Release History

Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight Q1 2013 SP1

April 4, 2013

All Controls

  • PopupPlacement throws exception when transforming elements which are removed from visual tree
  • Problem extracting templates with TouchIndicator in Blend
  • TouchIndicator is not placed correctly when using multiple Windows (SL OOB full trust)
  • TouchIndicator is not placed correctly when DPI is not 100% (SL and WPF)


  • Add ValidationTooltip for AutoCompleteBox.
  • When placing a RadAutoCompleteBox in ItemsControl its SelectedItems property cannot be bound
  • Null Reference exception when trying to add item to the AutoComplete and the SelectedItems collection is null
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown when SearchText is bound to a null value
  • SelectedItems property is null when the control is initialized
  • When SelectionMode is changed before the control is loaded an exception is thrown
  • In ExpressionDark theme two Tab presses are needed to move to the next control


  • The DropDownContent of a DropDownButton stays opened when PressMode="Press"
  • DropDownButton doesn't open on Enter if before that you've opened/closed the button with mouse
  • Disabled state is not consistent


  • When DisplayDateEnd is set in the past, the RadCalendar doesn't navigate to the last selectable date
  • When the user cannot navigate to previous/next date, the navigation buttons should be disabled
  • The calendar does not highlight the current month when you click the Header Button


  • An exception is thrown when using ChartDataSource with an empty items source and items added to it dynamically
  • ArgumentException is thrown when series ItemsSource collection is changed
  • LegendItems of PieChart are not updated correctly when the ItemsSource is changed
  • If BarSeries.LegendSettings are specified in XAML as DataPointLegendSettings, no legend items are generated
  • Setting HoverMode does not work when a series has no LegendSettings
  • RadCartesianChart.Series.Clear() does not properly clear Light RenderMode Series
  • SplineSeries are not rendered correctly in a scenario with large number of data points
  • MovingAverageIndicator is not rendered properly after selection and panning away from the selected area
  • Axis ticks, axis labels and series disappear after zooming in on a small area and restoring Zoom from code-behind
  • TrackBall does not show the Category of RangeSeries, RangeBarSeries, OhlcSeries, CandlestickSeries
  • Setting a SelectedPointOffset to the PieSeries does not work
  • The plot area's offset is not correctly set in scenarios where PanOffset and ItemsSource are changed simultaneously
  • PanOffset binding initially does not work correctly
  • When zooming in a Cartesian chart with a CartesianChartGrid, stripes start to disappear
  • CartesianChartGrid stripe lines are not drawn with an inverse axis
  • CartesianGridLineAnnotation is not collapsed when its Value is set to null
  • RadialAxisGridLineAnnotation is not collapsed when its Value is set to null


  • AutomaticColor property doesn't reflect changes in MVVM scenario


  • Exception thrown by the AnimationManager.AnimationSelector on RadComboBox
  • InvalidOperationException: Reference is not a valid visual DependencyObject when Hyperlink is clicked
  • Binding to IsEditable property doesn't apply when the RadComboBox is initialized but not loaded
  • LayoutCycleException is thrown if a ComboBoxItem is selected when vertical/horizontal stretch


  • RadMenuItem doesn't receive click in some cases, when it is placed in RadContextMenu
  • Does not raise Closed event when some other control is focused


  • NullReferenceException is thrown in a scenario where the DataContext is set after InitializeComponent


  • Localizable Filter Editor Format Exception Message.


  • Null reference design-time exception in DataFormCommandProvider.
  • DataFormComboBoxField rebinds its SelectedValue property on each ItemsSource collection changed.


  • RadDataPager.PageSize is not properly updated when OneWay bound to something.


