Release History

Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight Q2 2013

June 12, 2013

All Controls

  • Touch always indicates swipe on more sensitive screens
  • The TextBoxBorder_Disabled resource throws anexception when using implicit styles in ExpressionDark Theme
  • Touch Improvements
  • The AnimationManager throws an exception when animation is triggered and the AnimationSelector is changed dynamically
  • SlideAnimation first run is not smooth – removed initial 100ms delay.
  • PopupPlacement throws exception when transforming elements which are removed from visual tree.
  • PopupPlacement raise Opened event multiple times.
  • Setting StyleManager.BasedOn in XAML cause design time error in VisualStudio 2012.
  • Added new EventToCommandBehavior class with support for multiple EventBindings.
  • Added EventBinding class to support event to command pattern.
  • System.Windows.TextBox - ValidationToolTip does not open in Windows8Theme and Windows8TouchTheme
  • Mouse up is called on touch up in Windows8


  • Add ValidationTooltip to RadAutoCompleteBox for all themes
  • The first item from predefined SelectedItems collection is not set as SelectedItem on page load
  • Selecting part of the text with the mouse and then tabbing out deletes the selected text
  • First item is not highlighted if there are filtered items


  • Allow decoding of images containing additional info such as text


  • XAML refactoring
  • Header's texts are not displayed in Windows8 theme


  • Visual improvement of RadSplitButton
  • Refactor RadButton's AutomationPeers to work like native buttons


  • CurrentCulture's default decimal separator is replaced with '.' when calculations get executed
  • Fixed a design-time exception in VS2012 designer


  • Keyboard navigation improvements
  • The Automation ID of the date buttons cannot be found when make a test using CodedUI


  • Add default color to striplines
  • Add support for double-click on the selection thumbs of the PanZoomBar
  • Expose PanOffsetChanged event
  • Expose ZoomChanged Event
  • Implement ActualVisibleRange property which corresponds to the actual visible range when chart is zoomed in
  • Implement CartesianMarkedZoneAnnotation
  • Implement CartesianCustomLineAnnotation
  • Implement CrosshairBehavior
  • Implement DragMode property for the ChartPanZoomBehavior
  • Implement UI virtualization for the CartesianPlotBandAnnotation so that its size does not get too large when zooming
  • Implement UI virtualization for MarkedZone and CustomLine annotations so that their size does not get too large when zooming
  • Introduce a ConvertDataToPoint method which converts data to physical units
  • Make it possible for CartesianCustomAnnotation to automatically get the axes (and track changes) from the chart if no axes are explicitly set
  • Implement Wheel-to-zoom feature
  • Implement PointSeries
  • CartesianChartGrid is not visible when a Background is set through the PlotAreaStyles
  • Make it possible for a legend item to show the Category of a DataPoint for an unbound Bar chart with DataPointLegendSettings
  • ChartView produces legend items for a DoughnutSeries with no LegendSettings
  • Setting a HoverMode does not affect the item labels of a series
  • PieChart does not produce a legend item for the last data point if its value is 0
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when a LabelDefinition Template is present
  • PieSeries labels are not positioned properly when changing the AngleRange runtime
  • AngleRange requires having all properties set ( StartAngle, SweepAngle, SweepDirection ) in order to have the Pie labels positioned correctly. When not setting either of the properties the labels are displaced
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when changing themes and ChartTrackBallBehavior.ShowIntersectionPoints is true
  • RadialAxisGridLineAnnotation is not collapsed when its Value is set to null
  • Candlestick/Ohlc items are not drawn correctly with negative values
  • LogarithmicAxis.ActualRange does not contain the actual range of the axis
  • Mouse interaction is suspended when using CartesianChartGrid with Light series


  • Improve the stacking of PaletteViewItems
  • When selected with touch in Win8TouchTheme the item in the ColorPicker is not selected properly


