Release History

Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight Q2 2012 SP1

July 25, 2012

All Controls

  • RadToolTipService: ArgumentNullException occurs if the root visual of an element (that is to display a tooltip) is removed from the visual tree prior to the execution of the associated tooltip timer action (e.g. InitialShowDelay)
  • ToolTip placed in a Popup crash the application when shown
  • Animation in System.Windows.CheckBox for Windows7 theme fixed.
  • CheckBox and RadioButton for Metro Theme disabled state fixed


  • XamlParseException when Silverlight 5 runtime is not installed


  • XamlParseException when Silverlight 5 runtime is not installed


  • BusyIndicator is not inserted into the TabOrder


  • RadSplitButton: When the default style is edited from blend, exception occurs in the VS 2010 designer
  • Applying a style for the ToggleButtons causes visual glitches
  • CanExecute doesn't work correctly inside collapsed RadRibbonTabs
  • Cannot set a Background to the SplitButton
  • DropDownIndicatorVisibility property doesn't work correctly
  • In Silverlight CanExecute doesn't work properly when the button is inside BusyIndicator
  • The DropDownPlacement property can't properly control the DropDown popup placement


  • Implemented LineSeries UI virtualization
  • Implemented AreaSeries UI virtualization
  • Implemented SplineSeries UI virtualization
  • Implemented SplineAreaSeries UI virtualization
  • PanZoomBar does not update when changing the ChartPanAndZoomBehavior.PanMode / ZoomMode properties at runtime
  • Chart should not pan/zoom any further if Zoom property value equals MaxZoom value after some zoom actions
  • Palette not applied correctly for elements in BarSeries on pan/zoom action if the chart is initially zoomed
  • RadCartesianChart.MaxZoom value should be automatically taken into account by the respective axis PanZoomBar controls
  • Major gridlines disappear when zooming enough not to see them and pan left/right
  • Bar disappears in specific scenarios when zooming in
  • Chart with empty series hangs on zoom action
  • Y axis range inaccurate when Stacked100 series contains a stack of empty values
  • Scatter / Radar series rendering appears jagged and with artifacts
  • Cannot load labels at runtime for Scatter series, Pie and Polar series
  • Changing visibility of an axis does not update the chart layout
  • ElementBrush is not applied to axis line
  • Line series are drawn incorrectly when vertical zooming is applied
  • MaximumTicks property of DateTimeContinuousAxis does not work
  • Move(int, int) operation in source is not correctly supported
  • PieChart is not updated when a value of an item changes
  • PieChart throws IndexOutOfRangeException when a Palette is used and a new ItemsSource with fewer items is set
  • Series colors not updated when specific SeriesEntries palette member is modified
  • TrackBall appears on positions where there are empty values
  • TrackBall displays inaccurate data when there are two series, one of which has empty values
  • TrackBall issues when one of the chart series is collapsed
  • ChartTrackBallBehavior.TrackInfoUpdated event is now raised only when its associated DataPointInfos collection changes
  • ChartTrackBallBehavior.TrackInfoUpdated event not thrown when mouse leaves the chart
  • Binding properties in ChartTrackBallBehavior does not work correctly
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException in scenarios with manual axis range that does include completely the data range of a series that is subject to gridline snapping (Bar, Candlestick)


  • ColorPicker get focused when binding the SelectedColor


  • Add Command that fires only on User interaction selection
  • MouseWheel doesn't change selected item if the RadComboBox is editable
  • When DropDown is open and the mouse pointer is at the ComboBox when scrolling with mouse wheel the whole page scrolls and the DropDown is detached from the ComboBox


  • Several RadContextMenu could be visible is certain scenarios
  • In Open and Close events the OriginalSource property returns clicked object instead the ContextMenu instance
  • Open and Close events are not risen when reopening the menu is SL4
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in some cases when items are in four level hierarchy


  • XamlParseException when Silverlight 5 runtime is not installed


  • ItemPropertyDefinition.ComponentType property


  • Added French localization
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when firing PropertyChanged with null is now fixed
  • AutoEdit mode fixed
  • CurrentCulture and CurrentUICulture are now respected
  • Fixed the wrong registration of the LabelStyle DependencyProperty
  • Removed a unneeded item-validation check on cancel
  • Setting the access modifier of DataFormDataField.GetControlBindingProperty() to protected internal


  • When navigating with Tab key to a DateTimePicker the caret is placed at the beginning of the text, instead of selecting the whole text
  • Updating RadDateTimePicker through DateTimeText changes its value, but not the text into the textbox part
  • DropDown unavailable after selecting date with Enter
  • RadDateTimePicker tooltip is not correctly placed when the browser is zoomed
  • Calendar and Clock in Windows 7 theme bear Office Blue look
  • SelectableDateStart and SelectableDateEnd not updated when changed in Expression_Dark theme
  • The Calendar (Drop Down) is not closed when date is chosen by pressing the Enter keyboard key


