Release History

Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight Q1 2012 SP1

March 26, 2012


  • An exception is thrown when you change the ItemsSource and you've bound the CurrentItem
  • Cannot control the Path and the CurrentItem when the nodes differ only by the letter case


  • Added the ability to use non-zero-based range behavior
  • Fixed StackOverflowException when binding AdditionalComparativeMeasures


  • RadBusyIndicator content does not stretch by default in Silverlight Expression


  • When the SelectedDate changes through code the DisplayDate is not updated


  • Exposed AnnotationBase.ChartArea / AxisX / AxisY properties and AnnotationBase.ConvertYDataUnitsToPhysical(...) / ConvertXDataUnitsToPhysical(...) methods as protected members for easier extensibility
  • Fixed automatic axis range values not calculated properly when toggling Axis.AutoRange property from false to true in MVVM scenarios
  • Fixed exception when zooming and scrolling in a chart with 1 data point
  • Refactored Group, Filter and Sort descriptors to work with IGroup, IFilter and ISort descriptor interfaces


  • Added combination support (stack/stack100) for radar series in RadPolarChart
  • Added two new DateTimeComponents (Quarter and Week) to be used in DateTimeCategoricalAxis grouping
  • Fixed broken stacked series rendering with DateTimeContinuousAxis
  • Fixed ArgumentException when zooming-in too far in large data scenario with pan / zoom enabled
  • Fixed DateTimeCategoricalAxis to not perform naive grouping for certain components like Month, Quarter, Week, Hour, Minute, Second, and Millisecond
  • Fixed DateTimeContinuousAxis not taking into account leap years when calculating step ~1year
  • Fixed axis label content for DateTime axes should be formatted out-of-the-box only if LabelFormat has been specified
  • Fixed PolarChart / PolarAxis / RadialAxis to expose their API as dependency properties
  • Fixed PieChart arc rendering issues when the datapoints contain a combination of very large and very small values (e.g. 5000 and 1)
  • Fixed multiline labels not positioned properly when Axis.VerticalLocation=Top and resizing chart
  • Fixed issue with dynamically removing shared additional axes
  • Fixed issue with Axis.GapLength property cannot be set to 0 (bar histogram scenarios)
  • Fixed NullReferenceException thrown when chart series is initially collapsed
  • [WPF] Fixed chart erroneously zooms-in when open / closing modal window in SelectionChanged event handler
  • Changed the default DateTimeCategoricalAxis.DateTimeComponent property value from DateTimeComponent.Day to DateTimeComponent.Ticks


  • GetClicked element doesn't return the RadComboBoxItem when the RadContextMenu is attached to a RadComboBox control
  • ContextMenu placement is wrong when opened for first time and EventName is not MouseLeftButtonDown/Up or MouseRightButtonDown/Up
  • ChangeVisualState is not called when IsEnabled has changed (WPF40)
  • The ContextMenu returns the focus to its parent and that causes the RadWindow opened from the menu click to go behind


  • Fixed issue with setting incorrect RadStackedBar range values (Minimum > Maximum)
  • Fixed RadStackedDataBar OutOfRange template not working correctly in specific scenarios
  • Fixed DataAxis issue with incorrect positioning of the last tick


  • Fixed: RadDataFilter bound to RadTreeListView crashes when try to filter


  • Added INotifyPropertyChanged cancelling mechanism (IEditableObject cancelling has higher priority)
  • Added LabelTemplate (DataTemplate) property in the DataFormDataField class
  • Fixed: Cancelling new item do not work in some occasions when AutoCommit is true
  • Fixed: Navigation buttons do not get disabled when AutoCommit is false and there are uncommitted pending changes
  • Fixed: Navigating to another item commits changes when AutoCommit is false
  • Fixed: Cancel edit for a new, already committed item, leads to an “empty” item, when AutoCommit is true
  • Fixed: Item level validation errors display property name instead of label in the validation summary
  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data.DataForm.ErrorInfo is now obsoleted. Use Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data.ErrorInfo instead
  • The label element (“PART_Label”) of DataFormDataField is now ContentControl (TextBlock previously). Old custom themes should not be affected
  • The default value of the AutoCommit property is now true. Previous default behavior of RadDataForm is the same


  • The default time (12:00 am) is not visually selected (the value is correct) - Metro and Expression_Dark themes