  • Make the scrolling smooth with touch framework


  • Created new RadMenuGroupItem and RadMenuSeparatorItem.
  • Added handler for PopupCommands.Close and PopupCommands.CloseAll commands.
  • Added integration between RadDropDownButton/RadSplitButton and RadContextMenu.
  • Implemented scrolling in RadContextMenu.
  • Implemented ItemContainerTemplateSelector for MenuBase and RadMenuItem.
  • Added DropDownWidth and DropDownHeight properties to RadMenuItem.
  • RadContextMenu is not closed when the ItemsSource is changed on ItemClick.
  • In most of the themes when you set Background property of a RadMenuItem, it is applied only on the Icon area.
  • In Windows8Touch Theme submenus do not have vertical border for the icon.
  • SubMenu stays open when you click over Separator in parent RadMenuItem.
  • RadMenuItem doesn't receive click in some cases when the template is changed.
  • Image put as an Icon of RadMenuItem is stretched in Windows8 theme, while in OfficeBlack (and other themes) it isn't.
  • In OOB application when you create a new Window, you are unable to open RadContextMenu in the MainPage.


  • The EditorCreated event is fired twice when changing the item property name of an existing filter


  • Added German localization
  • Added TypeConverter support
  • Added Keyboard navigation + extandability through a command provider
  • Improve MVVM support by adding command provider support
  • Corresponding navigation buttons are not active when AutoCommit="False", an item has been edited and delete button is clicked
  • RadDataForm with AutoCommit="False" gets into erroneous state when navigating away from unmodified item in edit mode
  • NullReferenceException caused by Add button when GridView is filtered and has collection synchronization with DataForm
  • Editors in manually-generated data fields does not get the default theme
  • LabelStyle DependencyProperty is not registered correctly
  • Cancel button should be enabled even if there are not pending changes


  • Keyboard navigation improvements
  • The drop down of the RadDatePicker is not closed when date selected with touch
  • When the control is placed in RadGridView's column, editing it only with keyboard places the second entered digit before the first one
  • ErrorTooltip is visible out of the frame if its content is big enough
  • The extension popup does not disappear when user move the window that contains the RadDatePicker
  • The name of the RadDropDownButton in the RadDateTimePicker in Expression_Dark theme is " DP" instead of "PART_DropDownButton"
  • SelectedValue doesn't clear after clearing the text in the RadDateTimePicker


  • Expose properties to control the Stroke and StrokeThickness of the Path element in the RadGeometryButtons
  • Improve print quality
  • Add ItemsChanging event
  • Provide possibility to use DragDropManager with the RadDiagram
  • Collapsible containers
  • Add public Export method
  • Connections creation using tools should be delayed
  • Implement an ability to display the SettingsPane only for certain diagram items
  • Extensibility points for SettingsPane
  • PreviewPositionChanged should be added
  • Zoom step customization
  • Change default zooming to be geometrical progression
  • BackgroundGrid mismatches the ruler
  • Can't delete associated connections with a shape
  • Ruler's values are not updated when Pan is performed through the NavigationPane
  • Undo/Redo Not working properly when GraphSourse is used
  • You can't use the Path/PencilTool in MVVM scenarios
  • Setting SnapX or SnapY to 1 hides ItemsToItems snapping lines
  • Cannot create a connection to restored shape
  • Auto opening of VS 2012's design view
  • The SelectionRectangle is show as a dot before first rectangle selection
  • Inconsistence in the ConnectionManipulationCompleted event logic
  • Offset property of connectors is not updated in data binding scenarios
  • The Target property is not set initially in MVVM scenarios


  • Keyboard navigation improvements
  • Right Click on Panes Content does not trigger ActivePaneChanged event
  • The theme is not applied on RadResizers when the StyleManager is used
  • When trying to reorder RadPanes that are placed inside another RadPane an exception is thrown
  • When object of MarshalByRefObject type is placed in the AutoHideArea its content is not clickable
  • Canceling PreviewShowCompass doesn't prevent the empty document host compass from showing
  • NullRefenrenceException if RadDocking's theme is defined at the same place where the control is used
  • Elements which don't belong to the RadDocking control can be dropped in it using DragDropManager
  • On the last Pane close the ActivePaneChanged event is not triggered, but the ActivePane is changed
  • Resizers are hidden behind RadPaneGroup if you have more RadPaneGroups inside RadSplitContainer of DocumentHost
  • When DragDropMode="Deferred" and there is some UI element in the RadPane's content the pane can be dragged by clicking on its content
  • Change AutoHideArea animations to start when the popup is loaded
  • Can drop in the middle of a pane group even if the compass is not shown (forbidden) in Windows8Touch theme
  • Drag causes NullReferenceException if a RadGridView is placed in nested RadPane/RadPaneGroups
  • When using Tab to navigate to the RadListBox it cycles through all items, instead of just the selected one


