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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight R2 2016

May 3, 2016

All Controls

  • Introduced a mechanism that allows changing the application theme at design-time when using implicit styles.
  • VS2015 hangs when many UserControls are included in the solution and the Telerik schema is declared.
  • ChildrenOfType throws ArgumentNullException whenever one of the children is null.
  • Input Controls: MouseOver brush is not the correct color in Windows8Touch theme.


  • RadAutoCompleteBox does not respect TabIndex property.


  • RadDropDownButton and RadSplitButton's popup has wrong foreground when its content is set through the DropDownContent property.
  • Focus, MouseOver and MouseOverChecked BorderBrushes are not consistent with those in other controls for Windows8Touch theme.


  • Doing any calculation in the display box of RadCalculatorPicker breaks its synchronization with drop-down RadCalculator.


  • Enabled calendar buttons can't be selected when DayTemplateSelector that sets template with IsEnabled = False is set at runtime.


  • Legend marker has no color when there are no bars in the BarSeries.


  • A custom command provider cannot be defined in XAML for RadCollectionNavigator and RadCollectionEditor.


  • Coded UI Builder crashes when trying to get a child of RadComboBox when AutomationMode.Basic and ExtensionsCore dll are used.
  • Background of noneditable RadComboBox is not respected in Windows8Touch theme.
  • Editable RadComboBox has incorrect background in disabled state for Windows8Touch theme.
  • The HelpText of RadComboBoxItem automation peer is always "RadComboBoxItem".


  • RadContextMenu causes a memory leak.


  • DateTimePicker's popup bottom border is not consistent in Transparent theme.
  • Cannot record Coded UI action on RadDateTimePicker.
  • RadDateTimePicker is not located correctly by Coded UI when placed in RadDocking.


  • RadGeometryDropDownButton's popup is inconsistent in all themes.
  • Wrong container state is produced when drag-dropping group of nested containers.


  • Allow writing custom save/load layout logic.
  • The built-in Save/Load layout functionality works when there are custom RadPaneGroup, RadPane and RadSplitContainer instances added to the control.
  • Provided a way to persist properties to the auto generated RadSplitContainer, RadPaneGroup and ToolWindow instances.
  • Improved built-in Save/LoadLayout functionality: - Added two new events – ElementLayoutSaving and ElementLayoutCleaning; - Improved other events’ arguments;
  • ToolWindow is flickering when from FloatingDockable is made FloatingOnly through the context menu.
  • The ToolWindow is getting cut off when the MinHeight and MinWidth are set through Style.
  • Tab keyboard navigation does not work correctly in nested RadDocking scenarios if a ScrollViewer is present in a RadPane's content.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when closing a RadPane group from its AutoHideArea if there are no pinned RadPanes.

DragDrop Manager

  • Drag operation cannot be performed inside a Popup defined in the code.
  • Drag is still possible after AllowCapturedDrag's value is changed to false through binding.


  • Made accessible and customizable the ScrollSettings which are used to determine the built-in auto scrolling.
  • Provided a way to disable horizontal scrolling when the selected GanttTask changes.
  • Row/Column is misplaced when Ganttview.ScrollingService.ScrollIntoView(item, ScrollSettings) with ScrollPosition.Center is called.
  • The Width property of ColumnDefinitionBase class cannot be bound due to incorrect property definition.