  • Add a close button in the Header of the DocumentPane
  • The last pane in a PaneGroup stays alive even if it is removed from the parent
  • Resizing of AutoHideAreas is corrupted in SL5
  • Optimize size of the AutoHideArea when there is no DocumentHost
  • RadDocking.LayoutChangeStarted & LayoutChangeEnded events don't fire when a docking layout is changed
  • If a pane is dragged out floating very fast, the toolwindow follows the mouse without clicking
  • GetParentDocking doesn't work correctly if the pane/group is in the DocumentHost when Windows7 theme is set as application theme
  • When hidding the Pane using IsHidden property the Content of the pane is lost
  • Save layout doesn't save maximized panes correctly
  • When setting the CanUserClose property from code-behind to true, when initially was false, the Close button remains disabled
  • RadPane goes floating after clicking a button, placed in the header
  • ActivePane is not updated properly if focus goes out of the Docking control
  • RadDocking compass is shifted when FlowDirection=RightToLeft
  • NullReferenceException when load Layout with floating windows in the constructor of the page


  • Fixed DragCue problem in SL5 OOB with elevated trust


  • The IsTabStop of the "HeaderButton" must be bound to the IstabStop of the RadExpader
  • Use FocusVisualStyle property to control focus visual


  • ExpressionEditor does not underline "red" expressions after some valid expressions


  • Windows7 theme
  • Allow all kinds of relations in GanttView
  • Relation arrow appears underneath the milestones and summaries
  • GanttView throws a null reference exception when placed in a RadPane and the RadPane is dragged out


  • Fixed issue when gauge ranges are not arranged properly when scale center is outside of the parent container


  • Added TabStopMode property for GridViewColumn
  • Column widths now are explicitly updated when grid template applied and there are star column + alternation count
  • Better cast for PART_DropDownButton in FilteringDropDown. Now casted to ButtonBase
  • Added row details automation support
  • New Feature: GridViewComboBoxColumn distinct values sorted by their display value
  • New Feature: Replace the FilterOperatorsLoadingEventArgs.DefaultOperator with two new properties DefaultOperator1 and DefaultOperator2
  • New Feature: New extension method CopyFrom(this IColumnFilterDescriptor target, IColumnFilterDescriptor source) that will help you copy all filtering settings from one IColumnFilterDescriptor to another
  • New Feature: Added IsNull and IsNotNull FilterOperators to RadGridView
  • New Feature: Added IsNull and IsNotNull FilterOperators to RadDataFilter
  • New Feature: RadDataFilter.FilterDescriptors declaration in XAML
  • New Feature: GridViewExpressionColumn.LambdaExpression will generate and return a lambda expression based on the GridViewExpressionColumn.Expression property
  • Fixed: Exception when trying to scroll item that belong to a group with many (over one viewport) items
  • Fixed: ArgumentException is thrown when RadGridView is grouped twice by column with ShowColumnWhenGrouped property set
  • Fixed: EditEnding and EditEnded events are not fired on navigating through the items
  • Fixed: Aggregates in group rows and footers are not updated on changing aggregates of a column
  • Fixed: On initial load GridViewRow does not marked as invalid via INotifyDataErrorInfo validation
  • Fixed: Possible null ref. exception in GridViewExpressionColumn.GetDataContext
  • Fixed: Column is visible when ShowColumnWhenGrouped = False and ColumnGroupDescriptor is set in XAML
  • Fixed: A column bound to dynamic type did not respect IsSortable = false
  • Fixed: Scrolling RadGridView with mouse wheel commits the pending edit
  • Fixed: XamlParseException while visual state change is requested but template for control is not applied
  • Fixed: Some UI Automation tools detect only the last row in the view port in detection mode (CodedUI test builder, UI spy)
  • Fixed: CodedUI test record feature misinterprets mouse interactions with rows (even if ToString of data type is overridden)
  • Fixed: Column can be resized even when IsResizable set false if followed with IsVisible = false column
  • Fixed: Hierarchy indent position inside GridViewFooterRow and GridViewGroupFooterRow
  • Fixed: HorizontalScrollBarVisible when ColumnWidth is set to star (Metro theme)
  • Fixed: Wrong indentation merged column headers
  • Fixed: EditorStyle of the ComboBox column may now be used to set the virtualizing panel type
  • Fixed: Null ref. exception if column cannot be found for ColumnGroupDescriptor
  • Fixed: wrong indentation in GridViewGroupFooterRow when RowIndicatorVisibility is set to Collapsed (MetroTheme)
  • Fixed: In some specific cases, the custom FilteringControl.IsActive property is not correctly bound to the respective filtering funnel fill
  • Fixed: RadGridView.IsFilteringAllowed and GridViewColumn.IsFilterable are not respected when RadGridView is bound to dynamic data
  • Fixed: GridViewComboBoxColumn with FilterMemberPath defined displays incorrect distinct values
  • Fixed: Added a protected default constructor to the FilteringControl class in order to eliminate breaking changes in custom filtering controls that inherit from it
  • Fixed: Columns which have custom filtering controls that inherit from the stock FilteringControl do no update their filtering funnels correctly
  • CanEdit(dataItem) method of GridViewColumn, GridViewBoundColumnBase, etc is set from internal to public
  • Added unique AutomationID values for GridViewAuttomationPeers and their respective DataItemAutomationPeers
  • Additional automation peers are generated from GridViewVirtualizingStackPanelAutomationPeer.GetChildren() for the GridViewRows that are currently in the view port
  • Added DetailsPresenterAutomationPeer type in the Telerik.Windows.Controls.gridView.Automation namespace


