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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight Q2 2012

June 11, 2012


  • CurrentItem doesn't work correctly when used with HierarchicalDataTemplate
  • ItemTemplateSelector doesn't work
  • Cannot control the Path and the CurrentItem when the nodes differ only by the letter case
  • The Autocomplete popup should open only in TextMode


  • RadBusyIndicator CPU consumption is high due to looping animation


  • Mouse Clicking then pressing Escape multiple times works in a different way than just mouse clicking multiple times
  • Clicking on the button when it is place in DropDownContent of another button does not work as expected
  • IsEnabled doesn't work when the buttons are in RibbonView/Bar and their CanExecute is True
  • RadDropDownButton and RadSplitButton don't close on click outside when in RadWindow
  • IsBackgroundVisible property doesn't work


  • CalculatorBase's History property is now a read-only dependency property
  • Unary operations are disregarded when taking place between binary operations is now fixed.


  • Add support for changing implicit styles dynamically at runtime
  • Empty point behavior for continuous series
  • Empty point behavior for item drawn series
  • Cached GetPropertyValueDelegate throws exception when rebinding the chart to a different data type that happens to have the same property naming as the original data.
  • Chart elements are not getting mouse input events.
  • DataTemplate / DataTemplateSelector precedence for axis / series customization is incorrect (should be if DataTemplate is set, DataTemplateSelector is ignored)
  • DataTemplateSelector.SelectTemplate(...) method not receiving correct arguments (for axis / series customization)
  • LastLabelVisibility set to Visible is not working as expected
  • Spline series gets choppy when number of DataPoints increases


  • Wrong CMYK conversion
  • Problem with dynamic change of implicit themes
  • HSV (only thumb, pad and hue slider) does not respect the SelectedColor on start-up


  • The SelectedColor becomes transparent when theme is changed run-time


  • TabIndex ignored when IsEditable=true


  • The ContextMenu returns the focus to its parent and that causes the RadWindow opened from the menu click to go behind
  • GetClicked element doesn't return the RadComboBoxItem when the RadContextMenu is attached to RadComboBox control
  • ContextMenu placement is wrong when opened for first time and EventName is not MouseLeftButtonDown/Up or MouseRightButtonDown/Up
  • Due to bug in Silverlight 5 when context menu is opened then closed and opened again it loses its DataContext
  • User have to click twice in order to show ContextMenu again if it is already opened


  • DataAxis: Last tick is not printed at its proper location
  • DataBar: An exception is thrown when Maximum or Minimum is set to Infinity or NaN


  • TimeSpan property filtering support added
  • Adding composite filters to FilterDescriptors programmatically may result in exception is now fixed


  • Added IsComboboxEditable property for DataFormComboBoxField.
  • DataTemplateSelectors support added.
  • Error with a binding validation error that is not associated with any field is now fixed.
  • OK and Cancel Buttons are not enabled if you change nullable int value.
  • An exception try/catched with CancelEdit mechanism when RadDataForm is bound to DataTable.
  • BindingExpressionPath errors with CommandButtonsVisiblity are now fixed.


  • An exception when a single entity is returned and there is paging is now fixed.
  • RadDataServiceDataSource.Expand property allowing the developer to specify which related entities to load.


  • Week names flicker when SelectedDate changes
  • When FlowDirection is set to RightToLeft the popup is misplaced
  • UpdateText method made public
  • RadCalendar and RadClock and their items do inherit their theme from RadDateTimePicker in Silverlight
  • Calendar and Clock have no theme with xamlless assemblies and implicit styling
  • ReadOnly state in ExpressionDark is wrong


