Release History

Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight Q1 2013

February 20, 2013

All Controls

  • Dynamic FontStyle, FontSize and Brushes - Windows8 and Windows8Touch Themes
  • Metro theme removed (Use Windows8Theme instead).


  • When SelectedItem is bound to an object in SingleSelectionMode there isn't a selected item.
  • The control executes its filtering logic every time when the control is loaded
  • The close button of an AutoCompleteBoxItems does not have a "x" sign in Windows8Touch


  • UPCA leading text not populated properly

BarcodeReader (Beta Release)

RadBarcode Reader is the newest addition to the Barcode suite in Telerik. In its present, beta version, the control is capable of decoding most of the one – dimensional codes offered by Telerik – such as Code128, and code 11. In the next installment of the product, the BarcodeReader will be capable of decoding two-dimensional codes, such as PDF417 and QR.


  • Doesn't work properly when in ScrollViewer
  • Page layout does not update on size changed
  • The first page cannot be displayed on the right if the ItemsSource is set in a Dispatcher


  • The Foreground property doesn't work


  • Improved visual style of RadBusyIndicator for Windows8Touch theme


  • Create a button behavior that allows button click when in IsManipulationEnabled=True container
  • The Content and DropDownContent of the DropDownButton cannot be data bound
  • DropDownButton DropDownContentPopup is placed incorrectly when setting PopupPlacementTarget and zooming the browser
  • DropDownPopup is not on the correct position if the application is zoomed
  • Incorrect positioning in RadDropDownButton of a popup opened from the DropDownButton's content and effect is applied
  • It isn't possible to set the DropDownContent with DataTemplate
  • RadSplitButton's IsTabStop="False" is applied only for the DropDownPart and the ActionPart is still included in the tab navigation
  • StringFormat property on Binding fails to work in the RadButton


  • MemoryValue property is made nullable


  • FontSize property doesn't apply correctly
  • Move initial focus in RadCalendar to current day
  • Moving through code the SelectedDate in MonthSelectionMode into the calendar doesn't change the highlighted Month
  • The property IsTodayHighlighted doesn't have any effect
  • SelectedDate border stays visible when changing the SelectedDate after runtime change of the theme
  • Change highlighted period in year/decade/century when SelectedDate changes
  • First calendar week of the year is not shown, if the year is starting at the middle of the week


  • Line is not correct when a point is outside the Y axis range with AutoRange=false


  • Add Support for Legend
  • Dynamic Number of Series Depending on Data
  • Implement Light Render mode for ScatterPoint series
  • Introduce Inverse Axes
  • Introduce SweepDirection for PieChart and PolarChart
  • Add default color to striplines
  • Improve ChartSelectionBehavior to track DataPoint.IsSelected changes made in code-behind and ensure that the SelectedPoints of the chart are consistent with the SelectionMode
  • Polar plot band annotation is drawn outside of plot area when the To value is greater than the Maximum value of the PolarAxis
  • RadPolarChart leaves extra empty space at the top and at the bottom
  • LineSeries with Light RenderMode is not drawn correctly when a PointTemplate is used
  • LineSeries does not remove the old Path when toggling the RenderMode and using a PointTemplate
  • Chart shows no data when setting the same data point binding to XValueBinding and YValueBinding
  • One pixel discrepancy between bars in a histogram scenario
  • NullReferenceException is thrown when a ToolTipBehavior is cleared in the SelectionChanged event
  • An exception is thrown when a chart with a ToolTipBehavior is removed from the visual tree in the SelectionChanged event
  • ConvertPointToData does not return the expected Category
  • Inconsistency between the value of PlotMode and the actual PlotMode with which a series is rendered
  • Light LineSeries are not shown initially when Expression Interactions and DataStateBehavior are used
  • DivideByZeroException is thrown when Zoom is applied to a chart with width 0
  • An exception is thrown when animating the size of the chart and the size reaches zero
  • Bar with value 0 is drawn with a height of 1 pixel
  • Chart freezes when the maximum for DateTimeContinuousAxis is changed in runtime to value smaller than the minimum of the items.
  • A NullReferenceException is thrown when toggling the RenderMode of LineSeries in a scenario with a collapsed LineSeries
  • Image is not cleared when toggling the RenderMode in a scenario with Visible and Collapsed LineSeries
  • StackedBars are drawn incorrectly in scenarios with more than one StackGroup
  • Collapsed series throws an exception when selection behavior is present
  • PieChart is not shown when there are empty DataPoints
  • An exception is thrown when using Light LineSeries and the size of the chart reaches 0 during an animation
  • An OutOfMemoryException is thrown when using DesiredTickCount
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown in live data scenario with ChartTrackBallBehavior and context menu
  • RenderTransform is cleaned on the elements which have LinearScale.RotateForVertical property set to false


  • Added CollectionNavigator property provider
  • Added GetItemStatusCore() override in RadCollectionNavigator automation peer


  • ColorPaletteView: When Black Color is added from code behind or XAML it is rendered as Transparent
  • Incorrect color is selected when equal colors are added
  • RadColorPaletteView `s SelectionChanged event fires twice
  • RadColorPaletteView throws NullReferenceException after key press
  • The default "ExpanderButtonStyle" cannot be edited in Expression Blend


  • DropDownWidth property is added
  • When theme is set in XAML through StyleManager and the ItemsSource is set in XAML the RadComboBoxItems are with default theme
  • Setting IsMouseWheelEnabled = False has no effect
  • CanAutocompleteSelectItems=false doesn't highlight the item, when there is already selected item
  • Made the ItemsControl.IsTextSearchCaseSensitive work for the RadComboBox
  • When the DropDown is open and EnableMouseWheel is true, when scrolling outside the ComboBox the Popup stays open and detaches from the control
  • The selection is reset when Select Control Pattern of an ComboBoxItem automation peer is called



  • RadContextMenu does not raise Closed event when some other control is focused
  • While the Thread is sleep and you click on a RadMenuItem with ClickToOpen=True, the click is catched by the last of its children
  • ContextMenu throw NullReferenceException in some cases when items are in four level hierarchy


