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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight 2011.31220

December 19, 2011

Q3 2011 SP1




What's Fixed:

  • An exception is thrown when you change the ItemsSource and you've bound the CurrentItem


What's Fixed:

  • RadToggleButton and RadRadioButtons throw an exception if IsChecked is set to x:Null and IsEnabled is false


What's Fixed:

  • Fixed: RadCalculator Nulable support
  • Fixed: RadCalculator ClearInput command


What's Fixed

  • Fixed memory leaks in a scenario with sort descriptors
  • Fixed ZoomScrollSettings.MinZoomRange not respected for AxisY
  • Fixed "Theming resource not found" exception in ResourceHelper when trying to create legend items for collapsed legend
  • Fixed issue with Scatter visual selection state


What's New

  • Added Bollinger Bands financial indicator
  • Added TRIX financial indicator
  • Added Ultimate Oscillator financial indicator
  • Added RAVI financial indicator
  • Added MACDH financial indicator
  • Added DataPoint.DataItem property to associate each point with the databound item
  • Added support for EmptyContent/ImproperSetup message to be displayed by RadChart (RadChartBase.EmptyContent / EmptyContentTemplate)
  • Added plotArea background decoration (RadCartesianChart.PlotAreaStyle property)
  • Added PieSeries.DefaultSliceStyle property -- provides default appearance for pie series that do not have applied palette
  • Extended SelectionBehavior in RadChart -- aded "Explode" functionality for PieSeries when a PieDataPoint becomes Selected
  • Improved Visual Studio and Expression Blend design-time support

What's Fixed

  • Vertical axis title is automatically rotated now


What's New

  • Enable IsMoveToPoint for all RadSliders
  • Remove EditorBrowsable attributes from UnifiedColor and ColorConverter properties

What's Fixed

  • RgbaColor(Color) constructor should normalize the Alpha channel
  • Throws exception when used in an assembly which has different name than Telerik.Windows.Controls.Input.dll


What's Fixed:

  • Exception is thrown when the data items are an internal class
  • Keyboard navigation does not work correctly when items source is VirtualQueryableCollectionView
  • Inconsistent TextBox selection when IsEditable=true and IsReadOnly=true and the user presses Backspace
  • TextSearch does not work if a RadComboBoxItem is mouse overed first


What's Fixed:

  • Fixed: RadDataForm validation


What's Fixed:

  • When HasDocumentHost property is set to False, the TabbedDocument option on the ContextMenu of the Pane is enabled
  • ToolWindow with custom header crashes the application when docked
  • Docking localization not working when changed at runtime
  • Saving the layout in Loaded event doesn't save the Title and Header properties
  • Memory leak when closing Pane with handled PreviewClose event
  • Autogenerated hidden floating Pane is saved two times on Save Layout
  • Saving/Loading the layout is incorrect when a Pane is floating and hidden
  • Dragged ToolWindow is not topmost
  • The Pane's ContextMenu throws an exception when about to show when the Docking control is palced inside a RadTabControl


What's Fixed:

  • Fixed: RadDomainDataSource with a FilterDescriptor defined in XAML throws an exception at design-time.


What's Fixed:

  • Fixed: Crash when item is set but there is no expression
  • Fixed: Issue where the Fields category of RadExpressionEditor would not be updated if the Item property changes
  • Fixed: Issue where RadExpressionEditor would crash if the user began typing a parenthesis as the right operand


What's Fixed:

  • Eliminated the need to name an indicator to get it animated
  • Fixed issue with bar indicator not visible when it is placed inside the indicators group


What's New:

  • Added: RadGridView new property ShowColumnWhenGrouped to control whether column should be shown when we group by it
  • Added: HeaderStyle property to common column groups in RadGridView
  • Added: New Refresh() protected method added for GridViewColumn - will refresh column cells content
  • Added: The custom hierarchy now can use RowStyleSelector to define IsExpandable property
  • Added: Added a HeaderTemplate property to the common column group in RadGridview.
  • Added: DistinctValueViewModel.RawValue property in RadGridview filtering

What's Fixed:

  • Fixed: Design-time errors with Silverlight 5
  • Fixed: RadGridView update when row is unloaded and then loaded again (RadTab and RadDock scenario)
  • Fixed: Focus issues with Silverlight 5 when running out-of-browser apps
  • Fixed: Virtual collection load logic in SL5
  • Fixed: Issue with header row Height when cell size changes.
  • Fixed: Null reference exception while grouping (sorting) by a column which data type is not resolved (due to wrong binding)
  • Fixed: Support for validation (red border) in view mode when nested properties are in use
  • Fixed: The data type could not be resolved in grouped grid when changing the data type
  • Fixed: Editing in scenarios when business object overrides Equals() and GetHashCode() methods
  • Fixed: IsEnabled (false) background does not cover the entire grid
  • Fixed: Keyboard navigation when VirtualQueryableCollectionView is used as ItemsSource
  • Fixed: Aggregate functions without a specified SourceFieldType throw an exception when RadGridView is bound to a DataTable
  • Fixed: Changing ItemsSource in a grouped scenario when there is CurrentItem results in expanded group.
  • Fixed: Columns with Auto width will be adjusted on property change of visible items
  • Fixed: Exporting ExpressionColumn. Added IExportableColumn inteface
  • When bound to a dynamic objects collection RadGridView does not resolve public properties in grouped scenario
  • Fixed: RadGridView does not update bindings properly if invisible
  • Fixed: RadGridview aggregates with virtual collection and filtering
  • Fixed: Edited item is not filtered correctly in grouped scenario
  • Fixed: When RadGridview frozen columns are set, common column headers misbehaved on vertical scrolling
  • Fixed: Issue with RadGridview GridLinesVisibility switching when Column Virtualization is on.
  • Fixed: GridViewExpressionColumn can be added multiple times inside GroupPanel
  • Fixed: Issue with recreating new RadGridview columns after columns have been auto-generated
  • Fixed: Null reference exception while committing cell edit and RadSlider is used inside CellEditTemplate
  • Fixed: Reopening RadGridview filtering control after a runtime theme change results in an exception
  • Fixed: When selection unit property of RadGridview is set to Cell, the cell is cut to the bottom
  • Fixed: RadGridview column headers overlapping when resizing-Metro theme
  • Fixed: RadGridview Metro theme Gridlines cut to the bottom when a row is selected and uses a darker grid line brush
  • Fixed: RadGridview GridViewHeaderCell right border is lost in Metro theme
  • Fixed: RadGridView crashes when expression given to GridViewExpressionColumn throws exception (like division by zero)
  • Fixed: Column groups in (merged headers) do not update when added/removed at runtime.