  • Exception when setting the DataContext to an UIElement
  • Horizontal and Vertical Rulers
  • Implement scrolling functionality
  • Ability to limit the number of connections to a shape
  • Printing
  • Different Tree Layouts
  • Org. Grid Router – algorithm for positioning of polyline connections
  • Bi-directional MVVM data-binding support
  • Groups allowing to group shapes and connections
  • Custom Connectors
  • Bezier connections
  • Allow bringing item(s) into view
  • New Diagram Extensions Assembly that contains new controls, features and extensions of the Diagraming framework like a Thumbnail a.k.a. Mini Map, Print Preview , Ruler, Built-in Toolbox and Built-in Settings Pane


  • When pane docked at top of docking control, the RadGridResizer is with wrong cursor
  • Resizing of AutoHideAreas is corrupted
  • In Metro theme the unpinned panes cannot be resized and when resized and unpinned there is a gap between the tab and the expanded pane
  • RadPanes in Top, Left and Right positions hide their content when unpinned in Metro theme
  • GridSplitter icon not visible on hover when two panes docked into a PaneGroup
  • ItemsPresenter vertical alignment in PaneGroup in DocumentHost is fixed
  • RadDocking PaneGroupDocumentTemplate vertical gap
  • NullReferenceException when LoadLayout floating windows in the constructor of the page.
  • RadDocking compass is shifted when FlowDirection=RightToLeft
  • DocumentPane: selected tab in Summer theme does not display properly
  • InvalidOperationException when the element is not a visual
  • When the Template of a RadSplitContainer with Vertical orientation is changed its renders horizontally
  • RadDocking outputs binding error with the IsContentPreserved property.
  • In Metro theme when resize unpinned Pane, the resize doesn't update it properly so the header buttons disappear


  • Added DragDropPayloadManager class for managing Dragged data
  • Setting AllowDrop to False on the element that cause DragInitialize event cause an exception
  • Fixed bug in Silverlight Framework where dragged element does not receive MouseLeave event and stays in incorrect visual state


  • Use FocusVisualStyle property to control focus visual
  • The IsTabStop of the "HeaderButton" must be bound to the IsTabStop of the RadExpader


  • Enable hiding sub ranges of the visible range.
  • Special timeline slots.
  • Allow all kinds of relations in GanttView.
  • Replace Relations property with Dependencies and reverse the direction.
  • Added Selection for the control. There aren’t any selection modes, but only Extended one.
  • Make GanttGroupHeaderContainer clickable area larger
  • Add MouseOver state for the RelationContainer
  • GanttView throws a null reference exception when placed in a RadPane and the RadPane is dragged out.
  • Relation arrow appears underneath the milestones and summaries.
  • Expose property for the original event in the proxy of the EventContainer.
  • Adding root-level items to the GanttView causes KeyNotFound exception.
  • Change the System.Windows.Controls.SelectionChangedEventHandler to Telerik.Windows.Controls.SelectionChangedEventHandler. (SL ONLY)


  • 10 new classes for the scales
    • HorizontalLinearScale
    • VerticalLinearScale
    • QuadrantNEScale
    • QuadrantNWScale
    • QuadrantSEScale
    • QuadrantSWScale
    • SemicircleEastScale
    • SemicircleNorthScale
    • SemicircleSouthScale
    • SemicircleWestScale
  • The first big change relates to the ScaleObject.Offset attachable property. It has been changed to accept GridLength value instead of double. So offset of any scale object can be set in pixels as well as in the relative units. This change affects following properties of the gauge objects:
    • GaugeRangeGroup.Offset
    • GraphicScale.LabelOffset
    • GraphicScale.MajorTickOffset
    • GraphicScale.MiddleTickOffset
    • GraphicScale.MinorTickOffset
    • GraphicScale.RangeOffset
  • ScaleObject.RelativeWidth and ScaleObject.RelativeHeight properties have been changed to accept GaugeMeasure value instead of double. Width and height of any scale object can be set in pixels as well as in the relative units. This change affects following properties of the gauge objects:
    • GraphicScale.MajorTickRelativeHeight
    • GraphicScale.MajorTickRelativeWidth
    • GraphicScale.MiddleTickRelativeHeight
    • GraphicScale.MiddleTickRelativeWidth
    • GraphicScale.MinorTickRelativeHeight
    • GraphicScale.MinorTickRelativeWidth
    • The “NeedleEllipseSize” resource in all resource files should be changed from system:Double to gauge:GaugeMeasure
  • New data type GaugeMeasure introduced which allows negative values