  • Exception is thrown when opening the DropDown and the DateSelectionMode is set to Month
  • WatermarkContent disappears when style is BasedOn with StyleManager
  • The focus is not in the WatermarkTextBox (DatePicker) after selecting date
  • DisplayDate highlight inconsistency between opening the DateTimePicker drop down and changing the month via next and previous month buttons
  • Exception on Negative StartTime
  • DateTimeWatermarkContent property does not get applied when set from a Style


  • Define a "drag restricted" area in RadDiagram
  • Manipulation points for the corners and straight parts of a polyline connection
  • Mouse Position Indicator in Ruler
  • Provide an offset parameter to the ruler
  • RadDiagram doesn't handle the drop operation correctly
  • SettingsPane issues when setting Win8/Win8Touch application theme with StyleManager
  • The items collection is not cleared on GraphSourceItems reset


  • Clicking on a RadPane that is not placed in RadDocking control causes an exception
  • An unhandled exception is thrown when unpinned pane is resized and HasDocumentHost = false
  • When Height set to RadPaneGroup an exception is thrown
  • An error is thrown when undock panes from the DocumentHost and it is placed in RadWindow
  • IsHidden property of RadPane works only the first time when bound
  • When change the Orientation of a RadSplitContainer runtime the resize shadow doesn't show correctly
  • The docking layout is not saved correctly on PaneStateChanged when a floating pane is docked into a group
  • When close RadPane and the focus goes to the previosly selected pane and it is unpinned, it will be shown


  • NullReferenceException might be thrown from DomainServiceCollection.OnLoadOperationCompleted.


  • File dialog windows can be opened when Escape key is released
  • File dialog windows can be opened when mouse button is released
  • File dialogs can be opened from Touch events
  • DragDrop operation is canceled on Escape KeyUp event (was on KeyDown) so that file dialog windows can be opened.
  • DragVisual passed in DragDropManager.DoDragDrop method is now always shown in popup so it supports transparency and placement is correct even when DPI is not at 100% (we were using Window in full trust out of browser scenario but this doesn't support transparency and have problem with DPI != 100%)
  • DragDropManager stays in wrong state (DragEventArgs show wrong effects) in certain scenarios (in DragLeave you handle the event and set Effects to something different from None and then on mouse move you are over target which is AllowDrop=False)
  • In some cases Drag cannot start even when AllCapturedDrag is true and mouse leave the dragged element


  • Changing its theme in runtime causes issues in the expand/collapse animations


  • Automatically surround field names that contain spaces with square brackets when the user inserts them with a double-click.


  • Null reference exception is thrown when trying to scroll into view before the Gantt is loaded
  • When the Column’s Width is set to AutoHeaderAndContent at startup its Width is rendered incorrectly
  • When the Progress Value of the GanttTask is set to negative number, ArgumentException is thrown
  • CellSelectionTemplate has lower priority then the CellHighlightTemplate
  • An unhandled exception appears when the font size is dynamically changed and one of the item's Dependency Indicator is dragged to the another one
  • When items go out of the ViewPort there is a resizer where it goes out and you can resize it, also dragging such Task is not smooth


  • Issue when using attachable Canvas.ZIndex property for Custom Items


  • Added Except and Union methods.
  • Added a property named "EnableLostFocusSelectedState" that controls if row will enter into a "SelectedUnfocused" state when RadGridView loses focus.
  • Localizable Filter Editor Format Exception Message.
  • RadGridView will hide the tooltip of GridViewCell if toolTip.Content is null (using GridViewColumn.ToolTipTemplateSelector).
  • Added "Touch holes" (Touch support improvements)
  • GridViewCellAutomationPeer now implements IValueProvider.
  • Binding expression errors while horizontal scrolling of combo columns.
  • ArgumentException may be thrown when using RadGridView via ClickOnce deployment.
  • Column header not displayed correctly when applied (reused) on another column.
  • After binding a RadGridView to a CompositeCollection, adding an object to the underlying collection causes RadGridView to refresh.
  • CellEditTemplate cannot show UserControl.
  • Exporting of GroupRows leaves a not closed tag per row.
  • Performance issues when RadGridView.ItemsSource is set to ICollectionView and then cleared.
  • Problems resizing last column when star columns are present.
  • Properties that originate from inheritance level >2, do not have their descriptors properly retrieved.
  • RadGridView throws an exception on continuous load and unload and ColumnSort(Group)Descriptor is set to any column.
  • RadGridView will focus the first visible cell from a row (with all columns set to read-only) when BeginEdit() is called (add new item scenario).
  • RadGridView does not show DataAnnotation validation template after the first attempt to commit cell.
  • GridViewExpression column cannot correctly resolve some expressions when the grid items are of type is ICustomTypeDescriptor.
  • When a grid with GroupRenderMode=Flat has no rows left the horizontal scrollbar disappears.
  • The AggregateResultsList element in the GridViewFooterCell causes Binding Expression Errors.
  • IndexOutOfRangeException in PerformGrouping method.
  • Each RadGridView column causes a BindingExpression path error on startup.
  • Collapsed Row Details cause unnecessary measure and arrange of the virtualizing panel for every row, thus degrading the initial startup time for RadGridView.
  • RadGridView crashes when bound to a collection of a dynamic object and nested property is used.
  • RadGridView removes the first character when DateTime value is used and edit is invoked with text input.
  • Filtering DropDown Touch doesn't work.
  • RowIsExpandedChanging is fired twice when expanding a row.
  • Touch support improvements.