  • Pressing Escape key when creating a connection and using GraphSource throws exception
  • When the ActiveTool of is PanTool, the diagram is panned with every move of the mouse over the control
  • Localization for Extensions assembly
  • Provide better API for enable/disable manipulation properties per shape


  • Initial animation of Unpinned panes is disabled (when the pane has its IsPinned property set to false)
  • NullReferenceException is being thrown when a ViewModel is assigned to the Docking control and IsHidden property is bound
  • RadDocking.LayoutChangeStarted & LayoutChangeEnded events don't fire when a docking layout is changed


  • Fixed: When a RadDataPager bound to RadDomainDataSource.DataView changes its PageSize, RadDomainDataSource does not properly reflect the new PageSize
  • Fixed: The IsBusy property is not updated when changing the PageSize while on the first page


  • Implement HorizontalContentAlignment and VerticalContentAlignment bindings for GroupHeaderContainer and CellContainer
  • Column Header doesn't get updated when the Header property is changed
  • MemberBinding doesn't allow using of the Convertor property of the Binding
  • When adding dependencies after the Gantt chart has been created made the arrows to not show up on the Gantt chart
  • StringFormat property of the Binding is ignored in the MemberBinding of the GanttView column definitions
  • Arrows between milestones at the same time are not rendered correctly


  • NumericIndicator does not inherit StyleManager theme set in XAML to the NumericScale
  • StateIndicator does not change its state when used in interactive scale
  • XamlParseException when Silverlight 5 runtime is not installed


  • CUIT improved.
  • Fixed: The filtering drop down stops working after column reordering when there is HeaderCellStyle defined
  • Fixed: EnumDataSource does not respect the DisplayAttribute.Order property of enum members when generating the view models
  • Fixed: A NullReferenceException connected with row resizing may be thrown when a row is being recycled
  • Fixed: The filter row view model for a given column is not properly disposed when the column is removed which might lead to unhandled exceptions
  • Fixed: Setting a theme directly on RadGridView breaks the filtering of columns which were not initially in the viewport
  • Fixed: The Filtering and Filtered events are not raised when the field filter logical operator is changed from AND to OR or vice versa
  • Fixed: The Filtering and Filtered events are fired twice when the Clear button is clicked and there are two active field filters combined with an OR
  • Fixed: Memory leak for DoubleClick event
  • Fixed: Exception on theme change with custom Header/Footer
  • Fixed: SelectedItem binding does not work at first time (when set before RadGridView.DataLoad)
  • SelectedUnfocusedState improved for all themes
  • Fixed: UnfocusedSelected state is lost on scrolling in grouped scenario
  • Fixed: Virtualization for merged headers added. Improved initial load time and scrolling performance
  • Fixed: Wrong selection state combining actions select item, unfocus grid, scroll grid
  • Fixed: Copying is disabled when selecting items through dragging (SelectionMode="Extended")
  • Fixed: ArgumentOutOfRange exception when navigate a grid in SL Out-of-browser application
  • Fixed: CancelEdit for the newly added item does not remove the item from changed items collection
  • Fixed: Child items are not removed when the parent item is removed
  • Fixed: A design-time exception in grouped scenarios
  • Fixed: HeaderCheckBoxStyle not applied properly
  • Fixed: InvalidCastException occurs when clear group descriptor in DataLoadMode="Asynchronous"
  • IsRowValid does not get updated when a DataAnnotationValidation error gets fixed externally (ViewMode)
  • Scrolling performance of grouped grid improved
  • Fixed: When GridViewRow template is predefined and there is not SelectedUnfocusedState, the item is visually not selected
  • Layout cycles when EnableRowVirtualization is set to false is now fixed.