  • Added GetItemStatusCore() override for DataFilter automation peer
  • RadDataFilter.AutoGeneratingPropertyDefinition event


  • XML comment and access modifier
  • Added nullable enum support for auto-generated fields
  • MVVM improvements
  • CommandProvider support
  • Removed the IsRequired property of PropertyGridField. It was marked as obsolete with Q3 2012
  • Removed the Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data.DataForm.ErrorInfo type. It was marked as obsolete with Q3 2012. Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data.ErrorInfo should be used instead
  • CurrentItem is not updated on moving back/forth if form has been unloaded/ reloaded
  • Cannot properly apply a new ControlTemplate through the ValidationSummaryStyle property
  • Occasionally fields hang in readonly state when ApplicationTheme is set
  • Navigation through the items if there is group descriptor applied to the source collection
  • AddNewItem sets the DataForm into edit mode when RadDataForm and RadGridView are bound to the same source and grouping is applied
  • CurrentItem is not properly updated when items are asynchronously loaded


  • ResetItems(startIndex, count) overload added
  • ItemsLoaded event added for VirtualQueryableCollectionView
  • IsRequestingItems property added for VQCV


  • Implement military date/time parsing
  • Fixed disabled state of RadDateTimePicker and RadWaterMarkTextBox
  • Clock layout is not updated when ClockItemSource is changed
  • A double line appears in Calendar Control when AreWeekNamesVisible="False" and ViewsHeaderVisibility="Visible"
  • RadDateTimePicker doesn't focus its textbox part after selecting a value from the calendar
  • RadDateTimePicker leaks when popup is opened
  • Closing Dropdown by clicking on other control outside the RadDateTimePicker doesn't release the focus
  • The drop down of the DatePicker is not closed when date selected with touch


  • Ability to add Manipulation points to polyline connections in runtime
  • Pages preview on canvas
  • Resizable Grid
  • Improve the Serialization
  • By default diagram and shapes positions should not be fractions
  • Provide move commands
  • KeyBindings - Groups, Containers and others
  • A shape should be aware of its parent ContainerShape
  • Create an easy to use system to customize the services
  • Extensibility Points for Snapping Functionality
  • Text tool
  • MVVM and containers integration
  • Connections bridges
  • Add event notifying that all shapes are prepared for layout
  • The SettingsPane throws an exception when in RadTab
  • Moving ContainerShape containing a Shape is trying to snap to the shape's original position
  • Container shapes are snapped to themselves
  • When using touch theme the SettingsPane is hard to be opened
  • IsMouseOver property is not set correctly in SL when using touch gestures
  • Exception When using Cut Command in OOB application
  • Incorrect behavior when pasting cut item
  • Polyline connections are misplaced when created with mouse
  • Focus is not received in the Diagram when clicking a selected Shape
  • Brush properties cannot be deserialized
  • Changing GraphSource when Thumbnail is Open is too slow
  • Exception when creating a Polyline Connection from a Custom Connector
  • Exception when setting the DataContext to an UIElement
  • Pressing delete button when editing item with empty content delete the item
  • Settings Pane is cut in horizontal connection


  • Implemented TabStripPlacement property
  • Allow the AutoHideArea events to be customizable
  • Dragging and dropping panes without being able to leave them floating
  • Select the following pane after unpinning a pane
  • Change design of Compass to remove the little tab-like indicators in the center indicator; Indicators are too small to signify anything and do not look ok
  • After changing themes at runtime pinning a RadPane may display a tab, in spite it is the only pane into the RadPaneGroup
  • Exception is thrown when binding IsHidden property in floating pane
  • An exception is thrown when the IsHidden property of a RadPane is bound with FallbackValue="True"
  • Make ContextMenu of the RadPane to show only on right-click in the Header
  • The last pane in a PaneGroup stays alive even if it is removed from the parent
  • Elements in Pane are not accessible from Visual Studio Coded UI Test Builder
  • Disable expand of the RadPane on mouse hover
  • IsPinned property of the RadPane control throws an exception when bound
  • Memory leak of Docking control
  • An exception is thrown when the IsPinned property is bound with FallbackValue="False"
  • Docking panes issue in Silverlight 5 and OOB multiple windows
  • The last pane in a PaneGroup stays alive even if it is removed from the parent


  • HideDragCue on DragLeave
  • NullReferenceException on Application LayoutRoot when hosted in Win32 application fix
  • Change: RadDragAndDropmanager is marked as Obsoleted


  • Animation stops working and the content stays visible after collapsing
  • IsExpanded property does not show the content after Visibility is changed
  • Sometimes the content isn't opened on first click during a TileViewItem animation
  • The control can only be expanded/collapsed through the keyboard in the Metro and expressionDark themes


  • Added support for ICustomTypeProvider objects for RadExpressionEditor
  • Added RadExpressionEditor Localization Support


  • Create relations with mouse
  • Allow drag reorder of tasks
  • Add interactive Resizable columns
  • Add UI Automation support
  • Drop relative position for the grid reorder
  • Add IsReorderOperation property to the SchedulingDragDropState class
  • Add Drag&Drop items from external source
  • Extend the Columns AutoSizing mode with AutoByContent
  • GanttView DragCue is missing – only the Drop Cue is visible
  • The GanttView is not expanded when try to scroll to not visible item
  • Resizing and dragging Tasks that go out of the ViewPort is not smooth and causes Tasks to flicker
  • Windows8 Theme: Add padding in the AppointmentItem to make text more readable
  • When GanttView lost focus the VirtualizedGridPanel don't recycle the items
  • Error when recurrence appointment start is equal to start time of view
  • When the Columns horizontal scroll bar is scrolled to the end and the grid area is enlarged, the headers are not scrolled correctly
  • When in edit mode of a cell, followed by a non-editable cell, the keyboard navigation is broken
  • ScrollTimeRuler method does not behave as expected when changing from MonthView to Day/WeekView
  • Null reference exception is thrown when trying to ScrollIntoView before the Gantt is loaded
  • GanttView is not destroyed by the GC, because of the TimelineVisualizationBehavior
  • Update DropReorderContainer in all themes
  • Tasks that end after the end of the VisibleRange don't render
  • When TimeRulerLine's timeRange starts before the visible range, this line is rendered outside the time ruler
  • Dragging task in the Gantts Grid leads to exception
  • Exception when expanding collapsed Task with previously added children
  • Right Click events are handled which prevent the showing of the RadContextMenu
  • If the SchedulingDragDropBehavior.CanStartDrag returns false, null reference exception is thrown
  • If item is dragged from GanttView and dropped outside of the control, the item is removed from the Gantt source
  • If the DesiredSize is larger than 30 000 pixels, the UI elements are not rendered