  • Touch DragAndDrop integration


  • The Caret of RichTextBox within ExpressionEditor Caret stays black in Expression_Dark
  • In Expression_Dark theme, operators and numbers are with black foreground


  • Add interactive Resizable columns
  • Add IsReorderOperation property to the SchedulingDragDropState class
  • Add ToolTipTemplate property for the Event, Summary and Milestone containers
  • Export to image formats (Printing support)
  • Change the resizers for the Windows8Touch theme to circles in order to be better touchable
  • When TimeRulerLine's time range starts before the visible range, this line is rendered outside the time ruler
  • Column's width restrictions are initially disregarded
  • Extend the Columns AutoSizing mode with AutoByContent
  • Exception is thrown when dragging relation from one side of the task to the other
  • Can't drop task before or after another task after scrolling
  • Sometimes when dragging task the wrong task is dragged
  • Dragged Task is wrong when start to drag from its edges
  • InlineEditCommand command cannot be parsed by the XAML parser
  • Drag reorder operation cannot start from a button control
  • Improve Gantt Performance
  • There is empty space between the summaries and its relations in Windows8 theme


  • Inappropriate behavior when ranges cover the tick marks


  • Added Column Sort Sequence Indicator
  • Copy a row and paste it to multiple selected rows
  • RadGridView Measure and Arrange Optimizations
  • Insert new items on pasting
  • The DistinctValues List in FilteringControl doesn't resize properly
  • BindingExpression path errors on loading items from a VirtualQueryableCollectionView when it is created empty and the type of the items is ICustomTypeDescriptor
  • RadGridView does not render items correctly when an item in edit mode is deleted from the source collection
  • GridView cannot use scrollbars to scroll with touch
  • Pasting is incorrect when there are invisible columns
  • RadGridView raises exception with message "Width must be non-negative." in some scenarios
  • Editing a cell bound to an Enum property throws FirstChange exceptions
  • StyleSelector is not applied on changing of a value of subproperty
  • AmbiguousMatchException when binding to a property named "Item"
  • RadGridView does not show vertical grid lines on scroll with GroupRenderMode set to "Flat" and VirtualQueryableCollectionView as ItemsSource
  • Call to VisualTreeHelper.GetParent() throws an exception when called with an incorrect DependencyObject
  • Gridview crashes when data property changes value in background thread
  • GridView Grouping by DragAndDrop causes a NullReference exception when hosted in WinForms
  • RadGridView throws an exception when used in a partial trust security environment
  • A GridViewHeaderCell with a custom height defined through a Style does not display correctly in the Windows 8 Themes
  • Each RadGridView column causes a BindingExpression path error on startup
  • Row values are not pasted correctly when there is a GridViewSelectColumn/ GridViewToggleRowDetailsColumn defined
  • Row Details are not arranged correctly in the horizontal direction when GroupRenderMode is Flat
  • HyperlinkButton processes handled events
  • NullRefException when editing grid with IsReadOnlyBinding set at grid level
  • Removing last column/s when Column virtualization is turned off causes remaining column/ borders
  • The first cell of a newly expanded group is not made current in Flat mode
  • GridView row resizing doesn't work with touch
  • Numeric values cannot be pasted
  • StackOverflowException is thrown when clicking a RadToggleButton inside a custom FilteringControl
  • GridView Columns not resizeble with touch
  • All items get invalid state when scroll the grid and validation is performed via Required attribute
  • RadGridView crashes when bound to a collection of a dynamic object and nested property is used
  • When in Flat mode, RadGridView.ItemContainerGenerator.ContainerFromIndex returns null when there is a null item at the specified index
  • Designer crashes when IsLocalizationLanguageRespected is set to "False"
  • Application crash on setting IsLocalizationLanguageRespected set to "false"
  • Scroll issues when placed in TabControl
  • Remove the RadDragAndDropManager logic from GridViewDataControl


