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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight Q1 2014 SP1

April 2, 2014

All Controls

  • TextBox IsReadOnly visual state is not correct in Office2013 theme
  • CheckBox indeterminate state is not correct in Office2013 theme
  • ListBoxItemStyle is lost when switching themes using implicit styles
  • ListBox margin issue in Windows8Theme and Office2013 theme


  • SearchText property is not updated when an Item is selected
  • The textbox caret goes to the end of the text when the text is edited
  • Esc KeyDown is handled even when the popup is closed
  • SuggestAppend Mode is not working initially when TextSearchMode is Contains
  • When the control is initially Collapsed setting the Focus to it causes NullReferenceException
  • When the control is not visible and is unloaded a NullReferenceException is thrown


  • Default ListBoxItemStyle is overwritten when you have a style based on ListBoxItemStyle
  • Windows8Touch XAML templates updated


  • Setting a DropDownButtonPosition in Windows8Touch theme doesn’t work as expected


  • HistoryTextBox is not fully visible when Memory function is applied


  • Application crashes when using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • Axis extends range incorrectly in scenarios with stacked and clustered series with zero values
  • Bars are missing after changing themes runtime
  • Chart doesn't rearrange when the PanZoomBar Visibility is set to Collapsed
  • Chart is not exported properly when Margin is present
  • Incorrect drawing of BarSeries with negative values and additional axis
  • Label is missing from annotation after runtime theme change
  • Legend items color does not get applied
  • Labels are not shown when using a ChartSeriesLabelStrategy with Arrange Options
  • NullReferenceException is thrown in a multiple-axes scenario
  • Points are missing when changing themes runtime and using BitmapRenderOptions or Direct2DRenderOptions
  • Points are missing when using a PointSeries (or any point that has default visuals) and a template selector that sometimes returns null
  • Stacked AreaSeries are drawn incorrectly when changing the ClipToPlotArea property runtime
  • Setting Opacity to a pie slice in MouseEnter, MouseLeave and MouseMove event handlers has no effect
  • Exception when Direct2D rendering is enabled on some machines
  • Series create ContentPresenters for points that have null DataTemplate (from custom PointTemplateSelector)
  • ZIndex does not work for series with BitmapRenderOptions or Direct2DRenderOptions


  • Change the Foreground color of the ComboBox in the MouseOver VisualState in order to be clearer - Expression Dark theme
  • ContextMenu cannot be set to RadComboBoxItem


  • Changes on the ItemsSource Collection are not reflected in the UI
  • NullReferenceException in RadDataForm.OnCurrentItemPropertyChanged()
  • Design-time NullReferenceException in CanMoveCurrentToFirstExecute()


  • Wrong command name of MoveToLast page button causes DataPager not to go to the last page (all Office themes)


  • When the DropDown of RadDatePicker is opened the first day of the month is highlighted
  • Application hangs when switching the focus between two RadDateTimePickers.


  • BindingExpression Errors when GraphSource is set to null or when Diagram is cleared
  • Memory leak when a window that holds a RadDiagram is closed
  • Setting OrgTreeRouter with no TreeLayoutType will produce NullReferenceException
  • When an implicit theme is applied the ShapeStyleSelector doesn't work


  • When using Implicit Styles setting the DropDownDisplayMode of a PaneGroup to Visible in the Office themes causes the DropDownButton to be invisible.
  • Setting IsHidden of a RadPane, placed inside DocumentHost, after InitializeComponent is not working.
  • The document host compass is visible when you move a pane out of the Docking
  • Background property of a RadPaneGroup is disregarded in Windows8 and Office2013 themes
  • Selected PaneHeader has different background than the design of ExpressionDark theme
  • NotSupportedException is thrown when RadDocking is measured with infinity even if AllowUnsafeMode="True"
  • If the mouse is above an AutoHideArea while the theme of the control is changing NullReferenceException is thrown.
  • OnLayoutChangeEnded is not raised when a docked Pane is closed
  • When setting the DropDownDisplayMode of a PaneGroup to Visible, DropDownMenuItems are not shown
  • Remove external namespace definition from RadDocking in OfficeBlue, OfficeSilver and Vista themes