  • Add elements that appear in pressed state (Windows8Touch Theme)
  • Issue preventing binding of the ScaleBase.Ranges property from XAML


  • Added add/remove functionality if such methods are defined for the custom collection
  • Added GridViewSelectionMode.Mixed
  • RadGridView IsEmpty and IsNotEmpty string filter operators
  • ICustomTypeDescriptor support
  • Added Print preview demo
  • Added IsLocalizationLanguageRespected property
  • Added GetItemStatusCore() method for peers of RadGridView elements
  • Overloads for the Expand/CollapseHierarchyItem/Items Methods for RadGridView, indicating whether the localSettings of IsExpandable are overridden
  • Added OverloadCollapseAllHierarchyItems Methods for RadGridView, indicating whether the localSettings of IsExpandable are overriden
  • Added DropMarkAdorner for HeaderCell
  • Select(this IQueryable source, IEnumerable selectDescriptors) method added.
  • No scroll bars are displayed on adding columns, changing their visibility or making a column wider
  • String Resource for "de" (German) culture
  • GroupHeaderTemplate is not correctly updated while scrolling vertically with virtualization turned on
  • Merged common headers were misaligned in scenarios with dynamically added columns and frozen columns on scrolling
  • Setting IsValid in RadGridView.RowValidating does not mark row as "invalid" when RadGridView.ValidatesOnDataErrors is set to "InViewMode"
  • Columns may not be sized property when there is a column with Width="*"
  • AmbiguousMatchException with DataAnnotation Attributes
  • RadGridView insertion point was not visible when dropping after the last group panel item
  • GridViewHeaderCell null reference exception when starting drag and column isn't reordarable
  • In GroupRenderMode=Flat, an empty white space may appear at the bottom of the grid when there is a custom RowHeight defined and the grid is grouped
  • ReorderColumnMode did not work with DragDropManager modifications
  • Incorrect rows rendering in grouped scenario when custom control template is used
  • Row of a child GridView is not committed when it loses focus and ActionOnLostFocus is set to CommitEdit
  • When bound to a collection of ICustomTypeDescriptors, RadGridView cannot correctly resolve dotted (nested) property names in some cases
  • Column Width is not updated on ItemsSource changed
  • GridViewCell calls StyleSelector before initializing the new cell value while virtualizing
  • Disappearing left cell border for cells styled with solid color background when user reorders columns
  • GridViewGroupPanelAutomationPeer GetChildrenCore null reference exception
  • GroupRenderMode cannot be set through a Style
  • The FilterEditor placeholder control receives focus when tabbing and it really should not
  • MoveCurrentToNext results in an exception if the current item is the last one
  • Issue with SelectedUnfocused state when GridViewSelectColumn is used
  • GridView cells don't remain selected when more than one row is selected and sorting/grouping is applied
  • Missing cell borders after column reordering with solid background color set for cells due to a pixel overlapping with the next cell
  • .NET4.5 - UIAutomation DataItemAutomationPeers are not properly detected
  • GridViewRow with RowDetails/Hierarchy has problems when resizing
  • Insert new item issue when RadGridView is bound to EntityFrameworkDataSource
  • Row MinHeight is not respected when row details are expanded (null ref if DataCellsPresenter is not loaded)
  • Various row resizing fixes
  • Validation issue when ValidatesOnDataErrors is set to "InViewMode"
  • GridView can reorder columns even if the datacontrol has CanUserReorderColumns set to false
  • Editing automation issue fixed
  • Exception thrown when exporting ComboBox column with headers
  • When resizing GridViewRow to increase its height the row below is selected
  • Container for newly added row is incorrectly used for another item
  • When invalid value is committed cancel edit cannot be performed
  • Typing a letter in GridViewComboBoxColumn will point to the first ComboBox item that starts with the same letter
  • When CanUserFreezeColumns is set initially to False and change it to True runtime the frozen indicator does not appear
  • Incorrect width rendered for merged headers with frozen columns set on scrolling
  • DataCellsPresenter loses height when not enough space with row details
  • At certain pixel positions borders between common headers in RadGridView became invisible due to layout rounding
  • Sorting to DataView fixed
  • Problems in GridViewRow resizing + UI virtualization
  • Null reference fix for navigation in grouped scenario issue. Infinity loop while scrolling row details with flat mode
  • Fix for validation issue with ValidatesOnDataErrors = "None"
  • The column remained hidden after user ungrouped, when the ShowColumnWhenGrouped property was toggled runtime
  • ICustomTypeProvider nested properties sorting and filtering fixed
  • Remove item does not work if the item is in edit mode and sorting is applied. (For collections that implements IEditableCollectionView interface)
  • Memory leak in GridView related to RowDetailsProvider
  • Incorrect behavior of RadGridView (compared to DataGrid) when cell is focused
  • Row does not contain any visual elements on row loaded event
  • ChildGroupsProperty could not be set via XAML
  • Row in edit mode visible when group is collapsed
  • Removed custom cursors causing security exceptions in partial trust and leaks with temp files
  • Row gets selected when FrozenColumnSplitter is clicked in order to be dragged
  • Random cell gets cleared when freezing columns
  • Misaligned cells (with a single pixel) on certain column widths
  • ArgumentNullException is thrown if RadGridView loses focus when there is a SortDescriptor applied and a cell is in edit mode
  • RadGridView throws null reference exception when small groups are scrolled with GroupRenderMode="Nested"
  • Change filtering mode to Popup after grid columns are cleared and added again because incorrect header row size
  • RadGridView misrendered column groups on very fast horizontal scrolling
  • Issue with remaining GroupHeaderRow while collapsing the last group
  • When trying to select text in GridView with filtering mode set to FilterRow, the Header starts to reorder