  • Introduce selection capabilities
  • Add LabelInterval functionality to allow only one in n labels to be shown


  • Memory leak when used with external page


  • Enable the smooth scrolling of the ListBox with all panels with touch
  • Calling ScrollIntoView before RadListBox is loaded results in incorrect selection behavior
  • RadListBox selection is cleared when the control is used in ItemsTemplate
  • NullReferenceException thrown in GeneratePanelInfo()
  • NullReferenceException in RadListBox when using touch and the ColorPicker
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in RadListBox with CollectionViewSource set to Empty
  • RadListBoxItem do not get implicit style in Windows8Touch
  • When using Tab to navigate to the RadListBox it cycles through all items, instead of just the selected one
  • KeyDown shouldn't be handled if TextSearch is disabled
  • Prevent the ScrollViewer from receiving focus to let a RadListBoxItem to receive the focus when the user navigates to the RadListBox control


  • Implemented new visualization layer with integrated support for
    • Map shapes
    • Databinding
    • Virtualization
  • Implemented asynchronous map shape reader for
    • ESRI shape files
    • KML files
    • WKT/WKB formats (SQL Geospatial)
  • Exception occurs when map providers are switched before initialization is completed


  • EscapeKey produces symbols in no-masked MaskedTextInputControl in SL
  • In Windows8Touch theme the ReadOnly VisualState sets the BorderBrush of the focused border twice


  • Created new RadMenuGroupItem and RadMenuSeparatorItem.
  • Added a way to control the placement mode of the submenu popup.
  • Added handler for PopupCommands.Close and PopupCommands.CloseAll commands.
  • Implemented scrolling in RadMenuItems.
  • Implemented ItemContainerTemplateSelector for MenuBase and RadMenuItem.
  • Added DropDownWidth and DropDownHeight properties to RadMenuItem.
  • Added vertical separator for horizontal menus.
  • When you set Background property of RadMenuItem, it is applied only on the Icon area with most of the themes.
  • SubMenu stays open when you click over Separator in parent RadMenuItem.
  • RadMenuItem doesn't receive click in some cases when the template is changed.
  • If RadMenu is disabled, some RadMenuItems look enabled with Windows8 and Windows8Touch themes.
  • Image put as an Icon of RadMenuItem is stretched in Windows8 theme, while in OfficeBlack (and other themes) it isn't.
  • Clicking on a TopLevelHeader RadMenuItem does not restore focus and mouse capture.


  • JPEG decode filter
  • API improvements for Find / Find All
  • Introduced SearchOptions property for FindCommand and FindPreviousCommand
  • Characters are not rendered correctly
  • Searching with regular expression throws an exception


  • Exception when saving a filtered RadGridView


  • Added new steps for DateTimeGroupDescription and a way to implement custom steps.
  • Added UI Dialog to set the step of DateTimeGroupDescription.
  • Added support for DateTimeOffset data.
  • Added German and Turkish localization languages.
  • ItemsSource of LocalDataSourceProvider is a DependencyProperty.
  • Added RowGroupsExpandBehavior/ColumnGroupsExpandBehavior to control initial expand/collapse state.
  • PivotFieldList dialogs respond to Escape and Enter keys.
  • Added a setting to query additional properties in XmlaConnectionSettings (for example to use specific language from OLAP Cube).
  • Added serialization support.
  • Implemented Label Filters for OLAP.
  • Added IntelliSense support at design time for the AggregateFunction properties of the LocalAggregateDescriptions.
  • XAML Binding errors.
  • Label Filter is not applied on DateTimeGroupDescriptions.
  • Sorting by Aggregates is not working properly when Aggregate values contain empty values.
  • OLAP: Layout issue with hierarchy – overlapping text.
  • SelectItems Report Filter dialog throws exception when a property has null or DBNull value.
  • RowHeaderStyle/RowHeaderTemplate is applied on both rows and columns. ColumnHeaderStyle/ColumnHeaderTemplate is not applied at all.
  • Collapsing group through code does not change the UI of this group (“-“ and “+” signs are not updated).
  • Exception is thrown when two aggregates are selected, all rows and columns are collapsed and the theme is changed.
  • Hierarchy with only one level and isAggregatable=false can't be used in Report Filter.