  • InvalidOperationException is thrown when showing tooltip in OOB scenario


  • The application crashes when setting invalid zoom percent


  • An exception is thrown when the MarkerGeometry is a static resource


  • Container states left after changing the theme
  • Scrolling with keyboard leaves the mouse cursor over item that is not in highlight state
  • If SelectedIndex is set to 0 the selected value is not changed and the SelectionChanged event is not fired
  • NullReferenceException when using RadListBox without ScrollViewer with touch


  • AccessViolationException is thrown when MapDataTemplateSelector returns null


  • In Currency/Numeric Input, provide a way to remove the negative sign when setting 0 via keyboard or programmatically / binding
  • Numeric and Currency Inputs's Value should become positive when pressing "+"
  • Setting the value of negative MaskedNumericInput to null doesn't remove the minus
  • CurrencyInput loses precision when working with 17 digits


  • If UI Thread is busy and you click on a RadMenuItem with ClickToOpen=True, the click is catched by the last of its children
  • Keyboard navigation is incorrect when submenu item template is empty


  • Support for thumbnails
  • Full fallback mechanism for not embedded fonts
  • Exposed API that will allow changing cursors of RadPdfViewer
  • Performance improvements
  • Memory consumption improvements
  • A problem with text positioning
  • Out of memory exception when loading document with big images
  • Fixed bug with accessing resources in different thread
  • Fixed bug with missing resources
  • Bug with double click on annotation (GoTo Actions)
  • Bug with missing characters in predefined encodings


  • Implemented Export functionality
  • Full support for Custom LocalizationManager
  • Implemented HeaderTemplateSelectors
  • Implemented HeaderStyleSelectors
  • Implemented Value Filters for OLAP
  • Labels in RadPivotFieldList will not be displayed correctly if descriptions are added after provider has retrieved data (OLAP)
  • Grand Total row header is displayed for named sets
  • Descriptions with properties that are not listed in the RadPivotFieldList tree cannot be dragged
  • Hierarchy added in code behind is not displayed properly in RadPivotFieldList (OLAP)
  • Pivot TabularLayout IndexOutOfRange exeption
  • Refresh dialog content is not aligned properly
  • Filtering row groups that leave empty column groups will now remove the empty column groups too
  • Setting new FieldDescriptionsProvider after Refresh method on LocalDataSourceProvider does not have effect
  • Wrong caption of Report Filter dialog
  • TextBlock as a CellTemplate is not applied
  • FieldBoxItems buttons content is empty if DeferUpdates="True"
  • When set defer update from true to false via UI FieldList and Pivot are not refreshed
  • Show Empty Groups not working properly after filter is applied
  • Descriptions with properties that are not listed in the FieldListTree should be draggable
  • PivotGrid is not shown in some cases when multiple refresh of DataProvider are called


