GridViewComboBoxColumn displays the object type in edit mode when having ItemTemplate and TextPath is set directly to the ComboBox through style.
  • Row gets invalid after scrolling it out and in the viewport with ValidationType set to None and INotifyDataErrorInfo implemented.
  • CellDoubleClick and RowActivated events are raised on a single Tap.
  • Changing the IsExpanded property through an implicit style for GroupHeaderRow results in NullReferenceException.
  • GridViewRow instances leak when themes are changed at run-time.
  • GridViewCellValidatingEventArgs.OldValue argument is not correct when using GridViewComboboxColumn.

Image Editor

  • Localization strings in Shape, Canvas Resize, Resize and Draw Text tools and their settings are not updated when the culture is changed during the application's lifetime.


  • ArgumentException is thrown in RadListBox on a touch device when ESC key is pressed.
  • Empty space bar key input is disregarded when IsTextSearchEnabled is set to True.


  • In RadMaskedNumeric/CurrencyInput when the Value is null the "minus" after clear is still displayed.
  • Minus sign disappears when no mask is set (Mask="") and UpdateValueEvent is set to LostFocus.

MS Controls

  • CheckBox changes its state in VisualStudio2013 theme when mouse left button down is pressed on the control and mouse up is performed elsewhere.
  • Focus Border of TextBox is not applied for Read-Only mode.


  • Value of the control in read only mode is updated on lost focus.
  • The buttons are misplaced when ShowTextBox is set to false in Windows8Touch theme.
  • There is no value set for MinHeight in Windows8Touch theme.
  • There is too much space around the text when ShowButtons=False in Windows8Touch theme.


  • Overflow button missing MouseOver and Checked states in ExpressionDark, Office2013, Windows8 and Windows8Touch themes.

PDF Viewer

  • NullReferenceException is thrown when loading document with unsupported zip encoding.
  • When printing a document, only the content of the currently loaded page is printed while the other pages are empty.


  • When an image doesn't have ColorSpace specified, ImageMask property is not exported which results in invalid document.
  • Glyphs are positioned with big horizontal distance due to wrong import of CidFonts Widths property.
  • Exception is thrown when empty Pdf Name object is not parsed as empty name.


  • GrandTotal is null when QueryableDataProvider is used and there is a row header with null value.


  • RibbonTabStripPanel is still visible when all RadRibbonTabs and the ApplicationButton are Collapsed in Expression Dark theme.
  • There is 1px redundant top padding in RibbonComboBox dropdown.
  • Margin between groups and separators in Office2013 theme extended from 4px to 5px.
  • Inconsistent spacing between image and text in RibbonSplitButton.
  • RadRibbonTab can not be selected when the backstage is open initially.
  • BorderBrush of ToggleButton inside RibbonComboBox is not applied.
  • RadRibbonSplitButton is not aligned correctly compared to other ribbon buttons when Size is Large.


  • Updated "hover" and "press" states for ImageMiniToolBar close button for Visual Studio 2013, Office 2013 and Windows 8 themes.
  • Introduced support for converting vertical tab symbol to line break.
  • DOCX format provider: When the forecolor of a style is changed through the dialog, the theme color is not cleared.
  • PDF format provider: Images are exported with wrong stream length which leads to error message when trying to save the exported PDF file and images are lost.
  • Memory leak in TableStylesGallery results in keeping a reference to a previous RadDocument instance.
  • PDF format provider: Real numbers are exported in Exponential format.
  • Docx format provider: When the background color of Paragraph, Table or TableCell is set to Auto, the imported color is white instead of transparent.
  • When Page break is inserted through the RibbonUI, the current paragraph ends on the next page, instead of right after the break.


  • The Category of an Appointment is not updated when CategoriesSource is changed at runtime.
  • RecurrenceChoiceDeleteDialog should show when more than one recurring appointments are selected and then deleted.
  • Export to ICal does not handle the TimeZone properly.


  • Importing a Workbook which contains Chart sheet throws exception.
  • OutOfMemory exception is thrown when exporting workbook containing a large number of worksheets.
  • The XML documentation of the methods GetIsLocked, SetIsLocked, ClearIsLocked is wrong.
  • WorkbookContentChanged event stops firing after using fill series.
  • When TextLengthDataValidationRule is applied to a cell formatted as text, the rule treats valid text as invalid.


  • "Protect sheet" title of the protect sheet button is on a single line, instead of two lines.
  • "Protect Workbook" dialog is with incorrect height in all themes.
  • 'Find what' and 'Replace with' textboxes in 'Replace' tab of 'Find and Replace' dialog have different heights in Visual Studio 2013 theme.
  • Sort dialog: 'Then by' text is clipped in Windows8Touch theme. Text and icon of "Copy Level" button are blurred in all themes.
  • Importing a Workbook which contains Chart sheet throws exception.
  • OutOfMemory exception is thrown when exporting workbook containing a large number of worksheets.
  • The XML documentation of the methods GetIsLocked, SetIsLocked, ClearIsLocked is wrong.
  • WorkbookContentChanged event stops firing after using fill series.
  • When TextLengthDataValidationRule is applied to a cell formatted as text, the rule treats valid text as invalid.
  • Unexpected PROPERTYELEMENT error is thrown when RadSpreadsheet is merged from file with build action Page.
  • Memory leak when showing PrintPreview.
  • Small visible size and scrolling cause ArgumentOutOfRangeException.
  • The border of Borders button (BordersMenu) is lost in disabled state in VisualStudio2013 theme.


  • Timeline item cannot be selected, when using custom DataTemplates for the timeline items.


  • DropDown's popup overlaps the OverflowButton in Office2013 theme.
  • Missing Checked visual state of OverflowToggleButton in Office2013 and Windows8 themes.
  • Overflow Popup is not aligned properly under the OverflowToggleButton in Office2013 and Windows8 themes.


  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when modifying the RadTreeListView ItemsSource in specific scenarios.


  • When the tree is disabled, ExpandItemByPath() and GetItemByPath() do not work.


  • The RadUpload JSON data does not escape correctly the double quotas symbol.


  • Setting FocusManager.FocusedElement throws an Error: 4 in the output and the element is not focused.


  • Updating zip file which contains Zip64ExtraFiled for UncompressedSize generates invalid zip file.
  • Cannot get more than 65535 entries from a Zip archive containing more entries than that.

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