  • Throwing exception when IsIndetermine = true


  • Auto-generated NestedProperties for IDynamicMetaObjectProvider types (DynamicObject) support
  • FlatRendering mode
  • ICustomTypeProvider should be supported in .net4.5 and SL5
  • Added KeyboardNavigation +CommandProvider extensibility
  • Virtualized grouping
  • Added CanUserSelect property
  • Commands + CommandProvider extensibility
  • TypeConverter support
  • AutobindBehavior generates a wrong binding path for nested manually generated PropertyDefinitions
  • More than one property definition can be selected when in unbound mode and SelectionMode is single or extended
  • Background property of a field cannot be set through the parent container (should be Transparent by default) / all themes
  • Expression Blend extracts invalid XAML when copying RadPropertyGrid's Template - Setter.Property cannot be null exception
  • SelectedPropertyDefinition cannot be set manually
  • When all of the nested properties of a certain property are Browsable(false) the "+" button of its field is still displayed
  • Selection does not work on fields containing disabled editors
  • Ctrl + A does not work in Multiple Selection
  • Incorrect selection when a property definition is selected in code-behind
  • AutogeneratedFields bound to nullable numeric properties does not update properly when null value is set. (TargetNullValue = string.Empty)
  • Single selection does not work correctly on third (and next) level of property definitions


  • The Backstage focus behavior should be improved
  • Consider changing the RibbonSplitButton Windows8 style
  • When the Backstage is open the KeyTips should start from its content
  • Allow resizing in a databound RibbonView
  • ApplicaionName is not visible
  • BackstageSelectedItem not show correctly after theme changed runtime
  • If two buttons have the same KeyTip.AccessText and the first button is Collapsed, hitting the AccessText shortcut will still execute its action
  • KeyTips's AccessText is entered in editable control
  • The RadRibbonBackstageItems show empty key tips even if they don't define any value for the KeyTipService.AccessText attached property
  • When the DropDown of a DropDownButton/SplitButton is opened through a KeyTip with two-letter AccessText, the DropDownContent items cannot be properly accessed
  • Misplaced KeyTips when using RibbonWindow on two or more monitors
  • In SL, RibbonComboBox does not show the SelectedState of the SelectedComboBoxitem
  • System.IO.FileNotFoundException thrown when application runs on window8 with all exceptions enabled in VS
  • If the BackstageMenu control is used outside the RibbonView control, its visual selection state is incorrect
  • Don't open a ScreenTip while hovering over the DropDownContent of a RibbonSplitButton
  • The KeyTip AccessText is not displayed when the QAT is databound
  • There is NullReferenceException when a styled Window hold the control
  • Pressing the ApplicationButton does not open the Backstage in some scenarios
  • When ResizeMode is NoResize or CanMinimize a horizontal white line appears at the bottom of the window
  • Creating RadRibbonWindow in separate STA thread throws an exception