  • Implemented DesaturationColorizer and updated all colorizers to be consistent with out-of-range values
  • Improved tool tip behavior by introducing new properties such as InitialShowDelay, HorizontalOffset, etc.
  • Implemented color caching for the CategoricalDefinition (performance)
  • Exception thrown when CategoricalDefinition is used and one of the categories is null
  • HeatMap not updated properly when CategoricalDefinition with a relative colorizer is used and a value changes and the new value does not fall in the range of the current min and max
  • HeatMap not updated properly when Row/ColumnGroupMemberPath or ValuePath changes
  • HeatMap not updated when a property of a RangeColorizer changes
  • Improved cell and label positioning
  • XamlParseException when Silverlight 5 runtime is not installed


  • Added automation peers for RadListBox control
  • Implemented the CanKeyboardNavigationSelectItems property so that the keyboard navigation can be turned off
  • ScrollViewer attached properties works when set using styles
  • If the Listbox control is inherited, the selection of the subclass doesn't behave correctly
  • Fixed issue when CanKeyboardNavigationSelectItems property was set to False but behaved like it was set to True value
  • Fixed issue with exception thrown when RadListBox was placed in a Window
  • RadListBox control is scrolled to the first index when trying to autocomplete to a not existing item in multiple and extended SelectionMode’s
  • Fixed an issue with error being thrown when using RadListBox control in SL4 project with SL4 plugin
  • Fixed an issue with the scroll moving unnecessary, when the ScrollViewer.CanContentScroll="False" was set
  • Fixed an issue with the SelectedIndex property when it could not be changed (from code behind or from binding) after its first change
  • RadListBox does not unselect multiple items with MouseRightClick


  • WMS tiled map provider extended with ability to specify map layers
  • Added support for the Bing map session id to minimize transaction with RadMap
  • Issue with "close distances" in the default ClusterItemGenerator
  • Issue with implementation of the ClusterItemGenerator.CloseDistance call
  • Issue with BingMapsProvider modes in the minimap control
  • Issue with viewport calculation in the minimap control
  • XamlParseException when Silverlight 5 runtime is not installed


  • Cannot change the value sign when minimum and maximum are not set


  • An exception is thrown if there is no selected item in the RadMediaPlayer control
  • Chapter ticks have incorrect offset in all themes
  • Clicking the Play/Pause ToggleButton multiple times restarts the video
  • Provide implicit themes support for chapter ticks
  • Resizing the browser/turning on FullScreen raises exception if the MediaItems have chapters
  • Setting chapter position out of the bounds of the media item, throws exception
  • When resized by its parent container, didn't fix its size (due to chapters panel)


  • HorizontalContentAlignment on RadMenuItem in Metro and Expression themes does not work



PivotGrid CTP

The first public version of RadPivotGrid for Silverlight is available in the Q2 2012 SP1 release as a CTP. The control has all the basic features, such as sorting, grouping, filtering, scrolling (vertical and horizontal), etc.


  • The first time user starts typing the NumericUpDown adds decimal digits immediately when UpdateValue is set to PropertyChanged
  • PART_ContentHost is not stretched in all themes except Metro and Expression_Dark


  • Setting the PanelBar Foreground property don't effect the PanelBarItem style
  • The Foreground of a selected and unhovered PanelBarItem is incorrect and the expand arrow fill/stroke is also too light in EpressionDark
  • When ExpandMode is "Single" the collapsed panel foregrond is wrong in ExpressionDark theme >
  • Wrong foreground of second level PanelBarItem in ExpressionDark theme


  • Annotations (Link)
  • Find functionality using Regex
  • Support for encrypted documents (StandardEncryptionHandler)
  • API for custom UI layers
  • API for selection in RadFixedDocument
  • Improved algorithm for finding the closest substitute font
  • Silent printing (printing with default printer) for WPF and SL OOB Application
  • RadPdfViewer does not respect CropBox property of Page element
  • Fixed bug when LineWidth is 0
  • Fixed bug with TextDrawing operators
  • Fixed bug with filters for InlineImages
  • Fixed bug when setting the Document property to null
  • Fixed bug when the clipping path is empty


  • Null reference exception when saving a RadContextMenu used in the DropDownContent of a button


  • Added a new DependencyProperty ItemTemplate for CollectionEditor
  • OrderIndex is now DependencyProperty
  • Fields with nested disabled controls are not selectable is now fixed
  • Changing Visibility of a PropertyDefinition does not place it in the correct group if the property grid is initially grouped
  • FlagEnumEditor support for long values now fixed
  • IValueConverter is not respected for property definition
  • Overriding PropertyGridField editor's AutomationID
  • PropertyGridField's IsExpanded state is not properly persisted on grouping
  • Selection with VisualStates improved


  • UploadFinished event is not raised when the last file fails


  • Add PreviewMinimizedChanged event
  • When IsBackstageOpen is two way bound, the MinimizeButton is not updated properly
  • When IsBackstageOpen is two way bound, the QAT is not updated properly
  • HelpButton missing in NoXaml Style
  • Incorrect behavior of ContextualGroup Headers when setting IsActive from code behind
  • Variants resizing logic of groups does not work when the groups are in ContextualRibbonTabs
  • KeyTipService - NRE may occur in some cases