  • GridViewComboBoxColumn displays the object type in edit mode when having ItemTemplate and ToString() method is not overridden
  • Bug with Image in GridViewGroupPanel
  • Setting Column.DisplayIndex and Column.Width causes incorrect columns arrangement
  • In a grouped and filtered RadGridView, editing a row so that it no longer passes the current filter will not remove the row from the grid
  • Styles collection added for GridViewElementExportingEventArgs
  • GetAggregateResults method added for GridViewColumn
  • Null reference exception when click on another cell when there is a cell in edit mode
  • Cannot drag select rows via click dragging the row indicator
  • RadGridView exporting improved
  • DragElementAction ExtendedSelect destroys deselect with Ctrl and click
  • Memory leak related to GridView DragDropLogic
  • FilterRow not visible in Office_Black when using implicit themes
  • Drop indicator after the last group panel cell remains in case the header cell of a column is dragged but not dropped in the panel
  • SelectedCellsChanging and SelectedCellsChanged fire with every move of the mouse when dragging and holding Ctrl key even if the cell is already selected
  • GridViewComboBoxColumn selects the whole text on opening the drop down
  • Clicking on a cell in a row that has been selected via Select method of the GridView does not unselect other items with extended selection
  • Memory leak when there is a child RadGridView in the Row Details of a parent RadGridView
  • GridViewBoundColumnBase.TextDecorationsProperty not applied correctly
  • HeaderCell DropMarkPen cannot be frozen
  • Export styles in HTML fixed
  • RadGridView hangs when edit is performed while RadGridView is paged with a huge page size
  • Foreground of GridViewHeaderCell is not changed on sorting
  • DateTime displayed in a CellTemplate randomly disrespects current culture set when scrolling
  • RadGridView will now raise properly PropertyChanged for SelectedCells
  • RowResize glitch when row is not fully in view
  • RadGridView navigates to the last cell of the column when Ctrl+Enter are pressed
  • CellStyleSelector.SelectStyle may be called prematurely while the data item is still null
  • GridViewDataControl in ChildDataControlsPresenter changed to RadGridView in order to match other themes
  • SelectedCellsChanging and SelectedCellsChanged fire with every move of the mouse when dragging and holding Ctrl key even if the cell is already selected
  • Filtering control may grow in width when scrolling to a very long distinct value
  • Expanding a group with large items count (1000000) causes ArgumentException in Nested Mode
  • TabStopMode.Skip does not work first time for the first column
  • Wrong automation ID values when RadGridView is grouped
  • RowActivated is fired on clicking on the hierarchical toggle button
  • Support for source collection changes from a thread that is different from the UI thread
  • Change filtering mode to Popup after grid columns are cleared and added again cause incorrect header row size
  • Column header does not get highlighted and no sorting arrow appears when additional ColumnSortDescriptor is added in the Sorted event
  • RadGridView inserts newly added item in a wrong place when a sorting is applied
  • ArumentOutOfRangeException in RadGridView
  • IsExpanded methods for items and Groups
  • Memory leak when an application resource is applied to a column dependency property
  • GridView loses focus once validation fails
  • Escape key incorrectly commits edit when RadGridView is placed inside RowDetails template
  • GridViewCheckBox's IsThreeState property is not respected by CreateCellEditElement
  • Placing RadRichTextBox inside cell does not behave like ordinal TextBox
  • IsExpanded for Groups needs explicitly IGroup to be passed as argument
  • Selected state of a row is incorrect when clicking an element inside of the GridView
  • SetValue with Binding method added
  • Selecting an item via code behind in single mode does not unselect cells
  • Group header format string fixed when exporting
  • IComparable checks improved
  • First character is cleared after a second one on text input
  • Cell is not scrolled fully calling ScrollIntoView()/ScrollIndexIntoView()
  • ICustomTypeProvider will not reevaluate item properties properly
  • Infinite loop exception on having GridViewComboBoxColumn with CellTemplate and the CurrentCell is from it
  • IDynamicMetaObjectProvider will not reevaluate item properties properly
  • StyleSelector is not applied on changing of a value of subproperty
  • Aggregates recalculated automatically when adding auto-generated columns and the ElementType is ICustomTypeProvider or IDynamicMetaObjectProvider
  • "Cannot perform this operation while dispatcher processing is suspended" thrown in DataItemCollection
  • RowDetailsTemplate selector does not change the template when property is changed
  • RadGridView does not show validation notification from INotifyDataErrorInfo (when invalid cell is not in view) with ValidatesOnDataErrors set to "InViewMode"
  • RadGridView steals focus after a double click on empty column space (place of the row after the last column)
  • RadGridView with GroupRenderMode set to flat and ShowInsertRow shows an additional row for the newly added item
  • Filtering on an ICustomTypeProvider indexer property throws an exception
  • Binding Expression Errors may appear in Visual Studio Output Window when RadGridView is bound to a collection of dynamic objects.
  • "Memory leak when an application resource is applied to a column dependency property" due to some problems when RadGridView is hosted in RadTabControl
  • Exception after columns refactoring fixed
  • Exception when resizing columns
  • ArgumentException is thrown on updating Selected item
  • Issue with returning old values to row when data item is DataRowView
  • NullRefException in CommonHeaderPresenter.GetDepth(groups)
  • Fixed issue with odata services (which downloads only 20 items, but reports bigger item count)
  • Adding a new item to a CollectionContainer which is part of a CompositeCollection causes exception in RadGridView


  • Cannot hide after setting explicit size
  • Collapsing the control throws an exception in IE9
  • Remains visible when the parent panel children are cleared
  • Renderring issues when hosted in a UserControl with FlowDirection="RightToLeft"


