Release History

Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight Q2 2013 SP1

July 25, 2013

All Controls

  • Unable to use EventToCommandBehavior with CLR Events.


  • Changing the ItemsSource collection causes the DropDown portion of the control to be marked as opened


  • Can't select an item from the history twice in a row
  • CurrentItem is set four times after ItemsSource change


  • QualitativeRanges are not updated correctly when the Value property is data bound
  • An OutOfMemoryException is thrown in a scenario with Bindings in the QualitativeRanges collection and virtualization
  • Qualitative ranges and ticks are misaligned by a single pixel or two


  • ButtonPart style of the RadSplitButton is not consistent
  • RadButton mixes the Command and CommandParameter from the ButtonBase, which causes unexpected behavior of the CanExecute command handler


  • DecimalSeparator does not respect current culture in Windows8 and Windows8Touch themes


  • Setting the SelectedDate from the code behind cause’s performance issue


  • The chart does not refresh when the SeriesMappings property is changed runtime
  • Exception is thrown when changing the theme at run-time


  • Updating the IsSelected property of a DataPoint during the SelectionChanged event does not work correctly
  • Bottom Label is not shown in scnearios with top or inverse axis and horizontal zoom
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when TemplateSelector is used in the ChartSeriesLabelDefinition
  • Item labels are disappearing if the series is removed from the chart and then re-added
  • CandleSticks are not properly rescaled
  • Axis labels are displaced in zoom scroll scenario
  • Axis LabelTemplateSelector does not behave correctly in a zoom scroll scenario
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when GridlineAnnotation is collapsed initially
  • Selection of an item is removed when clicking anywhere in the chart area
  • Bars in a stack are drawn incorrectly when the first item in the stack is null
  • Zoom rectangle is not positioned correctly when ZoomMode is set to either Horizontal or Vertical and the chart's Zoom and PanOffset are data bound to another chart
  • PanZoomBars are not updated correctly when removing ChartPanAndZoomBehavior and adding a new one
  • Zoom rect is visible when dragging mouse even when there is no possible way to zoom in - with a behavior with ZoomMode.None and PanMode.Both
  • RadPieChart throws an exception whenever it is in a DataTemplate of an ItemsControl with over 120 instances of pie charts
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in scenarios where ConvertDataToPoint is called early in the lifecycle of the chart
  • Axis labels are not visible in ExpressionDark theme
  • There is a one pixel discrepancy between CartesianGridLineAnnotation, ticks and bars
  • Exception when the series is being detached during theme change and with a present SeriesProvider
  • Chart doesn't update its Palette when changing themes at runtime
  • Fluent axis labels movement when panning a zoomed chart


  • RadContextMenu draws shadow when placed in some drop down buttons.
  • In Opening event DataContext is not correct when InheritDataContext is True.


  • RadDataFilter auto-generates its ItemPropertyDefinitions more than once when bound to a collection of dynamic objects
  • Changing the Member or the Operator of an inactive filter (i.e. one with UnsetValue) should not cause re-filtering and hence a slowdown


  • CanDelete and CanAdd properties are not correctly set when CurrentItem is bound and no ItemsSource is set.
  • When DataForm and GridView use ICollectionView synchronization and the grid is filtered and has only one item, DataForm navigation buttons are not all disabled
  • No data field is generated for dynamic property with null value
  • Order is not respected when working with dynamic objects


  • An ArgumentException is thrown when the CultureInfo is set to "or-IN"
  • If SelectedTime is set to null, the TimePicker control still displays the previous non null value
  • When RadDateTimePicker is used in a RadGridView column its CurrentText is not updated as the binding is broken
  • The DatePicker displaying the End of the Appointment in the EditAppointmentDialog stays empty
  • Add StringFormat dependency property that specifies how to format the selected DateTime value, example:
  • When a DateTimePicker is used in a RadGridView column its CurrentText is not updated as the binding is broken


  • Extend the DnD - allow text and text files dnd
  • Connections creation using tools should be delayed
  • Target property of the ILink is always null in the AddLink method
  • BezierHandles are not properly removed
  • Undo is broken when using DiagramExtensionProperties.ShouldDetachConnections = True
  • Connections can be sent to back when in ContainerShape