  • ListBoxItem is missing ContentTemplateSelector Binding for Metro and ExpressionDark themes
  • If the item is double clicked and the collection is regenerated, the new item isn't visible and the ParentListControl is null
  • RadListBox does not stretch when HorizontalContentAlignment is set to Stretch


  • Added support for "UserState" object for SqlGeospatialDataReader asynchronous operations
  • Added support for the "scale" element of KML "IconStyle" tag
  • Added ImageProvider.Image property to access the internal image object
  • Added ability to zoom-to-center using mouse wheel
  • Fixed map providers to support declarative property binding
  • Fixed null values in DBF numeric columns cannot be parsed correctly
  • Fixed MapLine not displayed correctly when it is used in the InformationLayer.ItemTemplate
  • Fixed MapLayer.ZoomRange property to work correctly when map shape is used in data template


  • Incorrect inital input
  • TabNavigation with Tab Key over several MaskedInput controls leads to endless focus loop
  • The 'OemMinus' Key is handled in MaskedTextInput
  • The Tab key isn't properly handled after tabbing away from a GridView in edit mode


  • Changing the theme of a vertical menu resets the Orientation to Horizontal


  • Adding a number with the arrows that is larger than Maximum (or smaller than Minimum) updates the Value binding
  • When setting Maximum property dynamically the current value of the Numeric also changes if the increase button has been clicked more times


  • OutlookBarItems are not initially shown until the control is resized when the MinimizedAreaVisibility is set to Collapsed


  • Missing MouseOver and Selected states of second level items in Metro theme


  • On demand page content loading
  • Enable Display PDF in RadBook scenario
  • Demo on the integration between RadPdfViewer and RadBook
  • Issue with the DefaultFontSources on Win XP and Mac OS
  • PDF files showing only grid lines on import and no text
  • ScaleFactor and IsInPanMode properties not working properly


  • Added Visibility (SystemWindows.Visibility) property in the PropertyDefinition class. Note: It is bound to an instance’s respective PropertyGridField Visibility
  • Default editors can now validate on data errors
  • NestedProperties are occasionally not extracted correctly when property value is an instance of super type
  • Fixed: Set ValidatesOnDataErrors = true on default editors' bindings
  • PropertyDefinition’s IsReadonly property is now a DependencyProperty


  • A ContextualGroup Header isn't moved when displaying a non-contextual collapsed RibbonTab
  • Disable the QAT Minimize the Ribbon option if the ribbon isn't minimizable and change the caption of the item if the ribbon is minimized
  • Initially WindowState="Maximized", then when you set it to WindowState="Normal" the keytips are not positioned correctly
  • Initially WindowState="Minimized", then when you set it to WindowState="Normal" the keytips are not showing
  • KeyTips are not shown when they are set on controls placed in middle-row of the RibbonGroup
  • Populating a RibbonGroup in xaml causes the designer to switch the selection to the last tab of the ribbon
  • Setting Collapsed Visibility on selected RadRibbonTab does not hide its Groups
  • The content of RadRibbonTabs is not displayed in certain situations
  • The KeyTips of collapsed elements are displayed
  • The QAT hides the RibbonWindow Icon
  • Variants logic is different in static and data binding scenarios
  • When SplitButton or DropDownButton is used in the ApplicationMenu, the DropDownContent is not placed in the "Recent Documents" section
  • When the BackstageMenu is open, the parent Window cannot be resized