What's Fixed:

  • Null reference exception
  • Value out of range exception


What's Fixed:

  • Fixed issue with ColorMeasureScale calculating colors in a wrong way in “Count” mode.
  • Fixed issue when creation of the MapGeometryGroup from code clears the list of figures in the child geometries.


What's Fixed:

  • TabNavigation with Tab Key over several MaskedInput controls leads to endless focus loop


What's Fixed:

  • The VerticalAlignment and HorizontalAlignment in some themes are not stretched


What's New:

  • Support documents with Cross-reference stream
  • DocumentSource DependencyProperty introduced to support binding

What's Fixed:

  • The RadPdfViewer crashes when open some documents
  • Improved text rendering
  • Wider set of supported documents


What's Fixed:

  • Incorrect registering of an object in the object store in multi page scenario


What's New:

  • Fixed: RadPropertyGrid design time errors with SL5
  • Fixed: RadPropertyGridField Height
  • Fixed: RadPropertyGrid DisplayName of PropertyDefinitions is now a dependency property to ease MVVM scenarios
  • Fixed: PropertyGrid - properly update grouped template when source with different number of groups is used
  • Fixed: Changing RadPropertyGrid item will cause index out of range exception


What's Fixed:

  • RadRibbonToggleButton`s text is too light when the button is ON and ExpressionDarkTheme is applied
  • The arrow of the DropDownButton of the RadRibbonGallery has wrong layout in Metro and Expression_Dark themes
  • Wrong state visualization of the RadRibbonToggleButton when the theme is set as an element theme on the RadRibbonView


What's New:

  • Added Ribbon Styles Gallery
  • Added style items preview in Manage Styles Window and Style Ribbon Gallery
  • Styles: Copy styles when copy/paste elements from one document to another
  • Import/export of styles in HTML Format
  • Style repository performance improvements
  • Added new examples for Mail Merge and for integration with PDF Viewer

What's Fixed:

  • Bullet symbol base line incorrect vertical positioning (baseline calculation)
  • Changing the Text Alignment of more than one cell in a table causes a hang
  • Document Protection doesn't work for Headers and Footers
  • Docx file cannot be opened by Open Office
  • Editing hyperlink throws exception in RadDocument.IsInRange
  • Expression Dark and Metro theme enhancements
  • When typing in IME, the insertion of a Kanji cannot be undone from the MultipleUndoControl before an interval is entered
  • IME input performance improvement
  • In WPF SaveFileDialog sometime shows behind the ApplicationMenu
  • Inserting a hyperlink through the dialog when there is no selection in the document causes an exception
  • The style settings of MergeFields are not persisted on import/export
  • Measure problem in Arabic with Calibri
  • RadRichTextBox throws exception in Visual Studio designer when Silverlight 5 is installed
  • Selecting two ranges one next to another, changing a span property, then Undo crashes the editor
  • Selection is displayed incorrectly when selection multiple regions in reverse order
  • Some toggle buttons are not toggled correctly with document selection in RadRichTextBoxRibbonUI
  • Table cell content alignment buttons remain toggled when clicked
  • Table Properties dialog crashes when table preferred width is cleared or settings are reset by Reset button
  • TableGridMeasurer.MeasureAutoFit throws exception when in Table Properties dialog "Reset All" values and close it by "OK" button


What's Fixed:

  • Wrong rendering of group TimeRuler items when VisibleDays is less than GroupTickLength


What's Fixed:

  • Exception is thrown if TileView is used with RadDataPager and PageSize is changed when on last page
  • Exception is thrown in some cases when you dynamically add items
  • Unexpected behavior when you dynamically add RadTileViewItems with TileState = Maximized


What's New:

  • Added: RadTreeListView AutoExpandItems property

What's Fixed:

  • Fixed: RadTreeListView filtering not working correctly
TreeMap and PivotMap

RadTreeMap and RadPivotMap Beta

Important Changes:

  • Range colorizers refactoring:
    • AbsoluteValueGradientColorizer and RelativeValueGradientColorizer are obsolete now. Use ValueGradientColorizer instead
    • AbsoluteValueBrushColorizer and RelativeValueBrushColorizer are obsolete now. Use ValueBrushColorizer instead


What's New:

  • Calling Focus() on TreeView while editing must focus the Editing TextBox

What's Fixed:

  • Setting edit mode from context menu does not focus the editing textbox


What's New:

  • Added: ScrollStep property added for VirtualizingWrapPanel to control mouse wheel scroll speed

What's Fixed:

  • Fixed: VirtualizingWrapPanel items disappear when the scroll bar is on bottom/right and the panel is resized


What's Fixed:

  • Alert Window is not closed when pressing the Escape key
  • The TextBox in the prompt dialog Window is not focused when the window is shown
  • The focus is not on the buttons when RadConfirm is opened
  • Dragged Window is not topmost

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