  • Support of touch scrolling and zooming


  • Added DropCueTemplate when Drag-Drop
  • Added MouseDoubleClick event for the listbox items
  • Keyboard support for VirtualizingWrapPanel
  • Calling ScrollIntoView before the control is loaded results in incorrect selection behavior
  • Issue with ListBoxDragDropBehavior when AllowReorder is set to False, the dragged item is moved after the last item
  • Can’t Drop item in the end of the ListBox
  • In Static ListBox dropped item always goes as an last element
  • LinearDropVisual stays visible when drag and dropping between multiple listbox controls
  • Added disable state for the RadListBox control
  • Telerik Commands cannot be set inline in XAML
  • Setting RadListBoxItem.IsSelected property in xaml doesn't select the item
  • The RadListBox control throws an exception when setting SelectedItem before it is loaded
  • Setting RadListBoxItem.IsSelected property in xaml doesn't select the item
  • Page Up/Down always moves with 10 items it should go to the top/bottom of visible range
  • Cannot manipulate SelectedItem in the SelectionChanged event handler
  • IsSelected and IsHighlighted dependency properties are now public
  • ListBoxItem is not selected when initially IsSelected is bound to true
  • SelectedValue is not updating selection when is bound


  • Visual states for dropdown buttons and MiniMap expander - Windows8Touch theme
  • Labels of the MapLegend are not displayed if the RadMap is placed within TabItem
  • Issue with using MapLayer.HotSpot property for the MapPinPoint control when the MapPinPoint is used in DataTemplate
  • Map zooms in when double clicking a navigation control.
  • Issue when Expression Blend interactions are used for handling the RadMap.ZoomChanged event


  • Changing the Mask property to "" (no mask) makes the control working incorrectly
  • Paste in NoMasked TextInput with UpdateValueEvent=LostFocus does not work in Q3 2012 SP
  • Pasted value is not preserved when using application paste command
  • Pasted value in MaskedTextInput is not validated (coerced). Same issue when value is set via code
  • In a MaskedTextInput control using the 'no-mask' feature and PlainText TextMode, entering a capital letter raises an exception
  • Delete and Backspace do not work when 'no-mask' and UpdateValueEvent is LostFocus
  • Backspace does not work in No-MaskTexdInput when selection is performed
  • ClearButton is disabled when IsReadOnly is set initialy to True and then changed to False
  • Cannot use OneWay binding to read-only properties


  • Broken binding when the RadNumericUpDown.Minimum and the default value of the binded property are equal.
  • In non-editable NumericUpDown the user can still enter numbers if he focuses the control with the keyboard
  • The ValueChanged event is fired before the value in the textbox has been changed.
  • Binding Value is not working when Numeric is in DataTemplate and we have set Minimum to a value bigger than 0


  • Crashes VS design time when placed in Docking and SelectedIndex is set in XAML
  • Editing the template in Blend do not extract the default style but the control template
  • The Arrow doesn't change its direction when the OutlookBar is minimized in Metro theme


  • Cannot tab between items in content
  • ContentControls are looking blurry when placed in the PanelBarItem
  • Setting SelectedItem property do not reflect into updating the UI


  • Support for TrueType fonts
  • Support for OpenType fonts
  • Support for Type1 fonts
  • Support for Type0 fonts
  • Support of Arabic language
  • Including ZapfDingbats font support
  • UpdatePresenterLayout method
  • Exposed ScaleFactorChanged event to public API
  • Introduced PageMargins property for PrintSettings
  • Problem with embedded fonts with predefined encoding
  • Fixed bug with DecodeParameters


  • Added all standard themes
  • Added Sorting, Report Filter and Total Formats support for OLAP
  • Added localization support
  • Added support for Data Annotations
  • Added support for ICustomTypeProvider
  • Added automation support
  • Added support for OLAP KPIs
  • ADOMD data provider is now asynchronous
  • Label Filter: Added new option to specify if filter is case sensitive
  • Busy indicators for RadPivotGrid and RadPivotFieldList controls
  • Support non-Latin cubes/databases
  • Added dialog for item filtering to Report Filter (RadPivotFieldList)
  • IDataProvider.Completed event renamed to StatusChanged
  • Added a checkable menu item to pivot labels to show empty groups.
  • The "More calculations" dialog now shows previous selection.
  • Improved design-time support
  • Data operations are performed in design-time
  • XMLA responses not handled correctly when some XML elements are missing
  • OLAP XMLA: Some server requests do not specify catalog
  • Is between/Is not between Label filters are not working
  • Assigning new ItemsSource to LocalDataSourceProvider does not update RadPivotFieldList
  • OLAP: Cannot add named set as GroupDescriptions via code
  • DBNull values are not handled correctly
  • Incorrect aggregates with OLAP and multiple measures
  • When Defer Layout Update is false, changes through the RadPivotFieldList dialogs do not update the pivot grouping immediately
  • XmlaDataProvider does not work in Chrome
  • OLAP: Crash when drag Column/Row GroupDescription to Report Filter
  • FiledList dialogs: FieldListBoxItem content is not refreshed after changing aggregate function
  • XMLA: Silverlight design time errors crash VS (both 2010 and 2012)
  • Drag and Drop - Throws an exception on drag attempt from the fields tree
  • Removing all descriptions does not clear RadPivotGrid (OLAP)
  • RadPivotFieldList items can be dragged to invalid boxes (OLAP)
  • Sorting order is not updated properly on initial display (Sorting UI dialog)
  • CustomName property of descriptions (group, aggregate) is ignored when using OLAP
  • Rearranging descriptions in RadPivotFieldList does not update description indices that are used when calculating results
  • Setting “Defer Layout Update” to false (RadPivotFieldList) does not refresh the pivot
  • Telerik.Pivot.DataProviders namespace removed
  • Telerik.Pivot.DataProviders.Adomd namespace removed
  • Telerik.Pivot.DataProviders.Xmla namespace removed
  • LocalDataSourceProvider moved to Telerik.Pivot.Core
  • Filtering related classes were moved to Telerik.Pivot.Core.Filtering (ex. GroupsPercentFilter)
  • All XMLA related classes moved to the Telerik.Pivot.Xmla namespace
  • All Adomd related classes moved to the Telerik.Pivot.Adomd namespace