  • Support for AutoGeneratedField attribute.
  • Autogenerated nested PropertyDefinitions that have DataTemplate defined with AutoBind behavior receive wrong binding path.
  • PropertyGridPresenterAutomationPeer is not added to the children collection of RadPropertyGridAutomationPeer.
  • Broken binding on nested autogenerated ( > lvl 3) propertydefinitions.
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException in certain scenarios when dynamic properties have initial null values.
  • Design time error on dragging RadPropertyGrid from the toolbox.
  • Exception when PropertySets are used and an indexer property's value is retrieved.
  • Background property of a field cannot be set through the parent container (should be Transparent by default) in all themes.
  • A minor issue when Item is INotifyCollectionChanged.
  • IsReadOnly issues.


  • Don't display the selected content when clicking on a minimized tab while the Backstage menu is opened
  • In some themes the background highlighting of a selected collapsed group isn't reset as expected
  • Cannot add RadDocking control without dimensions in the RadRibbonWindow
  • The Font color of the Application button is hard to read
  • Gallery background and RibbonDropDownButton border are with wrong colors in Expression Dark
  • Selection issues when using the MinimizeButton
  • Don't display the selected content when clicking on a minimized tab while the Backstage menu is opened
  • Buttons content is placed under the image and is clipped if longer than the RibbonButton itself
  • Wrong visual display of disabled BackstageItem
  • Not selected tabs' foreground is wrong when changing implicit themes run time
  • MinMaxClose buttons of the RadRibbonWindow in Windows XP are aligned to bottom
  • When IsBackstageOpen is initially set to True, the BackstageItems cannot be selected
  • When the RibbonView is placed in a RibbonWindow, there is a space left around the ribbon
  • GalleryItems have poorly visible hover effect


  • Support for alignment of Table elements
  • Added support for East Asian languages line breaking rules
  • Implemented ClearAllFormating command
  • Provided API for changing the vertical and horizontal content alignment of table cells separately
  • Exposed API for image re-size and rotate in IDocumentEditor
  • Added Tag property to RevisionInfos
  • Added API for changing the Tag property of a DocumentElement in RadDocumentEditor
  • Support for TextAlignment.Distribute for paragraphs
  • Added ForceVector property to PrintSettings, so that bitmap printing can be used
  • Application freezes when changing the focus between comments and the main editor
  • List SetNumbering (advanced) value is not exported to .xaml
  • Incorrect numbering of sub items in multilevel list when "Set Numbering Value ..." is used
  • DocumentContentChanged event is raised when document containing headers/footers is loaded
  • Insert Comment button should be disabled when editing headers, footers, endnotes or footnotes
  • Tables can be moved in a ReadOnly document
  • The delete comment button should be enabled when editing comments
  • Inserting/Updating Table of Content field causes incorrect page numbers to be shown
  • Character style is not always applied when selected from styles gallery/manage styles dialog
  • Character style properties are not applied to paragraph end symbols respecting list items
  • MergeFields are not always exported to PDF in the same display mode as shown in the editor
  • Document variable fields are not exported properly to .pdf
  • TableCell content expands out of the cell when an underline is applied in a cell that contains long words
  • Text alignment does not work for RTL paragraphs
  • The cell alignment of cells is not changed when the whole table cell is selected and a new paragraph text alignment is applied
  • Some dialogs show behind the main editor or their owner dialog
  • Change merge field display mode command does not accept enum values as a parameter
  • Memory leak with headers/footers when applying document protection
  • Docx Format Provider fails to load document with a missing comment
  • Rtf Format Provider fails to load a document with empty (zero-width) cells
  • InsertCaption command deletes the selected table/image
  • Infinite asynchronous cycle when loading document with picture field in the header
  • Set maximum height to the gallery of Page Sizes dropdown button
  • Table cell borders are not exported correctly to HTML
  • Html image style properties do not overwrite attributes on import
  • Extended Html special characters encoding
  • Html FormatProvider: Table style not exported properly
  • Html FormatProvider: Export does not preserve .html encodings of special characters
  • Images appearing blurry because their location is not set to round pixels
  • Words containing 0 and 9 are spell checked even though the spell checker normally ignores words containing any digits