  • Introduced IsLightweightModeEnabled property of GridViewComboBoxColumn. Its default value is False. When set to True, the new lightened lookup logic is triggered, thus the performance of the column is significantly increased.
  • Exposed TextWrapping, TextAlignment, TextTrimming and TextDecorations properties for GridViewHeaderCell and HeaderTextWrapping, HeaderTextAlignment, HeaderTextTrimming and HeaderTextDecorations properties for GridViewColumn.
  • Introduced ValidationType property that indicates what type of validation input should be processed (INotifyDataErrorInfo, IDataErrorInfo, DataAnnotations).
  • Data in group rows is not exported if RadGridView has group descriptors of type GroupDescriptor.
  • AlwaysVisibleRow part disappears after a new item is added and a RowStyle is applied explicitly.
  • An exception is thrown on binding to an empty collection with items of abstract class.
  • RadGridView commits edit when new items are added to the bound collection and AlternationCount property is set.
  • Infinite Layout Cycle when GridView is placed in RowDetails.
  • On window resize, GridView is scrolled to the top when it is placed in a ColumnDefinition with Width="Auto" and GroupRenderMode is Flat.
  • StackOverflow exception is thrown when one of the columns has SortMemberPath property set to a dynamic property that is not displayed in another column.
  • ColumnGroups are misaligned when set at run-time and there are frozen columns, which are initially set.
  • Copying items with unicode characters does not paste all of them.
  • Setting ShowGroupPanel to "False" results in a Top margin of 4px in VisualStudio2013 theme.
  • Border is not correct when FilterRow is on, SelectionMode is Multiple and there is SelectColumn in Windows8 and Windows8Touch themes.
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in GetCellsForExporting method when exporting and EnableColumnGroupsVirtualization is set to False.
  • Having a two-way bound GridViewComboBoxColumn may result in infinite loop of getting-setting the bound property value.
  • Having a two-way bound column may unnecessarily update its bound property when loading a virtualized cell.
  • HierarchyExpandButtonStyleSelector is not updated once the condition is changed.
  • HierarchyExpandButton's style is not updated when the SelectStyle method of a HierarchyExpandButtonStyleSelector returns null.
  • Adding ColumnGroups while expanding ChildTableDefinition is not reflected by the UI.
  • TextTrimming property of GridViewColumn is not copied when CopyPropertiesFrom method is used.
  • Nested column groups are not displayed in some scenarios, when UI virtualization is enabled.
  • Editing of DLR properties does not update the bound value correctly.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when expanding a row with nested GridView with column groups.
  • Style targeting TextBlock and applying TextAlignement property is not respected in GridViewHeaderCell element.
  • Pasting in empty RadGridView is not possible.
  • GridViewCell.PrepareCellProperties() is now open for access and modification in the scope of derived classes (access modifier is changed to protected internal virtual).
  • The Xlsx and Pdf members of ExportFormat enum are obsoleted as they are not used.


  • Cell labels are positioned incorrectly when there are empty cells.
  • Cell labels are rendered incorrectly when changing values dynamically.


  • The first item gets selected after filtering when CollectionViewSource is used and the IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem is set to False.
  • IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem is not considered when ItemsSource is CollectionView.
  • Missing TemplateBinding property for BorderBrush in the ControlTemplate of RadListBoxItem in VisualStudio2013, Office2013 and Green themes.


  • Exposed "Clusters" property in VisualizationLayer. This is read-only list of all currently available ClusterData objects in the layer.


  • Zero digit is not properly inserted after the decimal point in no-masked NumericInput / CurrencyInput.
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on paste when the masked input is unloaded and loaded again.
  • Caret does not move properly in MaskedTextInput with InputBehavior Replace when the pressed key's symbol is the same as the symbol next to the caret.

MS Controls

  • Indeterminate Checkbox validation border is misaligned .


  • RadNumericUpDown within GridView is not updating its value when TAB key is pressed.


  • Missing top border in minimized area for ToggleButton in Office themes, Expression Dark, Green, Transparent, Summer, Vista, and Windows7 themes.


  • Changed margin of HeaderItems and SubItems to 1px in the Office2013 theme.

PDF Viewer

  • Reduced memory usage by improving and decreasing page caching.
  • Introduced FormatProviderSettings.ReadAllAtOnce property. When applied, the document stream is copied into a memory stream used by PdfViewer, so the document stream could be closed.
  • Erroneous font accent translation is applied to glyphs which causes text clipping or displacement.
  • PDFViewer does not display all text in a document when referencing glyph id with non-defined glyph name in WinAnsiEncoding.
  • A blank page might be displayed instead of successfully rendering document page due to concurrency issues when using two or more RadPdfViewers in one user control.
  • Images decoded with LZWDecode are visualized with artefacts or distorted.


  • TextFragment does not respect general graphic state content stream operators which results in glyphs drawn with too thick brush.
  • Import throws NotSupportedException when the document contains annotations from unsupported types.
  • Encoding JPEG image after decoding another JPEG image results is writing wrong JFIF marker data.
  • When inserted after a line break, the whitespace character is positioned on the previous line, instead on the line after the line break.