  • An InvalidOperationException is thrown when move or resize an undocked RadPane in OOB
  • Drop is not possible into controls that are placed inside RadDocking unless they handle the DragOver event
  • When start dragging a pane with WindowHostForm, there are black squares on the screen
  • When a RadPane is unpinned, it doesn't show the WinForm control placed inside
  • An exception is thrown when a ToolWindow is docked inside RadDocking after the layout was loaded
  • ActivePaneChanged event is not triggered when clicking on WinForms control hosted in RadPane
  • If unpinned Pane is clicked it doesn't hide when control outside the Docking is clicked
  • ArgumentNullExpection is thrown when a Pane is made floating when used in WinForms ElementHost


  • Getting the ScrollInfo properties after the control is initialized but before it is loaded, leads to NullReferenceException
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when changing theme run time on touch device
  • When click at All Children (Choose Highlight Path) the tasks are colored in black, but it should be red in Window8Touch theme
  • In DragDropHighlightStyle the binding to ActualEnd is wrong


  • IOException is thrown when the number of positions in a NumericIndicator is greater than the actual number of symbols
  • Character templates of the NumericIndicator issues
  • Speed up the initial gauge load
  • The Gauge Range is not displayed when it is added to the Range collection dynamically


  • Added new templates for cell and row (Lightweight templates) with reduced visual elements for a faster load time
  • Added IDistinctValuesFilterDescriptor.DistinctValuesComparisonOperator property
  • Different language set to columns editors is not respected
  • Memory leak when an inherited grid uses different row container in Flat render mode
  • GridView export to excel shows binding errors
  • GridViewExpressionColumn cannot work with ICustomTypeProvider
  • NullRefException in FindCellInRow method
  • GridViewCheckBoxColumn, autoselect and EditTriggers not working on Touchscreen
  • An ArgumentException is thrown when RadGridView is bound to a CompositeCollection and Remove action takes place
  • RadGridView shows the default type value instead of the concrete one, when its ItemsSource is bound to a generic BindingList of interface (property is defined by the interface)
  • RadGridView columns are not automatically reordered when a DynamicObject changes the order of its properties
  • Cell is not validated until you hover it when a column is bound to nested property
  • RadGridView auto-generates its columns more than once when bound to a collection of dynamic objects
  • A property name followed by an indexer cannot be correctly resolved from an ICustomTypeProvider implementation
  • On resize RadGridView does not measure some rows and they appear with min height
  • GridViewRow does not refresh its value when business object overrides GetHashCode() with non-unique values
  • Releasing rows in a virtualized scenario causes cell measure which affects column width
  • GridViewDynamicHyperlinkColumn memory leak
  • New row is not validated on first commit
  • NullRefException in GridViewDataControl Unloaded event handler
  • DisplayIndexOutOfRange exception on pasting when the last column is invisible
  • Problem with dragging an item in FlatRender mode with grouping
  • Possible NullRefException in GridViewCell/TryConvertValueFromEditor
  • Themes cannot be built because RadGridView includes unneeded external namespace reference


  • Issue when changing the map provider which occurs when navigating from/to page with RadMap
  • Fix a problem when the amount of memory usage gets too big for tile images larger than 256x256 pixels


  • When RadListBox is placed inside a RadPane dragging a RadListBoxItem actually drags the RadPane
  • Removing unselected items from ItemsSource clears SelectedItem in Single mode
  • When Drag and Drop from Listbox an error is thrown in Automation peers if Screen reader is running
  • Memory leak when removing items
  • Pressing PageDown or PageUp when there is no selected item into the RadListBox throws an exception if the ItemsPanel is a StackPanel
  • Setting ItemContainerStyle in the Windows8Touch leads to issue when changing implicit themes in runtime


  • Issue when changing the map provider which occurs when navigating from/to page with RadMap
  • Fix a problem when the amount of memory usage gets too big for tile images larger than 256x256 pixels
  • Improve quality of the tile images in the RadMap
  • Add new event for Bing Map Provider which allows to check that the provider is initialized wrong


  • Extend the SelectionOnFocus to support selecting the position after the last char of the Value
  • MaskedTextInput in InsertMode the text should be shifted to right instead of left
  • Pasting /Cutting works in ReadOnly MaskedInput
  • Fix InputBehavior = Insert in MaskedTextInput


  • RadMenuGroupItem is not transparent when Background is set to Transparent in some themes.
  • Shortcuts are not working in Expression_Dark and partly in Windows8 Theme.
  • Header template is not applied if you do not specify Header.
  • Problems with RadComboBox/ComboBox placed in RadMenu.
  • IsCurrent property in is cleared when submenu is opened.