  • When resizing the appointment the End Time Box will show always the start Time
  • Visual Studio crashes when trying to set MinorTickLength/MajorTickLength in XAML


  • Visual glitch caused by IsDeferredDraggingEnabled


  • RadSpreadsheet ContextMenu
  • Changing the CanExecute of commands depending on the current state of the worksheet (cell edit vs cell selection mode), so that the respective buttons in the RibbonView would be enabled/disabled
  • Added Hyperlink and Followed Hyperlink built-in style definitions
  • Implemented relative, absolute and mixed cell reference ranges
  • Dynamic FontSize, FontFamily and Brushes in Windows8 and Windows8Touch themes
  • Themes import/export
  • Import for shared formulas
  • Added formula signature tooltip
  • Fill the active cell with the contents of an adjacent cell
  • The Spreadsheet component does not work under Windows XP
  • Memory leak when changing themes
  • AutoFill does not work properly with formulas
  • Cell referencing an empty cell should return 0
  • Fixed bug with import in different cultures
  • Slow opening of Home tab because of the styles gallery
  • When creating a new cell StyleDefinition through the dialog, pressing Enter does not preserve the name of the style
  • Pasting or importing a value that cannot be parsed into a cell should end up entering text
  • Date function does not apply Date format when the cell’s format is General
  • Fixed CellInputUILayer behavior upon SelectionChanging
  • Cyclic Reference Error should have right horizontal alignment
  • Replaced MessageBox with RadWindow.Alert for all RadSpreadsheet error messages
  • Fill Right/Left/Up/Down ribbon buttons are not disabled when the command cannot be executed
  • Delete Sheet Columns/Rows buttons are not disabled when selecting entire row/column
  • Fixed snapshots in styles gallery in Expression Dark theme
  • Navigation with Tab and Enter keys does not work when the selection contains merged cells
  • Some dialogs throw an exception when changing the theme


  • Added CanUserSelect property.
  • Added Coded UI level 1 support.
  • Added AutoGeneratingTile event and AutoGenerateTile property
  • Theming
  • Grouping
  • OutOfMemoryException on window resizing.
  • When tile is selected, the border overlays the content.
  • Design time support for RadTileList.
  • Issues with IsSelected of a Tile.
  • Selection does not work with auto generated tiles.


  • Setting MaximizedItem before the containers have been generated results in wrong layout
  • Wrong arguments in TileStateChanged event
  • The tileViewItem's Header disappears if you move the item from one tileView to another


  • The vertical scrollBar is visible, when VerticalScrollBarVisibility=Auto and the timeline has no items
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when clearing GroupPath, in case all groups are expanded by default and animation is enabled


  • When IsEnabled property is set to False in Windows8 theme there is a white background behind the clock button


  • RadButtons do not have their custom style applied when they are in ToolBar


  • Added "Touch holes" (Touch support improvements)
  • Localizable Filter Editor Format Exception Message.
  • TreeListView will hide the tooltip of the cell if toolTip.Content is null (using GridViewColumn.ToolTipTemplateSelector).
  • An exception is thrown on collapsing items when a row style is defined.
  • IsExpandableBinding not updated after property change.
  • Row in edit mode is not collapsed when a cell is in edit mode.
  • Binding expression errors while horizontal scrolling of combo columns.
  • Column header not displayed correctly when applied (reused) on another column.
  • CellEditTemplate cannot show UserControl.
  • Problems resizing last column when star columns are present.
  • TreeListView does not show DataAnnotation validation template after the first attempt to commit cell.
  • The AggregateResultsList element in the GridViewFooterCell causes Binding Expression Errors.
  • Each TreeListView column causes a BindingExpression path error on startup.
  • TreeListView removes the first character when DateTime value is used and edit is invoked with text input.
  • Filtering DropDown Touch doesn't work.
  • Touch support improvements.


  • MouseOver is not updated properly when header content captures the mouse
  • Selection should not be cleared when selected item is replaced with itself
  • AllowDrop is initially set to True

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