  • CellSelectionTemplate is not shown


  • There is no horizontal scroll bar if you group by a column and all groups are collapsed
  • Columns data gets overlapped when columns are hidden and shown again
  • Memory leak when CellStyle is applied to GridViewCheckBoxColumn
  • IsReorderable of a column is not respected when ReorderColumnsMode is different than the default one
  • ArgumentOutOfRangeException when scrolling a grouped grid with Flat GroupRenderMode
  • Cannot insert with Insert key in grouped grid with NewRowPosition Bottom
  • ArgumentOutOfRandeException in FlatLayoutStrategy.RealizeRows()
  • InvalidOperationException in FilteringViewModel.ClearFilters()
  • Once validation is triggered, after editing CalculatorPicker in a CellEditTemplate, you cannot cancel cell/row editing by pressing Esc key
  • Checkbox editors in all types of GridView columns jump to the left in edit mode
  • The Item of a SelectedCell is not updated correctly after GridView's ItemsSource is changed
  • SelectedCells collections is in incorrect state after pasting
  • NewRow gets misaligned when RadGridView is grouped
  • RowDetails are shown through the row indicator on scrolling horizontally (Office2013 theme)
  • Height greater that the default applied to group row when GroupRenderMode is Flat leads to incorrect result
  • Design time error (NullReferenceException) when implicit themes are used
  • Group rows borders are not aligned with header row borders in Windows8 theme


  • An IndexOutOfRangeException is thrown when changing the ItemsSource while the mouse is over the ColorGrid


  • Moving the placeholder in the visual tree resets navigation
  • The control gets misplaced when displayed inside a RadWindow in zoomed browser
  • The placeholder disappears if it's in a RadPane and another RadPane is closed
  • When HtmlPlaceholder is hosted in a RadWindow, if the window is moved outside the browser, the placeholder is misplaced


  • Crop an image and set a copy of the same to ImageEditor does not affect the Image property and ArgumentException is thrown


  • A map item disappears on visualization layer when the clustering is enabled and the location of item is changed dynamically
  • The map shapes aren't shown when RadMap control is set to show 1 zoom level and visualization layer is configured to use UI virtualization
  • The AsyncShapeFileReader does not read very small DBF-files


  • XAMLParseException is thrown when you have a style based on TextBoxStyle
  • Incorrect Space Key Behavior
  • Issues when pasting big numbers in Numeric / CurrencyInput
  • ValidationTooltip updated in Silverlight - TooltipContentTemplate changed for all themes
  • When NoMask and StringFormat are set, the value is cleared
  • Setting SelectionOnFocus to "CaretToEnd" does not work in No-Mask (Mask="")
  • Change the x:key of the PreviewInputTextBox style in all themes definitions


  • Background property setter now points to the correct resource in DownloadProgressBarStyle in Windows8 theme


  • UpdateValueEvent="LostFocus" property of the NumericUpDown is not working correctly


  • Memory leak with RadFocusManager
  • Selection disappears on pressing control key/right click
  • Incorrect layout when the document is measured in infinite dimensions size


  • RadPivotGrid to sort dates defined in OLAP Cube as dates, not as strings
  • CalculatedItem's Totals are shown as Error when there is more than one GroupDescription
  • Add support to RadPivotGrid for ordering of data as it is stored (SortOrder.None option)
  • Add option in the UI to select OlapGroupComparer for OLAP providers
  • CalculatedItem's Totals are shown as Error when there is more than one GroupDescription


  • InvalidCastException is thrown when binding PropertyGrid.Item to collection
  • InvalidOperationException Sequence contains no elements in PropertyGridField.CreateEditor()
  • Memory leak with RadPropertyGrid when placed inside a window


  • Backstage does not support right to left flow direction
  • BorderBrush, Background and Foreground property setters now point to the correct resources in ContextualTabsStyle in Office2013 theme
  • ColorPicker inside RadRibbonSplitButton is not working as expected
  • Custom Style of the ScreenTip does not apply when the ScreenTip is set as attached property
  • If the Backstage is initially open and the CollapseThresholdSize is modified, the TitleBar is misaligned
  • MinimizedContentPopup is misplaced when the RibbonView is outside of the visible area of the screen
  • RadButtonGroup ItemTemplateSelector property doesn't work
  • RibbonButtons do not resize properly when IsAutoSize is set to false
  • RibbonDropDown/Split buttons are automatically closed
  • RibbonView Title and ApplicationName are not displayed
  • TabIndex issues in RadRibbonGroup
  • Memory leak in RadRibbonGallery
  • The ContextualGroup of the RadRibbonView is not sized properly
  • RadRibbonView ScreenTips are shown unexpectedly
  • The QAT stays above the RibbonView's popup
  • When ribbon is placed on two monitors the minimized popup is misplaced