  • Delete key behavior with RadGridView.SelectionUnit = "Cell" improved.
  • Merged headers scrolling performance optimization.
  • Added option to leave the frozen columns splitter visible, even when the user is not allowed to freeze columns.
  • Insert in paged scenario now improved.
  • Validation improvement to support better various validation scenarios.
  • Frozen column splitter behavior improved.
  • Merged headers will now create an empty merged header, rather than raising an exception when group name is empty.
  • GetRowForItem(dataItem) method of GridViewDataControl is now public.
  • Distinct value list behavior improved.
  • Mass insertion with Insert key in Silverlight improved.
  • TimeSpan property filtering support added.
  • Filter-row new feature added.
  • GroupPanelItemStyle & GroupPanelStyle mechanism improved.
  • Added GridViewRow SelectedUnfocused state.
  • Setting display indices in reverse order for columns in XAML results in exception is now fixed.
  • The last item cannot be selected while scrolling with down key.
  • The DataMemberBinding IValueConverter is used when the column has GroupMemberPath defined is now fixed.
  • Star columns were not recalculated properly on resize is now fixed.
  • White spaces appear on deleting items in grouped scenario is now fixed.
  • Wrong background of frozen column splitter in Expression_Dark theme is now fixed.
  • Frozen column splitter not correctly positioned in Metro theme is now fixed.
  • Copy and Paste commands are executed if other modifiers than Control are pressed is now fixed.
  • Cells not rendering in Expression Dark with many columns is now fixed.
  • Last item not updated correctly when property changed is now fixed.
  • Continuously calling of RadGridView.BeginInsert() results in more than one rows in edit mode is now fixed.
  • Additional white spaces are added to the header row data when copy /pasting in certain scenarios are now fixed.
  • Expand group row with no columns throws exception is now fixed.
  • The default filter operators are not honored when the Clear button is clicked.
  • Changing the Field Filter Logical Operator of a column with IsFilteringDeferred="True" now works properly.
  • RowActivated event is fired on a single click in Silverlight 4 is now fixed.
  • Item is not scrolled into view properly when the grid is grouped.
  • Cannot edit properly new items when RadGridView is bound to dynamic data.
  • Group panel connecting arrow remained visible for the first item is now fixed.
  • GridViewCheckBoxColumn CheckBox styles fixed.
  • GridViewHeaderCell states improved when the grid is sorted and filtered.
  • Pasting is not performed on ClipboardPasteMode="AllSelectedCells" is now fixed.
  • Design-time exception when refer implicit theme is now fixed.
  • CheckBoxStyle and HeaderCheckBoxStyle properties added for GridViewSelectColumn.
  • Footers not exported when no aggregate functions were defined is now fixed.
  • IsTabStop is set incorrectly to false in some cases is now fixed.
  • The grid creates new items on paste even when CanUserInsertRows is set to false is now fixed.
  • Fixed a null reference exception in CreateCellAutomationPeer.
  • Current cells when frozen columns are present scrolls grid incorrectly is now fixed.
  • CurrentItem is lost on changing the ItemsSource is now fixed.
  • Null reference exception when binding to CompositeCollection is now fixed.
  • Some items are not loaded when parent container is resized is now fixed.
  • Converter will be called with null for ConverterParameter is now fixed.
  • Hidden columns show a gap after grouping by this column is now fixed.
  • Misalignment on merged headers when scrolling to the left with frozen columns now fixed.
  • Exception with ShowColumnWhenGroupedBy when user groups runtime is now fixed.


  • Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component
  • Modifies the Url if it contains special characters
  • When used in RadTabItem with KeepContentInMemory set to True, the placeholder is always on top of the TabControl


  • OpenImage and SaveImage command stop working after changing the theme


  • After Drag and Drop keyboard navigation not available (except tab).
  • Cannot select more than one item in Multiple mode when it's changed from Single.
  • Can’t select more than one item using Shift and the keyboard arrows in Extended Mode
  • When many items are selected and they do not appear in a changed ItemsSource, they are not removed from the SelectedItems collection.
  • Autocomplete doesn't work when TypedText is updated from code behind
  • Selected Item is no longer selected after the ItemsSource collection is refreshed and the item is present
  • When click on an already selected item, keyboard navigation stop working.
  • ListBoxDragDropBehavior selects dragged items on drop.
  • Home and End don't work in Multiple Selection
  • PageUp and PageDown crushesh the application in the Multiple.


  • Allow masked input controls to have no mask
  • MaskedNumericInput Value isn't properly updated in en-US culture
  • Don't allow an invalid value input
  • Incorrect initial input
  • The Tab key isn't properly handled after tabbing away from a GridView in edit mode
  • The MaskedInput controls in Silverlight can't detect the Validation.Errors collection changes
  • When the MaskedInputExtensions.Minimum value is 0, you can still enter the minus sign when the control's current value is 0 or null
  • The ErrorMessageTemplate Foreground setting should be updated in the different themes
  • The 'OemMinus' Key is handled in MaskedTextInput


  • If the AutoPlay property is False, selecting a new item from the playlist should enable the VideoControlsPanel and allow clicking a Play button


  • Missing ContentTemplateSelector template binding in RadMenu ExpressionDark them



HeatMap Beta

RadHeatMap is a brand new RadControl to be released in Q2 2012. Heatmaps are a matrix like controls which use color to encode a value along two axes. They are preferred for their really compact size and ability to visualize trends within cyclical data effectively. They are also extremely potent tools for spotting outliers and trends in your data. .


RadCollectionNavigator provides UI for the execution of basic editing and navigation operations over a collection of items. Its internal logic entirely relies on the ICollectionView and IEditableCollectionView’s implementation.


  • ControlTemplate changes, replace PickerTextBox with a TextBox
  • RadNumericUpDown HorizontalContentAlignment fixed
  • NumericUpDown VerticalContentAlignment changed to Center in default theme


  • OutlookBarItems are not initially shown until the control is resized when the MinimizedAreaVisibility is set to Collapsed
  • Setting the ActiveItemsCount to 0 in XAML does not work


  • Missing MouseOver and Selected states of second level items in Metro theme


  • UI elements are created only for the part of the document in the viewport
  • Text positions added – the viewer distinguishes where a character or word starts and ends
  • Text recognition – the text of the document can be extracted
  • A caret has been implemented
  • Selection and plain-text copy
  • Find functionality
  • Commands for navigation and selection added. Key bindings
  • Export to text


  • FlagEnumEditor added.
  • Unbound mode added.
  • Better automation support added.
  • AutoBindBehavior now supports source different from RadPropertyGrid's Item.
  • PropertyGridField editor will use a TwoWay binding if such is specified in its PropertyDefinition.
  • CollectionEditor added.
  • An exception is thrown when binding to indexed properties is now fixed.
  • IValueConverter instance can now be assigned directly through PropertyDefinitons.
  • Groups based on collapsed PropertyDefinitons should not be generated.
  • BrowsableAttribute is not respected for nested properties.