  • RadPdfViewer context menu
  • Some letters are not rendered properly
  • JPEG decoder support for Grayscale images
  • JPEG decoder support for Restart Markers
  • Keyboard arrows change the caret position when RadPdfViewer is not in TextSelection mode
  • Fixed bug with font encoding
  • Fixed bug with named annotations
  • Fixed bug with JPEG decoder


  • Created PivotChartViewModel for easier integration with RadChartView.
  • Add In Between filter for OLAP.
  • RadPivotFieldList - add filter dialog for a group description directly in Row/Columns groups.
  • OLAP: Calculations applied on 2 or more aggregates do not use correct string format.
  • When change the order of filters (via UI in Report Filter) filter selection is reset.
  • OLAP Label filter in XAML is not displayed properly in the UI.
  • OLAP: Exception is thrown in RadPivotGrid when a value filter is applied on OLAP dimension and after that the aggregate descriptions count is changed.
  • When you use DateTimeGroupDescription and you set Step to Minute, in the UI you expect to see "Date - Minute" in RadPivotFieldList, but instead Date - Month is visible in the buttons.
  • Using Enter key in Label filter dialog of RadPivotFieldList applies incorrect filter.
  • Nullable DateTime values are not used in FieldTree and you are unable to use DateTimeGroupDescription with them.
  • PivotGrid is unable to use System.Data.DataView with empty cells/rows.
  • Security level of Telerik.Pivot.Core assembly changed from 2 to 1.
  • The QuarterGroup is placed after the MonthGroup in the FieldTree.


  • Exposed GroupDefinitions collection and methods for expanding/collapsing a group in Flat RenderMode
  • PropertyGridField does not arrange its content properly if height is larger than its default value
  • Fixed a design time exception for PropertyGridField


  • The RadRibbonButton Text property is not displayed correctly after resizing
  • KeyTips in the ApplicationMenu RibbonButtons are not collapsed when pressing ALT key
  • Buttons in ButtonGroup don't update their command to be executed for a currently focused tab
  • KeyTips do not work properly if the ribbon is placed inside TabControl
  • KeyTips are not displayed when the ribbon is hosted in Winforms
  • Screen tips are not showing if the ribbon element is disabled
  • The BackstageItem tooltip is not positioned correctly
  • Resizing issues in RibbonView when switching themes runtime
  • The WindowState property does not work when set in XAML


  • Introduced support for table borders with style Double
  • Allow insertion of Table of Figures using custom caption label
  • When Heading is in list, show the list number in the insert cross-reference dialog
  • Memory leak related to spell checking and headers/footers
  • Paragraph's SpacingBefore/SpacingAfter are not applied correctly to the first/last paragraph respectively of a page or in a table cell
  • Docx Format Provider: The font size of RTL languages is always exported as 10
  • Docx Format Provider fails to import and export a document with missing comment
  • Xaml Format Provider: Document cannot be imported from XAML when it contains a document variable field with value starting with '{'
  • Pdf Format Provider: Documents exported from Pdf format provider are not displayed in Windows 8 / Windows Phone 8 PDF viewer / Google viewer
  • Html Format Provider: Border shorthand properties are not imported properly
  • Html Format Provider crashes when exporting image with no bytes
  • Data-binding of RadRichTextBox does not work for OneWay and Default binding when the control is in a DataTemplate
  • Fixed problem with the merging of spans
  • Applying formatting to imported end/footnote does not work properly
  • Setting Horizontal alignment of a floating image relatively to Paragraph does not work
  • Checking “Show All Bibliography Fields” clears all entered values in AddNewBibliographicSourceDialog
  • Entering a bibliographic source with only tag name duplicates remaining fields from the previous entry
  • The event for changed bibliographic source is fired too early, when the bibliographic sources of the document are not updated yet
  • Exception on inserting a wide image
  • Exception when executing section commands in some cases
  • Decimal tab stops should align numbers containing parenthesis and non-numeric strings
  • Inserting Shift + character after delete (false) is throwing exception
  • Properties of fields lose their values when set from code behind
  • Default UI for inserting merge fields should respect current FieldDisplayMode
  • Insert table command should not insert new line if the position is at the start of the paragraph
  • Infinite cycle in document measure related to East Asian line breaking rules