  • Added support for Document Variables
  • Implemented Captions for Tables and Figures
  • Added support for inserting Cross-References
  • Added NextStyleName property to StyleDefinition in order to enable styles that specify another style for the following paragraph
  • Added support for watermarks
  • Default Ruler Thumb property added to DocumentRuler
  • Introduced a customization option regarding the highlight color of Comments inside the document
  • Lists refactoring and improvements
  • ApplicationMenu of RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI/RadRichTextBoxRibbonBarUI stays open when saving documents
  • DocxFormatProvider: Importing a span with style for paragraph is throwing an exception
  • Exception on importing documents with invalid images in multiple threads
  • HtmlExportSettings.LoadImageFromUrl event is not usable for replacing images
  • Hyperlink with null value for Navigation Uri is throwing an exception when exporting to .docx
  • Importing multiple styles from .docx causes the applied character style to be lost
  • Fixes in RtfFormatProvider related to the import of files submitted by clients
  • GetDocumentPositionFromViewPoint method returns a wrong position
  • Sections with PageOrientation set to Landscape are printed in Portrait
  • Silverlight 5 vector printing fails when the printer supports PostScript
  • The color of underline decoration is not exported to .docx
  • RadRichTextBox crashes with high zoom factor
  • Copy/paste of InlineUIContainers causes an exception "Element is already the child of another element"


  • Add property AdditionalData to the dialog's view model that can be set in ShowDialog event
  • Sometimes dragging over read-only slot is possible
  • Appointment DragResizer appears on the wrong side when custom OrientedAppointmentItemStyleSelector is used
  • SetWeekViewModeCommand CanExecute wrong value


  • Slider's thumb can't reach to the end of the slider when tick template is set


  • After maximize/minimize operations the control Previous/Next arrows missing
  • AllowDragReorder set to true breaks the Mouse Selection in a TextBox in a TabItem's Content
  • DropDownButton Disappears when resizing the browser
  • If the control is wrapped in a ScrollViewer and it also contains a RadGridView, setting the GridView.Columns size to '*' doesn't work
  • In Databound TabControl the scroll buttons are only visible after window resizing
  • Right Arrow button behaves abnormally when dynamically add tab items multiple times
  • Using ExecutionMode = Legacy in RadTabControl does not work correctly


  • Bindings are lost in some cases with RadTileView inside a TransitionControl
  • Items start to disappear if you Maxmize/Restore an item and you have initially collapsed items


  • Added design-time initializer for RadTimeline


  • RadSplitButton throws an exception when IsEnabled = false and it's inside a RadToolBar


  • Added HierarchyIndent property
  • IsBusy fixed


  • Fixed current selection should be cleared when the itemssource is changed
  • Fixed selecting root item should not allow second item to be selected
  • Fixed SelectionThumb title when no selection is made


  • In ExpressionDark and Metro Theme, Foreground color is too light when a RadTreeViewItem is first selected and expanded
  • In SL 5, when the CheckState of the RadTreeViewItem is bound via StyleBindings, Null Reference exception occurs
  • Keyboard Navigation Not Relative to Focused Item
  • The SelectedItem is not updated after change of the ItemSource collection

Visual Studio 11 Beta Support

Q1 2012 SP1 includes limited support for VS11 Beta. Like many Beta products, we have discovered an issue with our XAML controls being automatically added to the ToolBox. We have alerted Microsoft of the issue and they are working to resolve them in the Visual Studio 11 RC. But for the time-being, we have a work-around included in the following blog post for those of you eager to get a head start on VS11.


  • Current Text property can’t be bound TwoWay
  • When WatermarkTextBox is out of the visual tree and its Text property is changed, both the WatermarkContent and Text are visible when the WatermarkTextBox is loaded again


  • Modal background of RadWindow doesn't show in XBAP (.NET 3.5 only)

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