  • Silent printing (printing with default printer) for WPF and SL OOB Application
  • Import and export of track changes in docx
  • Support for ThemeFillShade, ThemeFillTint property - color transformation when importing from .docx
  • Added DocumentInfo property to PdfExportSettings
  • When the template document specifies some formatting for the merge fields, the formatting is lost when the document is merged
  • Editor crashes when inputting text using IME and the caret should move on the next page
  • DocumentRuler throws an exception on click when the associated RadRichTextBox is read-only
  • Docx Import - default line spacing (Multiple 1.15) is imported as Single 1.0
  • Problem importing .docx document with nested fields
  • When opening docx and rtf documents containing fields, the document is not scrolled to the first page as expected
  • XAML parser tries to load internal type named Style instead of System.Windows.Style
  • DocumentTextSearch throws an exception with empty document
  • Import StartAt property of page field from .docx
  • Wrong import of table-cell fill color from .docx when both the color and the fill color are “auto”
  • TableMovementLayer throws IndexOutOfRange exception when there are two tables one after another
  • An exception in TableMovementLayer is thrown when print is initiated
  • HtmlFormatProvider should export only values that are not default for HTML
  • AnnotationLayoutBox are with height smaller than the line height


  • Added property AdditionalData to the dialog's view model that can be set in ShowDialog event
  • Automatic scrolling when dragging an appointment
  • Made the IReadOnlyBehavior interface and the corresponding property public
  • Added DialogClosing event to the ScheduleView
  • Made dialogs in RadScheduleView to close with Esc and Enter keyboard keys
  • The DurationPicker is empty when opened for a recurrence with no duration
  • Cannot close the RecurrenceDialog when the recurrence has no duration
  • When WeekView is added two times one after each other when clicking on a day header it navigates to the second WeekView instead of DayView
  • When there are two views from the same type in one ViewDefinitionCollection the ActiveViewDefintion is incorrect
  • The ViewPort size was set to negative number when the available size is Infinity
  • Bug in RadScheduleView when importing custom Appointment
  • Expand button and appointments overlap in MonthView
  • When there are lots of appointments in a slot in the MonthView and the user scrolls down, the appointments overlap the header of the day below
  • Inappropriate white background appears behind DragVisual in Silverlight OOB


  • Exception thrown in case a column sparkline has a single data item with yValue=0
  • "Layout could not complete" exception when there are more than 150 sparkline controls with enabled first/last and/or high/low point indicators
  • XamlParseException when Silverlight 5 runtime is not installed


  • Changing the selection throws exception when Hyperlink object is used in the content
  • Setting the TabStripPlacement to "Left" doesn't hide the left border of the TabControl content


  • Changing the TileViewItem.HeaderStyle property in runtime clears the Header content
  • Drop is not handled in RadTileView
  • Layout breaks when RadTileView is nested within RadTileViewItem and TileViewPanel.IsSizeBoundToPosition="True"
  • Setting the PreservePositionWhenMaximized property to true in a virtualized TileView, hides the first minimized item
  • When changing the visibility of all tiles simultaniously - collapsing some, displaying others, an exception is thrown
  • When dynamically controlling the Visibility of the tiles, their positions aren't properly updated
  • Wrong layout when adding Maximized RadTileViewItems and PreservePositionWhenMaximized is set to True


  • Optimized the performance of the control on initialize
  • Optimized the performance of the control when changing the period range
  • XamlParseException when Silverlight 5 runtime is not installed


  • Error in Visual Studio Designer
  • XamlParseException when Silverlight 5 runtime is not installed


  • The Easing property of the TransitionControl take effect when set


  • Memory leak fix for DoubleClick event
  • TreeListViewDragCue VisualStates not changing is now fixed
  • Exception on theme change with custom Header/Footer is now fixed
  • SelectedItem binding does not work at first time (when set before RadGridView.DataLoad) now fixed
  • SelectedUnfocusedState improved for all themes
  • Virtualization for merged headers added. Improved initial load time and scrolling performance
  • Wrong selection state combining actions select item, unfocus grid, scroll grid
  • Fixed positioning of the BetweenItems Cue with rows with different height


  • XamlParseException when Silverlight 5 runtime is not installed


  • Implement ICommandSource for RadTreeViewItem
  • DragDrop fires exception when sorting the ItemsSource in converter
  • Dropping near a node that is DropAllowed=False causes treeview to duplicate the dropped item
  • Exception occurs in RadTreeView when Hyperlink in RichTextBox is clicked
  • Setting the TreeView Foreground property don't affect the TreeViewItem style in Metro and ExpressionDark themes
  • Skip collapsed items when moving the selection with keyboard


  • Content of window header stretches in ExpressionDark theme

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