  • Allow to set ZIndex to Special Slots in the SpecialSlotsStyleSelector
  • Changes made to the Day in the monthly Recurrence pattern are disregarded
  • When RadScheduleView is placed inside a RadPane dragging an Appointment actually drags the RadPane
  • The DatePicker displaying the End of the Appointment in the EditAppointmentDialog stays empty
  • TimeZones are not showing the correct time
  • An exception is thrown when used an old template of the ScheduleView


  • Introduced validation for sheet name
  • CSV export does not use the list separator specified by the current culture
  • Number Format Dialog cannot be opened with Spanish culture
  • Sample formatting in Format Cells Dialog does not work when cell value is a formula
  • Incorrect format string of Date Format
  • An integer followed by minus sign should be treated as text
  • Number Formatting does not show its sample value when creating a new Cell Style
  • ScrollBars does not update properly after empty cell value entering
  • Setting the fill to No Color causes exception during export to .xlsx
  • Thrown exception when resizing a column to 0 width
  • Documents containing TRUE and/or FALSE constants cannot be imported
  • RadSpreadsheet cannot import a document with hidden columns
  • Add new sheet tab item should be disabled when InsertSheet.IsEnabled = false
  • Exporting document with applied some Accent styles do not work properly
  • The parser returns "Infinity" instead of #NUM! error when the formula returns a huge result. For instance: =4389^7E+37
  • Entering string "02-" + results in date with format d-mmm instead of mmm-yy
  • Entering 001-01 results in a date instead of string
  • =a"bc as text is not pasted correctly
  • Sheet names should be kept case insensitive in SheetCollection
  • Cell references path is not parsed if it contains special symbols
  • Expression Parser: Incorrect parsing of backslash
  • PowerExpression return values when negative power base
  • FLOOR function should return 0 when both its arguments are 0
  • When RadSpreadsheet's FlowDirection is set to RightToLeft text in cells disappearsthe
  • Renaming worksheet from code behind does not affect the UI
  • Trying to enter value in a cell when CellInputUILayer is removed throws an exception
  • Wrap Text + Indent - the cell does not expand


  • Added ItemTemplateSelector support
  • Clear and add new tiles while scrolling TileList causes ArgumentNullException
  • Groups overlap some of the tiles
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown in TileListPanel when reordering tiles
  • ItemTemplate is not properly applied
  • Binding of SelectedItem is broken after unselecting an item
  • You cannot remove item from Items collection
  • Edit additional template for ItemsPanel causes exception
  • When changing ItemsSource all tiles from the old source remain
  • The group area is not the whole area under the tiles from this group
  • When a new tile is added, it does not appear visually until TileList is refreshed


  • In a data-bound TileView with one maximized tile, the TilesStateChanged event handler isn't properly fired
  • Multiple selection of TileViewItems is incorrect when Virtualization is used


  • The MinWidth property of the TimelineItemControl is not respected


  • Wrong behavior when changing dynamically implicit themes


  • Added new templates for cell and row (Lightweight templates) with reduced visual elements for a faster load time
  • Cell is not validated until you hover it
  • PresentationMode property of GridViewToggleButton cannot be set within style setter
  • Null Reference exception in CanCollapseHierarchyItemExecute
  • ArgumentNullException in CollapseItem(item) method of HierarchicalCollectionView


  • ArgumentException is thrown when using ValueGradientColorizer


  • Expose IsMouseOver and IsMouseOverHeader properties of the RadTreeViewItem
  • Implement a feature to allow disabling and enabling a selected item to be brought into view
  • VirtualizationMode VS2012 error
  • Changing drop position to before does not refresh the drop preview line position
  • Misplaced DragVisual
  • Drop a child right before its parent is not possible out of the box with the "New" DragDropExecutionMode
  • Drop is imposible when dragging over child item with no items source


  • Sometimes Close() method is not closing the RadWindow
  • RadWindow is always shown in the Main Window when in OOB

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