  • DuplicateFileName event isn't fired when dropping files in the Upload or the UploadDropPanel


  • AccessText does not show on a RibbonGroup when it is in Collapsed RibbonGroupVariant
  • Black Square Occurs when Backstage is Opened in XBAP
  • Disable the QAT Minimize the Ribbon option if the ribbon isn't minimizable and change the caption of the item if the ribbon is minimized.
  • A ContextualGroup Header isn't moved when displaying a non-contextual collapsed RibbonTab
  • Populating a RibbonGroup in xaml causes the designer to switch the selection to the last tab of the ribbon
  • When the BackstageMenu is open, the parent Window cannot be resized
  • If you click on a KeyTip of a RadMenuItem in the DropDownContent of a DDButton/SplitButton, the DropDown content is closed but the key tips are not
  • The RibbonWindow Icon property isn't applied.
  • When SplitButton or DropDownButton is used in the ApplicationMenu, the DropDownContent is not placed in the "Recent Documents" section
  • KeyTips are not shown on RadRibbonGroups
  • Clicking a RibbonButton in ApplicationMenu does not close the menu
  • UI Automation peers of the RadRibbonView crash IE
  • An exception is thrown when the ribbon contains a ContextualGroup without tabs
  • Resizing a RibbonView that contains an active contextual group containing at least one contextual tab, throws an exception


  • Track changes feature
  • Added support for nested fields
  • Added support for generating Table of Contents
  • Support for “Author” and “Total pages” fields
  • Add support for paragraph symbol properties
  • Added customizable decoration for highlighting fields
  • Implement horizontal position relative to Column for FloatingBlocks
  • Added support for moving tables by dragging
  • UI for list styles
  • UI for integrated watermarks
  • Localize tooltip strings "Ctrl + Click" and "Click"
  • Auto-hyperlinks
  • Support for 'onenote' and other schemas in the hyperlinks InsertHyperlinkDialog;
  • Enable deletion using backspace when at the end of a protected region. Allow typing in a range after the whole text of the range has been deleted
  • Bind data providers' CLR namespaces to the default Telerik xml namespace
  • Allow the export of fields using their DisplayName in Docx
  • Crash giving empty values in the size fields when resizing an image
  • Delete table undo bug
  • RTL in Bullets and Numbered lists dots and brackets appear on the wrong side;
  • Mail merge doesn't work when data source contains dynamic objects
  • List style is not imported correctly from HTML when inside of a table
  • Not respecting table width attribute when importing form HTML
  • Italic bullet sign of bulleted paragraph is not exported correctly to PDF
  • Improved localization support of InsertCaptionDialog
  • HeaderTopMargin and FooterBottomMargin are not exported to .docx
  • Missing bullets when open a saved .docx file
  • Some .docx files can't be opened
  • Table column widths not imported correctly from RTF in some cases
  • Spellcheck error highlight on words with apostrophes
  • StylesGallery is sometimes empty when loading for the first time
  • The size of the numbers in numbered lists is not correct when DocumentInheritsDefaultStyleSettings="True" or when a style is applied
  • Wrong default values of table borders
  • ApplicationMenu of the ribbon stays open after saving a document
  • ContextMenu and SelectionMiniToolBar are disabled after opening new document when focus is in header
  • FindReplaceDialog hides when found value is on a next page
  • Page fields in headers/footers show incorrect values when document is protected
  • RadRichTextBox.DocumentContentChanged event is raised on asynchronous image loading
  • Spellchecking decoration does not work right when RadRichTextBox is in a window
  • Save and Print commands should not execute asynchronously


  • ScheduleView design time improvement
  • When using keyboard to change slot selection in TimelineView, the selection disappears when you reach the last slot
  • When a new appointment is created with the CreateAppointment command using the parameters of an already existing one, the Resources are not set in the EditAppointmentDialog
  • Wrong resource key in style for previous appointment navigation button
  • ScrollIntoView method does not scroll correctly to items if their start is after 12 p.m. and the ActiveViewDefinition is TimelineView
  • Sometimes dragging over read-only slot is possible.
  • Appointment DragResizer appears on the wrong side when custom OrientedAppointmentItemStyleSelector is used.
  • Mark Telerik.Windows.Controls.ScheduleView.InvertedBooleanConverter obsolete
  • Blend generates non-full Style when use "Edit a copy" from EditAppointmentDialogStyle
  • Appointments with duration 0 and IsAllDayEvent set are not displayed correctly in RadScheduleView.
  • Styles to dialogs are not applying in ScheduleView with implicit themes
  • Include RadWindowStyle in RadScheduleView to support implicit theming of dialogs
  • ScheduleView Today foreground change is lost in MetroTheme