  • Added GetItemStatusCore() override for automation peers of RadPropertyGrid
  • Added: Multiple Selection
  • Add support for PriorityBidning and MultiBinding
  • Obsolete: SelectedField property of RadPropertyGrid (SelectedPropertyDefinition should be used instead)
  • Changed: PropertyDefinitionsCollection is now ObservableItemCollection [Performance tip] Notifications should be suspended when bulk insert operations are executed
  • UI virtualization
  • Added FieldLoaded event
  • Added read-only support for CollectionEditor and CollectionEditorPicker
  • Added Localization resources
  • CollectionEditor property provider
  • GetItemStatusCore() override for automation peers of CollectionEditor
  • [BREAKING CHANGE]PropertyDefinition's Binding property is now of type BindingBase
  • RadPropertyGrid / SearchTextBox overlaps the search icon when you type long search criteria
  • Fixed an issue with header visibility when SearchBoxVisibility and SortButtonsVisibility are collapsed
  • Exception is thrown on creating EditorTemplate with framework element that does not have IsEnabled property
  • Marked PropertyGridFieldEventArgs as obsolete. SelectionChangeEventArgs should be used instead
  • CollectionEditor's Header height + localization
  • Disabled editor caching for dynamic types
  • When RadPropertyGrid is initially set to IsReadOnly=true, field editors do not change to read-only state
  • Fixed a wrong converter parameter for converting numeric PropertySet properties
  • FilterText is not cleared on changing Item
  • NullRefException on SourceProperty of a PropertyDefinition
  • Memory optimizations (migrated the formerly QCV dependent logic to IQueriable)
  • StringFormat is not applied when set to the PropertyDefinition
  • Unload and load of RadGridView in a sequence result in some incorrect column width measurements
  • PropertyDefinition cannot be updated in AutoGeneratingPropertyDefinition when bound to dynamic data
  • IsReadOnly is not applied to manually defined definitions and nested definitions
  • Border of editing TextBox is not visible
  • PropertyChanged is not calling when PropertyGrid is placed in TabControl and switch between tabs
  • Item is not updated when changing it in case AutoGeneratedPropertyDefinitions is true


  • UnauthorizedAccessException when FileUploadStarting is raised for second time
  • Concurrency issue when using a Dispatcher inside the FileUploadStarting event


  • Add DialogLauncherCommand functionality to RadRibbonGroup
  • Make the height of the ribbon flexible
  • Synchronize the ContextualTabs placement with the corresponding ContextualHeader's Width
  • New ButtonGroup style
  • When maximizing the Ribbon, groups are not resized as expected
  • Blurred images inside button groups
  • If the Width property of a RibbonGroup is set, the ribbon scrolling mechanism doesn't work correctly
  • Setting the IsSelected to true on RadRibbonTab from a RadRibbonContextualGroup does not work as expected
  • Change the RadCollapsiblePanel to display its optimum layout in a CollapsedGroup.DropDown
  • RadCollapsiblePanel stops working after some resizing of the ribbon
  • Contextual groups hide/show issue
  • The ribbon buttons do not center their icon
  • The Image and Text of the RibbonButtons cannot be centered
  • RadRibbonTabs do not go into "MouseOver" state properly when their MinWidth is set
  • Null reference exception when RibbonButton bound to empty text
  • Changing DataContext does not remove selected tab content
  • The arrow in the Large sized RadRibbonDropDownButton is not positioned correctly
  • Activating Window's system menu when clicking in the top half of the ApplicationMenu
  • Application menu flickers when it is opened
  • Application theme is not applied to classes that inherit from RadRibbonGroup
  • Change the RibbonRadioButton Foreground on Selected
  • Changing theme in run-time from a RibbonDropDownButton placed in the RibbonView throws exception
  • Check for Division by zero in calculating rows in RadRibbonGallery
  • Continious MouseOver near the edge of a RadRibbonGroup
  • ContextualGroup Header goes behind the Title of the RadRibbonWindow
  • Design time Errors for missing icons when using implicit themes
  • Icons are not included correctly in NoXaml dlls and this causes a design time error
  • If a RibbonTab contains a Collapsed RibbonGroup, the variants resizing logic doesn't work correctly
  • Memory leak
  • Misplaced ContextualGroupHeader on activation
  • Not showing tab's content when changing the tab's visibility asynchronously
  • RadRibbonGallery does not show initially the SelectedItem in databinding scenarios
  • RadRibbonSplitButton throws exception
  • Setting the Content of a RibbonSplitButton added to a second RibbonTab throws an exception
  • Setting the WindowIconVisibility property throws exception
  • Support for browser zooming
  • The application menu doesn't reposition itself when the window is resized
  • The popup with minimized tabs isn't closed
  • The RadRibbonComboBox DropDownContent doesn't display the selected item
  • The text in the RadRibbonDropDownButton and RadRibbonSplitButton is not aligned
  • There is a black border line under the selected tab
  • Tooltip icon should not be streched – ScreenTip
  • When group is collapsed, the buttons in the popup are not sized correctly
  • When placed in Window with ResizeMode=CanResizeWithGrip, the BackStage does not open and exception is printed in output
  • When RadRibbonDropDownButton is pressed in the Application Menu the menu closes
  • When the ribbon is minimized with a double click on a tab header, the QAT menu minimization option isn't updated