  • Added IgnoreNullValues property, which provides an option to exclude null values in aggregates.


  • Introduced support for collection indexer binding.


  • Added NavigateBack command used for navigating back to the previous RadRadialMenuItem.


  • Improved the KeyTips to close the RadRibbonDropDown/Split buttons popups when the KeyTips are deactivated.
  • Backstage now supports HeaderBackground property for Background of BackstageItems and Background property for the Backstage Content.


  • Added thermometer, parameter and analyses words to the default en-US dictionary.
  • Introduced support for laying out section content to several columns.
  • Introduced column break which inserts break in the current column and transfers the text to the next column in a section.
  • 'Find next error' stops working if the current incorrect word is followed by a punctuation sign.
  • InvalidCastException is thrown during measuring of document when last document element is not Span.
  • TableStylesGallery items are not updated when the borders of the corresponding table styles are modified.
  • When table without preferred width is copied from RadRichTextBox and pasted to MS Word or Outlook, the pasted table is not displayed.
  • HTML format provider skips the import of nested list levels.
  • Memory leak when changing AssociatedRichTextBox of RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI.
  • HtmlFormatProvider creates an invalid document when row span value is greater than the number of the following rows.


  • Provided an option to render bigger elements in the CurrentTimeIndicator ControlTemplate.
  • Implemented a way to stretch the CurrentTimeIndicator through the whole RadScheduleView area through the new CurrentTimeIndicatorLocation dependency property.
  • Added touch support for selecting a slot range.
  • CurrentTImeIndicator in TimeLineViewDefinition overlaps TimeRulerGroupItem's border in Office themes.


  • Introduced Headers and Footers functionality which allows adding rich text content in the page margins, visible when exporting or printing a document.
  • Exported XLSX documents cannot be imported with OpenOffice and on MAC (Numbers application).


  • Introduced Headers and Footers functionality which allows adding rich text content in the page margins, visible when exporting or printing a document.
  • When the decimal separator is inserted from the numpad, it is inserted with selection and further typing overwrites it.


  • The top border of the control is missing when the TabStripPlacement is set to Left.


  • Implemented touch swipe scrolling functionality.


  • Implemented an ActualVisiblePeriodRangeChanged event that is raised when the actual visible period range changes.
  • Implemented an ActualSelectionChanged event that is raised when the actual selection changes while the user is dragging the mouse.
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when tapping outside the application while the mouse left button is pressed into TimeBar.


  • Implemented an ActualVisiblePeriodRangeChanged event that is raised when the actual visible period range changes.


  • Several ToolBar styles and templates are renamed due to inconsistency or too generic names which may lead to exceptions: ToolBarTextBlock renamed to ToolBarTextBlockStyle.
    • ToolBarTextBox renamed to ToolBarTextBoxStyle.
    • ToolBarTextBox_Expression renamed to ToolBarTextBoxStyle.
    • ToolBarCheckBox renamed to ToolBarCheckBoxStyle.
    • ToolBarButton renamed to ToolBarButtonStyle.
    • ToolBarRadioButton renamed to ToolBarRadioButtonStyle.
    • ToggleButton renamed to ToolBarToggleButtonStyle.
    • ToolBarRadButton renamed to ToolBarRadButtonStyle.
    • ToolBarRadToggleButton renamed to ToolBarRadToggleButtonStyle.
    • ToolBarRadRadioButton renamed to ToolBarRadRadioButtonStyle.
    • ToolBarRadDropDownButton renamed to ToolBarRadDropDownButtonStyle.
    • ToolBarRadSplitButton renamed to ToolBarRadSplitButtonStyle.
    • ToolBarDropdownButton renamed to ToolBarDropdownButtonTemplate.


  • Exposed public properties for the settings of the TouchManager: DragStartDistance, PinchStartDistance, SwipeInertiaDuration, SwipeInertiaDuration, TapTime, MultiTapTime, TapVicinity, MultiTapVicinity.


  • When Tab Navigation is used focus goes inside RadTreeView instead of the first item for Windows8Touch theme.
  • PreviewEditStarted event has incorrect parameters when handled.
  • PreviewEditStarted is fired more than once in scenario with nested treeview items.


  • RadWindow is sized to the values of MaxWidth and MaxHeight when they are set and SizeToContent is true.

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