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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight Q1 2014

February 26, 2014

All Controls

  • Extend the API of Telerik.Windows.Analytics.TraceMonitor class to allow initializing of custom IAnalyticsMonitor
  • Delete PickerToggleButton
  • Obsolete RadRangeControl
  • RadObservableCollection.CollectionChanged event is fired for each added item when AddRange method is used
  • Memory leak in TouchManager
  • "Resource not found .... " warning in the Output window of Visual Studio with implicit styles when using Office2013 and Windows8 themes
  • System.Windows.Button does not recognize access key in ExpressionDark theme
  • System.Windows.ScrollViewer - scrollbar thumbs disappear, when you use implicit styles-Windows8, Office2013
  • System.Windows.ScrollViewer - fix the size of vertical thumb on drag
  • System.Windows.ScrollViewer - RepeatButtons should not be focusable
  • MS ListBox when you hover the item before or after the selected one the foreground is lost


  • NullReferenceException is thrown when RadAutoCompleteBox is initially collapsed and automation peers are turned on


  • Add ActualVersion property
  • The control encodes shorter strings than the supported length for a specific Version and ErrorCorrectionLevel


  • Calendar performance improvements
  • When AreWeekNumbersVisible is false, not all months are displayed in YearView
  • If the current month is, for example, January 2014 and you change the year and go again into January, the Calendar actually goes into January 2014 (instead of the newly selected year)

  • In "Single" SelectionMode when click and drag one day - two days are selected


  • Introduce Direct2D Rendering for ChartView
  • Introduce light rendering for all series
  • Introduce DefaultVisualStyleSelector
  • Automatic update of the Track Ball in live data scenarios
  • Implement TickOrigin for LinearAxis
  • BarSeries with Stack CombineMode are rendered incorrectly when all DataPoints have zero Value
  • DateTimeContinuousAxis produces too many labels when zoom in to the max and then zoomed out with double clicking the slider
  • Stroke property of LineSeries does not override palette color when set in style
  • Light renderer sometimes leaves an empty pixel between two adjacent lines
  • GetDataPointVisual method returns recycled containers
  • Doughnut slices don't explode on mouse click
  • ScatterPoint visual elements are doubled when PointSize is changed
  • Bar width is not recalculated on zoom with DateTimeContinuousAxis axis
  • Annotations are positioned incorrectly when zooming on a DateTimeContinuousAxis
  • LineSeries: RenderMode is now marked as Obsolete. Use RenderOptions instead
  • PointSeries: RenderMode is now marked as Obsolete. Use RenderOptions instead
  • ScatterPointSeries: RenderMode is now marked as Obsolete. Use RenderOptions instead
  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.ChartView.AreaSeriesStrokeMode namespace changed to Telerik.Charting.AreaSeriesStrokeMode
  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.ChartView.RangeSeriesStrokeMode namespace changed to Telerik.Charting.RangeSeriesStrokeMode
  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.ChartView.StepSeriesRisersPosition namespace changed to Telerik.Charting.StepSeriesRisersPosition


  • NotSupportedException is thrown in Out-of-Browser when opening the context menu very fast


  • Exception is thrown when you remove or replace the last visible item (IsVirtualizing=true)


  • An exception is thrown on changing the theme using StyleManager


  • PopupPlacementTarget in RadDateTimePicker is not respected when FlowDirection is RTL
  • When IsDropDownOpen is set to True the designer in VS2012 crashes
  • DateTimePicker throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException when ShortDatePattern = "MM/yyyy" and AllowParsingWithoutSeparator="True"
  • After changing the culture, the ErrorTooltipContent and the DateTimeWatermarkContent does not localize their value
  • DateTimePicker throws exception when the Close button is not present in the ControlTemplate
  • DateTimeWatermarkContent cannot be set to null
  • When Culture is set to Korean and the time part is changed it is wrongly parsed


  • Add additional / optional boolean parameter in Layout / LayoutAsync methods to support AutoFit
  • Extend the serialization/deserialization of custom RadDiagramConnectors
  • Extensibility points for MouseTools
  • Connectors' activation doesn't work correctly with collapsed items
  • When zooming, the ManipulationAdorner should not be scaled
  • IConnector now inherits ISerializable interface by default


  • Support of nested RadDocking inside other RadDocking instances
  • AutoHideArea is opening when pin/unpin another Pane
  • ActivePaneChanged event is triggered twice when closing Pane with index bigger than 1
  • Saving the layout of a Docking control which contains empty DocumentHost generates incorrect xml code
  • When Saving and Loading a layout which has empty DocumentHost, an ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown
  • Removing item from the PanesSource collection causes NullReferenceException
  • HorizontalAlignment is not working inside Header Template in Windows8 theme
  • Bindings with ElementName are not working in the DocumentHost


  • Improve the style of the DragVisual in the Grid part of the control


  • The RadGauge control in the Telerik.Windows.Controls.Gauge.dll is now obsolete and should not be used. It will be deleted with Q2 2014 official release. Use the newer RadGauge control that is in the Telerik.Windows.Controls.DataVisualization.dll instead.