  • Support for inserting and editing of code blocks in the document
  • Added command that applies linked styles as paragraph styles, so that applying normal style can clear headings
  • Exposed API for splitting an annotation range
  • Inserting some cross references blocks the application
  • Layout of RadRichTextBox stops updating after some editing
  • Undo call stack popup does not support Windows8Touch theme
  • The shortcut for undo (Ctrl+Z) does not work properly in some cases
  • TableCellBordersResizeLayer is slow with big tables
  • Tables rows and columns can be resized when table is in ReadOnlyRange
  • Decimal TabStops doesn't align numbers when current culture's decimal separator is different from "."
  • Formatting symbols are printed when they are shown in the document
  • {NUMPAGES} field does not respect inserting of even/odd section breaks
  • Accept/Reject revision commands are still visible in context menu after the paragraph formatting revision is accepted
  • Pdf Format Provider: Fixed bug with CreationTime of PDF document
  • Pdf Format Provider: Null reference exception when trying to export font that does not exist on the local machine
  • Rtf Format Provider: Importing/exporting footnote text style breaks the document
  • Rtf Format Provider should not import hidden fragments
  • RtfFormatProvider: Tables inside Headers/Footers are not exported correctly if the document has never been shown in Paged mode
  • Html Format Provider fails to open documents with big negative number set as size of font property
  • Html Format Provider: An .html fail failed to open because of blockquote tag
  • When the whole paragraph is selected along with the paragraph-end symbol and a style is selected from the styles gallery, the next paragraph also takes up the style
  • When loading custom dictionary a NullReferenceException is thrown in DecorationUILayerBase.UpdateViewPort(UILayerUpdateContext context)
  • Merging cells does not update the viewport properly
  • Null Reference exception when exporting document created with CreateDeepCopy() containing footnotes/endnotes
  • Notes properties applied to "Whole document" through the NotesSettingsDialog are not always respected
  • Removing a hyperlink that contains more than one paragraph does not remove the hyperlink style from all contents
  • It is not possible to measure documents with RTL text on the server, hence they cannot be imported and exported server side
  • Linked style is not applied as paragraph style when the whole paragraph is selected (including the paragraph symbol)
  • Memory leak with lists when creating deep copy
  • Inserting an endnote at the end of a document with two sections (at least) does not update properly the UI
  • IncludePictureField creates image with Size(0,0) when updated and StreamFromUriResolving event is not handled
  • Selected bibliographic style cannot be changed when there aren't bibliography or citation fields in the document
  • When you type using IME, DocumentContentChanged is not always fired and the data providers do not work correctly
  • IME: When unconfirmed text is deleted through backspace and typing is resumed, the buffered content gets inserted in the document
  • IME: An exception is thrown when typing in Japanese, Keyboard full-width Katakana
  • IME: The caret hovers between the characters in conversion target text


  • Make the new constructor of the AppointmentDialogViewModel public
  • Delete obsoleted InvertedBooleanConverter from RadScheduleView
  • The delete button is showing on selection in order to be clickable with touch
  • When the user tries to drag an appointment inside a read-only slot, RadScheduleView does not accept any drop from external source anymore
  • PropertyChanged event of the RecurrencePattern is not fired when its properties are changed
  • When the DayStartTime and DayEndTime properties of the TimelineViewDefinition are changed dynamically the slots are not measured properly
  • The application hangs when resizing it
  • OccurrenceFilter property is not updating the view of RadScheduleView if it is changed at run-time
  • NavigationHeader has wrong Height in Windows8 theme
  • An ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown when the CurrentDate is set to MinValue and you click on the empty group header
  • Border is missing on today slot in the Windows8Touch theme of RadScheduleView
  • Adding a Slot with End = DateTime MaxValue to the SpecialSlotsSource collection of the ScheduleView raises an exception


  • Clicking on the LargeIncrease/Decrease buttons do not focus the slider
  • Thumb disappears when theme is changed run-time


  • Double.NaN values are not supported
  • Sparkline does not get updated when setting the ItemsSource to null


  • Hyperlink support
  • Find and Replace functionality
  • Style modifying - ability to choose the properties to be included in a style
  • Support for cell references that include worksheet name
  • Comparison operators (=, <, >, <>) handle arguments of different types
  • Ability to parse missing function arguments as empty expressions
  • RadSpreadsheet design assemblies
  • Telerik Test Studio wrappers for RadSpreadsheet component
  • Support for Financial built-in functions
  • RadSpreadsheet does not use the list separator specified by the current culture
  • Some documents cannot be imported when the current culture is other than EN-US
  • Pasting objects that do not contain text causes NullReferenceException
  • Pasting a CellReferenceExpression into a cell in edit mode results in #REF! error
  • Invalid name error (#NAME) is not pasted properly
  • Values that contain double quotes are not pasted properly
  • Formula errors not exported to .XLSX
  • Attempt to create a CellReferenceRange with incorrect cell name raises exception
  • CellReferenceExpressions that point to other CellReferenceExpressions do not get updated properly
  • AutoFill does not work properly when the starting cell is merged
  • Auto fitting merged column not working properly
  • Changing cell alignment to Center or General does not clear applied cell indent
  • Style gallery is not working if it is not positioned in the initial tab of the RibbonView
  • Key navigation in selection that contains merged cells does not work correctly and may cause RadSpreadsheet to hang
  • Functions are not always included in the opened editor if added through the ribbon buttons
  • There should be Maximum Font Size of the Items in the Style Gallery
  • When RadSpreadsheet is measured in infinity the Visual Studio 2010 designer hangs