  • Ticks overlap each other when tick template is set
  • Wrong visualization of the ticks with ranged slider
  • SelectionEnd Thumb isn't visible when it matches the value of the last tick in the slider


  • Add support for changing implicit styles dynamically at runtime
  • Replace QueryableCollectionView with ObservableProjectedView


  • In Databound TabControl the scroll buttons are only visible after window resizing.
  • Right Arrow button behaves abnormally when dynamically add tab items multiple times
  • DropDownButton Disappears when resizing the browser
  • Using ExecutionMode = Legacy in RadTabControl does not work correctly
  • If the control is wrapped in a ScrollViewer and it also contains a RadGridView, setting the GridView.Columns size to '*' doesn't work
  • After maximize/minimize operations the control Previous/Next arrows missing
  • Activate the TabItem.Header MouseOver state only when the mouse is over the header
  • The content of the TextBlocks in the content of the TabItems isn't visible in Metro theme


  • Bindings are lost in some cases with RadTileView inside a TransitionControl
  • Items start to disappear if you Maxmize/Restore an item and you have initially collapsed items
  • Items start to disappear if you Maxmize/Restore an item and you have initially collapsed items


  • HeaderStyle added for Items and Groups
  • Groups and Items don't support auto height measurement


  • Add selection API
  • Add support for grouping timeline items
  • HeaderStyle added for Items and Groups
  • Renamed GroupContainer to TimelineGroupPeriodContainer
  • Renamed GroupControl to TimelineGroupPeriodControl
  • Renamed ItemContainer to TimelinePeriodContainer
  • Renamed ItemControl to TimelinePeriodControl
  • Groups and Items don't support auto height measurement


  • RadSplitButton throws an exception when IsEnabled = false and it's inside a RadToolBar


  • Delete key behavior with RadGridView.SelectionUnit = "Cell" improved.
  • Added GridViewRow SelectedUnfocused state.
  • Validation improvement to support better various validation scenarios.
  • Expand/collapse performance optimized
  • Frozen column splitter behavior improved.
  • TimeSpan property filtering support added.
  • Aggregates fixed to work hierarchically.
  • Frozen column splitter not correctly positioned in Metro theme is now fixed.
  • Copy and Paste commands are executed if other modifiers than Control are pressed is now fixed.
  • Child collections not resolved correctly is now fixed.
  • HierarchyExpandButton.Clip fixed
  • Now filtering will work properly with DataLoadMode="Asynchronous"


  • RadToolTipService: (Memory improvement) Switch to using only 1 instance of RadToolTip for all elements
  • Change selection from MouseLeftButtonUp to MouseLeftButtonDown


  • Keyboard Navigation Not Relative to Focused Item
  • The SelectedItem is not updated after change of the ItemSource collection
  • In SL 5, when the CheckState of the RadTreeViewItem is bound via StyleBindings, Null Reference exception occurs
  • Opening MessageBox on DoubleClick with enabled drag drop functionality freezes the mouse interaction


  • Allow CurrentText property to be bound TwoWay
  • Metro styled ScrollViewer in template harms BorderThickness of Metro styled RadWatermarkTextBox


  • RadDropDownButton and RadSplitButton don't close on click outside when in RadWindow
  • Alert, Prompt, Confirm dialogs size for Windows7 theme is too small
  • RadWindow header buttons clickable area is too small; Windows7Theme
  • RadWindow icon is not vertically center-aligned in Windows7 theme
  • Minimize button is not on it's original position.
  • Closing RadWindow from a button within crash the application when click again on the RadWindow before it is closed


  • Add plain .NET support for Zip Library

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