  • Content of ValidationToolTip is not properly aligned when ValidatesOnDataErrors is set to "InViewMode"
  • RadGridView goes into unfocused state when ContextMenu is opened
  • Runtime theme exception - Office2013
  • NullReferenceException in ConvertMemberAccessExpressionIfNecessary method
  • When all columns in view port become frozen, there is no way to scroll into view any other column
  • Scrolling performance is degraded when the RowStyle property is set
  • Row becomes valid when its invalid cells get out of the viewport (IDataErrorInfo)
  • GroupPanelBackground cannot be altered through the Office2013 palette
  • Office2013Theme issues when RadGridView is grouped or a column need to be resized
  • GridViewDataColumn can be grouped, even though the IsGroupableProperty on that column is set to false and the grid is bound to DynamicObject
  • Memory leak when updating the ItemsSource when a grid is bound to DataTable
  • NullReferenceException in InternalSelectionItemsStorage constructor
  • Group is not collapsed clicking on it, GridViewSelectColumn gets the focus
  • NullReferenceException in GridViewCellsPanel.InitializeMeasureData()
  • GridViewDynamicHyperlinkColumn does not resolve Member paths with dynamics
  • AgumentOutOfRangeException in RealizeRows when NewRowPosition=Bottom/Top and RadGridView is grouped
  • RowUnloaded and RowLoaded are fired for each item when CollectionChanged is raised, GroupRenderMode=Flat and row virtualization is turned off
  • ValidationTooltip shows the error multiple times when CustomValidation attribute is assigned on class level
  • Partially blank rows in GridView when multiple ViewportChanged events get batched
  • In flat mode removing last column/s runtime causes incorrect columns arrangement
  • Grouped grid with a column with * width initially shows horizontal scroll bar
  • ColumnGroups are not correctly rendered at initial load when RadGridView.RowIndicatorVisibility=”Collapsed”
  • Cannot insert with Insert key in grouped grid with NewRowPosition="Bottom"
  • The Background property of GridViewFooterCell does not work correctly
  • Column groups get misaligned on scrolling after a new column with existing DisplayIndex is added after frozen columns
  • GridViewToggleButton's Foreground in RadGridView is not correct in Windows8 theme
  • NullReferenceException in GetEnumerator in QCV


  • Implemented ToolCommitting and ToolCommitted events that are raised when a tool is committing and a tool was committed
  • Binding to the RadImageEditorUI.Image property only works if specified as TwoWay


  • Extend the ListBoxDragVisualProvider to include DropTarget, DropPosition and DragTarget
  • Improve the style of the ListBoxDragVisual
  • CachedSelectedItems collection keeps references to the items in the ViewModel when setting ItemsSource to null


  • Add ability to setup RectangleGeometryData using coordinates of the top-left (NW) and bottom-right (SE) corners of the rectangle
  • The AsyncShapeFileReader does not read very small DBF-files
  • BingMapProvider memory leaks
  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when using VisualizationLayer and changing themes runtime
  • Specific PathData is not displayed in VisualizationLayer


  • Delete key does not place the caret in the right place in no-mask scenarios (Mask="")


  • Disable entering separators signs in NumericUpDown when IsInteger=true
  • RadNumericUpDown should not update the value when the left/right key is pressed
  • When NullValue is set to x:Null the control throws ArgumentNullException


  • Icons in minimized items are not visualized


  • Page rotation
  • Single page presenter
  • Support for custom presenters implementing IFixedDocumentPresenter
  • Exception handling on RadFixedDocument level
  • Introduced public API for scrolling
  • Printing to CutePdf Writer causes DivideByZeroException
  • KeyNotFoundException when changing DocumentSource caused by image loading


  • Added ReadOnlyEditorState property (Default, ReadOnly, Disabled)
  • Added custom validation for PropertySets
  • Runtime theme exception - Office2013
  • When RadPropertyGrid is read-only, editors do not have consistent look
  • When CollectionEditor IsReadOnly property is changed runtime, commands' state does not get updated properly
  • Search icon is missing in Office2013Theme
  • Changed CollectionEditor's default IsReadOnly state to ReadOnly, instead of Disabled