  • Add content presenters before and after tab items strip
  • In Windows8Theme, the content of a nested TabControl isn't visible


  • Added a property TileReorderMode in order to prevent the user from reordering the tiles between groups
  • Tile should animate on content change to fascilitate display of life content
  • Add API for RadTileList to allow developers to control group order
  • System.ArgumentException is thrown when tiles are reordered between groups
  • Tile should not be selected on TapDown if CanUserSelect is "False"
  • SelectedIndex cannot be set when AutoGenerateTile is True
  • When chaning ItemsSource all tiles from the old source remain
  • Added 30px default top padding for TileListItem in order to prevent overlapping in some cases


  • Users can not set Visibility = Collapsed when attached properties of TileViewPanel are set
  • BringIntoView and Virtualization doesn't work after columnsCount change
  • Infinite loop after ItemsSource change and selection


  • Add support for custom interval types
  • Add support for special slots
  • Visible or Selection ranges are ignored if set before Period range
  • MinSelectionRange and MaxSelectionRange are ignored, in case the properties are set before PeriodStart and PeriodEnd
  • SelectionStart and SelectionEnd are ignored when RadTimeBar is in a Template
  • Changing the ViewModel in a MVVM scenario doesn't update the Visible range


  • Add support for custom interval types
  • Add support for special slots
  • The vertical scrollBar is visible, when VerticalScrollBarVisibility=Auto and the timeline has no items
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when clearing GroupPath, in case all groups are expanded by default and animation is enabled
  • TimelineItems are clipped when VerticalScrollBarVisibility is switched from Visible to Disabled
  • The visible period is not correct, when the control is in a DataTemplate


  • Keyboard navigation improvements


  • Overflow area displays empty when resizing toolbar
  • Place all ToolBar elements in the overflow area when necessary


  • NullReferenceException when expanding TreeListViewRow while its hierarchy nodes has been loading
  • TreeListViewDragCue does not update automatically when drop is not allowed
  • Problem with TreeList DropIndica


  • Implement AutoScrolling During Drag/Drop
  • Drop line before the first RadTreeViewItem needed
  • Refactor Drag Drop logic to use the new API
  • Allow adjusting the size of the drop zones
  • Ability to turn auto-scroll on/off
  • The DragCue offset is wrong when the DragActionContent is long
  • The DropPreviewLine is positioned incorrectly
  • MemoryLeak when using the RadTreeView with RadContextMenu
  • Highlighting the RadTreeViewItems is not correct when hosted in a native TabControl
  • DropPreviewLine is incorrectly positioned in zoomed browser
  • Exception occurs when several DragNDrop operations are performed on static RadTreeViewItems with default Style applied
  • The DragCue does not use Nested Item Templates
  • The RadTreeViewItems are expanded if during a drag operation, the mouse hovers over them, even if the drop is outside the item
  • When dragging a RadTreeViewItem, if it isn't removed from its original source, its mouseover state isn't changed
  • Wrong ItemTemplate is used in the DragVisualCue in certain databinding scenarios


  • Add Name="HeaderContent" to a Title ContentControl in the Windows7 theme
  • Make it possible to get the full position of a window and then be able to restore it (minimized, maximized, normal states)
  • Delete obsoleted RenderActive property from RadWindow
  • Validation tooltip is misplaced on start up
  • Focusing RadWindows in OOB applications throws exception
  • FocusVisual border does not disappear from buttons when window is closed
  • An IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown in a certain scenario when a RadWindow with WindowState set to Maximized is open through another RadWindow

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