  • Exposed Field.EvaluationContext property which allows obtaining main document when field is in header/footer
  • Execute MoveSelectionCommand when moving FloatingImageBlock
  • Improved performance of updating of fields
  • Optimized typing performance in large document
  • Improved performance of deleting document's content
  • NullReferenceException when editing with Track Changes on
  • SelectionMiniToolbar causes the application to crash on exit from header/footer of RadRichTextBox positioned in RadWindow
  • RadRichTextBox crashes if there is a long word in the first paragraph
  • RadRichTextBox crashes when document is scrolled to a list paragraph with floating block
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when trying to move a huge table on more than a page
  • An exception is thrown changing the layout mode and document when there is an endnote
  • Copy/paste of a table followed by a paragraph not starting with a span fails because an exception is thrown in CreateDocumentFragment
  • Printing to xps does not respect the page size and orientation
  • UpdateAllFields method works incorrectly with Reference Field and Sequence Field
  • Selection is cleared after execution of span style command like ToggleBold
  • Setting top-margin of the section to negative value crashes the application
  • List bullets do not inherit the default font size from the document
  • Table borders can be resized when control is read only
  • Error when copying table rows containing annotations (hyperlinks)
  • Inserting row/column in a table applies the style from the previous row/column
  • Resizing table row of table not on the first page causes the row to fill the whole page
  • ResetAll button from FontProperties dialog doesn't reset the highlight and foreground color
  • Setting IsPrimary to false on registered style is not respected on initial load from StylesGallery
  • EditCustomDictionaryDialog resizes when there are many words in the dictionary
  • Calling DeleteHyperlik() method from RadDocumentEditor when the caret is in empty paragraph in the beginning of the document breaks the application
  • RtfFormatProvider: Table columns widths are not imported correctly when the table has indent


  • Cannot scroll with dragging\resizing of appointment in Windows8Touch theme
  • The header of the view definition navigation buttons is not shown
  • NullReference exception is thrown when the Appointments collection is cleared in run-time and PageUp or Down buttons are clicked
  • New EditAppointmentDialog is shown in order to create new appointment when changing the resource of another appointment


  • Format shape dialog
  • Introduced properties to hide sheet selector and new sheet button
  • PrintArea and PageBreaks translation on row/column inserted/removed
  • Included RelativeToOriginalPictureSize and LockAspectRatio properties for shapes
  • Enhanced worksheet Protection to support Format Cells, Format Rows and Format Columns protection options
  • PrintRowHeading are not measured correctly in the print preview when the row number has more than two digits
  • When the shape adorner is vertically flipped the rotation handle remains on the top
  • Images must be modified the same way when modified together through the adorner
  • Row/Column resizing during freeze panes throws an exception
  • Freezing top row/first column and deleting it after that makes freeze panes centered
  • Cannot freeze top row or first column when there is initial horizontal or vertical offset
  • Setting visible size of spreadsheet does not affect the freeze panes separators
  • When the text in a cell is wider than the cell and the cell gets out of the viewport the text disappears
  • ItemBased scrolling when cells are resized does not work properly
  • Scrolling using mouse wheel does not scroll below used cell range
  • Cell value formula with defined name updates only once
  • Pasting a CellReference that refers outside the boundaries of the worksheet causes an exception
  • Copying and pasting a cell that is in a merged range throws exception
  • Repeat fill values (left and up) does not work if the active cell is merged
  • Apply text wrap do not aligns the text when there is number format
  • Incorrect error message by closing InsertFunctionDialog without selected function
  • Multiple message boxes appear if you enter an invalid formula, point another cell and start dragging
  • Clicking on a row/column header and moving the mouse quickly to other headers causes selection of multiple rows/columns whereas only one row/column should be selected
  • Active merged cell is not shown properly in selection when there are other merged cells in the selection
  • Entering long text in a cell that is on the left side of the vertical pane separator does not appear correctly
  • Opening a hyperlink to a non-existing cell causes exception
  • Cell values are not imported correctly in the current culture
  • Importing workbook with invalid page setup scale factor throws exception
  • XlsxFormatProvider: Page breaks are not exported correctly
  • XlsxFormatProvider: Vertical page break is imported as horizontal
  • RadSpreadsheet cannot import number values containing exponent
  • The symbols for the row and list separators are swapped in RadSpreadsheet's arrays
  • The number format of values with Accounting and Currency formats set in Excel is not correctly recognized


  • Brushes that indicate tile MouseOver and tile Dock updated for all themes
  • “Cannot resolve TargetName MouseOverBorder in Windows8Touch" exception fixed


  • Change RadToggleButton setter for Width in RadToolBarStyle in Windows8 and Office2013 themes


  • Wrong indentation of the new row
  • Checkbox editors in all types of GridView columns jump to the left in edit mode


  • ArgumentException is thrown when TreeView becomes visible on a touch device


  • Upload UI modifications for Office2013 and Windows8Touch themes
  • The uploading progressbar does not stretch to the entire space available when Upload button is pressed

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