  • RadRating doesn't show when disabled


  • Add a way to include "Press F1 for help" to screentips
  • Add DataBinding Support for Contextual Groups / Tabs
  • Allow hiding the tab headers
  • Implement Character Ellipses in the Title
  • Allow multiple gesture keys to be set
  • The Title of the RadRibbonWindow should be created from the Title and ApplicationName strings of the RibbonView automatically
  • Allow easily customizing the ApplicationButton Width
  • Add ScreenTip for the Application Button
  • Ability to bind the screentip to text and image
  • RIbbonView does not close its SelectedTab Popup
  • Design-time exceptions
  • Dynamically added controls to the Items property of the RibbonView are placed inside the RibbonTabs header
  • Implicit style doesn't apply on RadRibbonTabs which are added via PRISM
  • NullReferenceException design-time exception is thrown in VS designer
  • RibbonWindow throws a TypeInitializationException when used with VSTO Addin
  • Right Alt key should also activate the Key Tips
  • The Image is displayed on top of the Content
  • VS Designer throws exceptions if a RibbonTab is placed in a UserControl
  • When a view doesn't specify DesignHeight/Width, the RibbonView throws design-time exception if it contains ContextualGroups
  • Does not work correctly when non-transparent grid is used as a content
  • RibbonTitle bar (including the Contextual tab header) goes over the Window Buttons
  • The title is not displayed
  • The title is not trimmed when resizing
  • Ability to bind the screentip to text and image
  • Expose a property to control the visibility of the background behind the RibbonTab.Headers
  • RibbonView does not extract its template in SL using Blend
  • RibbonGroup Image in collapsed state have white border
  • RibbonView does not show all of its tabs


  • Introduced FontManager.RegisterFont overload which accepts display name for the font, and displays that value throughout the UI
  • HtmlFormatProvider: Margin-left property is exported incorrectly
  • HtmlFormatProvider: SpacingAfter property is not respected during import
  • RtfFormatProvider: Bullets in a document are visualized with extra symbols
  • RtfFormatProvider: A document with nested hyperlinks cannot be imported


  • Make property to remove easily the delete button from the appointment
  • DialogClosing event is fired more than once
  • Cancel deletion for recurrent tasks in some themes doesn't work


  • The slider is unresponsive if HandleStyle is applied


  • Images support
  • Printing and UI for printing
  • Freeze panes
  • Workbook and worksheet protection
  • XlsxFormatProvider: Export/Import of worksheet view state
  • XlsxFormatProvider: Import of rich text as plain text
  • Added support for union operator
  • Exposed SheetSelector context menu
  • XlsxFormatProvider: Document containing empty cell value cannot be imported
  • Entering circular reference in FormulaBar and pressing accept button causes an exception
  • If a parameter of the intersection operator is surrounded with () the expression cannot be parsed
  • Removing the cell just above the last used cell of a worksheet with shifting up causes the spreadsheet to crash
  • Incorrect parsing of skipped function argument
  • Undo of deleted row in worksheet with merged cells rearranges the cells' positions incorrectly
  • Defined names are not exported/imported correctly in invariant culture
  • The "Value" column in name manager dialog displays incorrect values
  • Scrolling in zoomed worksheet causes heading margins to disappear


  • Enable selection on right clicking on a tile (new SelectionMouseButton property added with values Left, Right or both)
  • Tile Visibility property is not respected


  • Add AnimationStarted and AnimationEnded events to the RadTileView


  • Cannot drop on last item in TreeListView
  • GridViewToggleButton's Foreground in RadTreeListView is not correct in Windows8 theme


  • The lines of the control look jagged
  • DragDrop operation produces exception when ScrollViewer is removed from the TreeView's ControlTemplate


  • RadWatermarkTextBox has double border when you add implicit style to Border element
  • Typed text of the WatermarkTextBox does not look disabled in Office2013 themes


  • ZIP library has been redesigned from scratch for better cross-platform compatibility (.NET, Silverlight, Windows Store Apps, Windows Phone), better support of the standards and better functionality
  • ZIP library now supports both ZIP and ZIP64 specifications, i.e. large ZIP files with more than 4GB length are supported now
  • New API is compatible with one available in the .NET Framework 4.5 in the System.IO.Compression namespace
  • New API supports password protection. For the moment only traditional PKWARE encryption is implemented
  • New API supports different compression levels
  • The existing ZIP library API (ZipPackage, ZipPackagerEntry, ZipInputStream, ZipOutputStream) has been changed to be a proxy to the new API

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