  • Introduced RadDocumentEditor class that supports an API for document editing without the need for RadRichTextBox instance
  • Support for grouping document editing actions in undo groups
  • Contextual tabs for Tables and for Headers and Footers added to RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI
  • Commands Refactoring and RadDocumentEditor
  • Contextual tabs for Tables and Headers and Footers added to RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI
  • UI for applying conditional table styles in Design contextual ribbon tab
  • UI for creating conditional table styles in FormattingStyle dialog
  • Exposed API to plug-in custom Clipboard logic
  • Add events for BibliographicSources: added and updated
  • Added option to export the empty document as empty string in html format provider export settings
  • Added support for "align" HTML attribute on paragraph elements
  • Extended the current text block measurement support, so that complex ligature languages such as Devanagari can be displayed correctly
  • Exposed API for clearing and creating command bindings
  • The ruler is enlarged in Windows8Touch theme
  • Memory leak regarding list styles
  • Cannot cut/delete a list inserted from .docx
  • RadRichTextBox fails to export and import custom list styles
  • List style is not shown properly in table after importing a .docx file
  • FindReplaceDialog does not restart searching from the top of the document
  • Numbers in ModifyMultiLevelList dialog start from 0 instead of 1
  • UILayers declared on the main editor are not copied to the headers and footers
  • On new document loading, history is filled with actions
  • Exporting numbering list to .pdf throws an exception
  • Exporting bullet symbol to .pdf with wrong position
  • Undo does not work for the first change in header/footer
  • “Reset All” button in FontProperties dialog does not work for the underline
  • Handling an application crash when importing invalid .html document with incorrect rowspan
  • Application crashes when deleting paragraph end symbol after inserting page break
  • Incorrect behavior when typing using IME when Track Changes is on
  • When Track Changes are enabled changing the font size (family, etc.) takes effect on the first letter only
  • Pressing tab key at the beginning of the paragraph should add tab if there is tab stop, instead of increasing indent
  • When setting the hanging indent in the ParagraphPropertiesDialog, it should also change the left indent of the paragraph
  • AnnotationRanges depend on GetHashCode being unique, which is incorrect
  • CaretPosition.SetPosition() doesn't work properly with Annotation Ranges
  • Default value equal to zero in StylesFormatting dialog for border size in style with type Table
  • Docx Format Provider: Importing horizontally merged table cells with hMerge property
  • Docx Format Provider: Importing a document with adjacent tables does not separate them with paragraphs
  • Docx Format Provider: Cannot import a document with multiline hyperlinks
  • Rtf Format Provider: LeftIndent for paragraph in list is not correctly exported
  • Rtf Format Provider: Cannot export a document in web mode
  • Exporting a document with fields in header while in WebLayoutMode produces invalid RTF
  • Merge spans with same style to distinguish spans by tag property
  • If all files in IsolatedStorage are deleted RadRichTextBox crashes when reloaded
  • Memory leak related to the usage of DocumentFragment class
  • Exporting inline image to HTML using Base64EncodedSplit, does not properly split the image
  • In Set Numbering Value dialog in RadNumericUpDown control you can enter the dollar sign ($)
  • RadRichTextBox fails to open .docx file with shape object. Unexpected EndElement occur
  • Memory leak with DocumentPagePresenter
  • Table borders do not support fractional value for thickness
  • Wrong HTML import of two or more tables in a row without parahraph between them
  • Table cell content alignment command does not change the TextAlignment of the paragraphs in the cell if their alignment is set through a style
  • Footer overlapping with footnotes
  • PageOrienatation is not exported to RTF
  • DocumentVariables are not copied to headers and footers
  • CreateDeepCopy() of DocumentElement is not called when overridden
  • Document properties for Footnotes and Endnotes are not copied when creating a copy of RadDocument
  • Numbering options in the NotesDialog stay disabled after inserting a note with custom mark
  • RadRichTextBox crashes in design time mode when navigating to Miscellaneous group in the Properties Explorer (Visual Studio 2012)
  • When there are two annotation ranges at the same place, only one of the users can edit at the end of the range
  • Dragged text or images can be dropped on invalid position
  • When typing using Marathi keyboard when space bar is pressed it returns an IME error
  • Exported .docx file with hyperlink in header cannot be imported
  • Increasing LeftIndent of paragraph in list affects all paragraphs with the same list style
  • When setting SelectedBibliographicSource from code it doesn't update the UI
  • RadDocument fails to export in html format when there is an image without extension in the document
  • Style properties are not correctly evaluated when switching between different conditional table styles
  • Selected list style in the gallery can't be used second time as it is already selected
  • DataProviders create a new instance of corresponding FormatProvider instead of using the default
  • Chinese cannot be exported to HTML
  • A .Docx document with multilevel list type "singleLevel" is not imported.
  • Application crashes after resizing a table with disabled preferred width
  • Wrong tooltip for CrossReference button in RichTextBoxRibbonUI
  • Null reference exception occurs if we try to drag-and-drop selected text with hyperlink to bookmark and enabled “formatting symbols”
  • Missing localization strings for RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI's StylesGallery
  • Docx Format Provider: Hyperlink target is not imported correctly when anchor and external link are set
  • RadRichTextBox placed inside Document Ruler does not receive focus after dialog is closed through its header close button


  • Add OccurrenceFilter property
  • Add ToolTipStyle property
  • Provide a way to make the row expand automatically in MonthViewDefinition when there are more appointments
  • ScheduleView should not use the Local time zone for its internal calculations
  • When adding an appointment with Start = End, the appointment is added to the appointment source, but it is not displayed on the ScheduleView
  • When importing all day recurring appointments they are not displayed in DayView and WeekView
  • The ICal importer throws DateTimeParse exception for recurrent all day appointments exported by Google Calendar
  • When the FirstVisibleGroup property is set to a group with no TimeZone set, an exception is thrown
  • VisibleRangeChanged event is triggered more times when initially loading the control and have ActiveViewDefinitionIndex set
  • When changing Start/End time of an appointment in EditRecurrenceDialog, these properties are not updated in EditAppointmentDialog
  • Inconsistency between DAILY and BYDAY attributes when importing ICal appointments
  • Dragging 2 appointments from different resources adds both resources to one of the appointments
  • Appointments are not displayed when changing the theme runtime in Timeline
  • CustomAppointmentItemTemplate is not applied when changing from DayView to other Views
  • When the start time of the day in DayView is bigger than the start time of the all day appointment, the appointment is missing
  • When increasing the start time of an appointment in the EditAppointmentDialog, the end time should be automatically increased
  • RadScheduleView raises ArgumentException in TimelineViewDefinition when VisibleDays="1" and the day duration is shorter than the DayStartTime
  • When the FirstVisibleGroup property is set to a group with no TimeZone set, an exception is thrown
  • When the Focus in the control clicking on a Hyperlink causes InvalidOperationException
  • Delete obsoleted InvertedBooleanConverter from ScheduleView
  • If SnapAppointments property is enabled and DayStartTime is set, when the appointment is dragged to the top of the DayView, it can be dropped outside the visible hours
  • ScrollTimeRuler method does not behave as expected when changing from MonthView to Day/WeekView
  • Error when recurrence appointment start is equal to start time of view


  • Clips ticks while resizing
  • Explicit width needs to be set when using TickTemplates
  • Incorrect range after changing the value and dragging a thumb
  • ThumbVisibility doesn't work
  • Wrong visualization of the RadSlider when switching between RadWindows


  • Indicators remain visible when toggling their visibility (ShowHighPointIndicators, Low, Negative)


  • Introduce a property to RadSpellChecker.WindowSettings that will allow hiding the Edit custom dictionary button.
  • Introduced IsEditCustomDictionaryButtonVisible property in RadSpellChecker.WindowSettings
  • When a text box is in a modal window, SpellCheck WordByWord opens behind the modal window

Spreadsheet (CTP Release)

RadSpreadsheet allows MS Excel like editing of tabular data utilizing a variety of cell formatting options, styles and themes. Our new control is a fine tuned blend of appealing UI and blazing fast performance. Telerik spreadsheet component not has a broad range of predefined formulas, but they can be extended by creating and plug-in supplementary ones. What is more, its use has been made more than easy with the exposed commands that can be easily bound to, the full integration with RadRibbonView and the overwhelming dialogs that come out of the box.


  • The content of a TabItem cannot be located by Coded UI Test
  • Apply a Transparent Background in the EmptyScrollViewer style
  • If the control is wrapped in a ScrollViewer and it also contains a RadGridView, setting the GridView.Columns size to '*' doesn't work
  • It is not possible to set the content of a RadTabItem programmatically
  • Pressing "Tab" key does not change the focus
  • Refresh of the UI Automation tree do not refresh the RadTabItem
  • The AutomationProperties class members aren't used in the automation support implementation of the RadTabItems
  • When ContentPresenter or ContentControl's content is bound in ContentTemplate an exception occurs
  • When TabOrientation="Horizontal", the tabs could be added Top to Bottom with the first tab at the top
  • Recursive Call to Automation Peer API

TileList (Beta Release)

Telerik RadTileList is a control that displays tiles in a mosaic manner. Basically, this control allows you to represent a small amount of data in the form of tiles that the end-user is able to smoothly scroll left or right with a gesture, just like in Windows 8. The tiles can be reordered by drag and drop. RadTileList list is the right choice if you need to achieve fast and easy the Modern Style UI for your XAML applications, similar to the Start Menu screen of Windows 8. 


  • MaximizeMode="One" makes the designer crash
  • Mouse interactions are not possible in certain controls placed in RadTileViewItem
  • The RadTileView leaks when it's databound and you clear it's Items


  • Support for custom interval formatters


  • Vertical scrollbar support
  • Support for custom interval formatters
  • SelectedItems collection is not cleared when IsSelectionEnabled is set to false


  • Wrong behavior when changing dynamically implicit themes
  • When Resizing the tollbar control the styles of MS control return in the Default style
  • Improperly resized in ExpressionDark theme
  • Image does not show when it is set via triggers in the style of a RadToggleButton in the ToolBar


  • TriggerTransition event is added


  • IsExpandedBinding property added
  • IsExpandableBinding property added
  • Memory leak when RadTreeListView is used with GroupRenderMode="Flat"
  • ExpandAllHierarchyItems(bool) fix
  • Overloads for ScrollIntoView for RadTreeListView to expand the Scrolled item
  • Setting RadTreeListView.GroupRenderMode to Flat when there is a custom RadTreeListView.RowStyle defined causes an exception
  • RadTreeListView throws an exception when GroupRenderMode is Flat and it starts with some expanded rows
  • RadTreeListView with Flat GroupRenderMode will only render an amount of rows equal to the the top-level row count, even if there are expanded top-level rows
  • NullReferenceException in FrozenColumnSplitter in RadTreeListView
  • FrozenColumnSplitter, does not work with TreeListView if the IsDragDropEnabled is set to true
  • RadTreeListView may throw an exception in Flat GroupRenderMode
  • TreeListView is not focused on clicking at the end of the row outside the column area
  • TreeList does not process collection changed reset args resulting in memory leak
  • TestUpdate to reflect changes in TreeListView
  • DropPosition is always "inside"
  • Selected state of a row is incorrect when clicking an element inside of the TreeList
  • Default commands cleared on expand/collapse with arrow keys
  • DragDrop logic now depends on DragDropManager


  • Obsolete TreeView RadioButtons support
  • Add touch support for scrolling
  • Dynamic implicit theme change breaks expand/collapse animations
  • Built-in drag and drop does not work in ElementHost
  • Does not resize smoothly when placed in RadWindow and has Auto Width
  • DragDrop when bound to XML throws a null ref exception
  • Drop position is not calculated correctly in winforms window
  • Dynamic FontSize bug in Windows8 theme
  • Handling PreviewCollasped when the last item is removed does not update state
  • Having ComboBox as item header and IsDragDropEnabled=True disallows scrolling in the ComboBox's drop-down
  • Multiple selected items are not deselected correctly when single selecting another
  • Newly added items can't be selected
  • NullRef if SelectedItem is removed in the Selected handler
  • Problem when reloading treeview while editting an item
  • Setting IsInEditMode in the MouseDoubleClick event handler doesn`t work properly
  • The DragTooltip Content doesn't properly update when dragging TreeViewItems in an unpinned pane
  • When the control is used in the RibbonView.Backstage menu, its DragTooltip isn't properly updated during drag
  • Wrong visualization of the node connecting line


  • Incorrect wrapping after window resizing
  • Bug with VirtualizingWrapPanel after window resizing
  • Incorrect wrapping after window resizing
  • Bug with VirtualizingWrapPanel after window resizing


  • Setting Text property does not have any effect


  • Add a property to the RadWindow control that determines whether it should respect its RestrictedAreaMargin property when maximized or not
  • Add properties for hiding Minimize and Maximize button on RadWindow
  • When RadWindow is shown as a dialog the Windows7 Theme is not applied correctly
  • Memory is not released after the RadWindow is closed and Owner is set
  • When one of the Show and ShowDialog methods is called in the constructor of the RootVisual, the application crashes

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