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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight 2010.31314

January 13, 2011

Q3 2010 SP1

New Controls:

Due to the unplanned for increase in interest in development of Silverlight line of business applications, we are making our latest addition to our Silverlight suite available before our next major release so we can enable our clients to focus on delivering their great applications without worrying about any “plumbing”. Our new Domain Data Source components ensure seamless integration between Telerik data source controls and WCF RIA Services. Now all the powerful data-shaping features of Telerik RadControls can directly translate to your domain service – filtering and sorting operations, for example, are performed directly on the server with minimum development effort. Our Domain Data Services support includes both a component that you can embed in your Silverlight page and a CollectionView Implementation that you can use in your view models for a truly MVVM-enabled scenario.
To explore the new RadDomainDataSource control in greater depth, please check its online examples and take a look at the following blog posts:




What’s New:

  • GetValueForItem() method added for GridViewExpressionColumn.
  • GetValueForItem() method added for GridViewBoundColumnBase.
  • Added: A ColumnFilterDescriptor property to GridViewFilteringEventArgs and GridViewFilteredEventArgs.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Issue where ActivateRowCommand would cause validation to fail when parameter is KeyEventArgs.
  • Fixed: If Column or Grid IsReadOnly property is set by user this value is taken into account.
  • Fixed: Tab key from an edited cell with failing validation (exception thrown in setter) causes 2 hits of the underlying property setter.
  • Fixed: An issue in GridViewHeaderCell-Part_SortIndicator is not visible in Ascending state.
  • Fixed: Adding group with null key.
  • Fixed: SortDescriptor is not removed (multi-sort scenario) when IQueryableCollectionView is used as RadGridView.ItemsSource.
  • Fixed: Null reference exception in OnDropDownPopupOpened.
  • UpdateValueEvent for numeric filter RadMaskedTextBox set to UpdateValueEvent.LostFocus.
  • Optimize FilterDescriptorCollectionExpressionBuilder so it no longer generates redundant constant expressions.
  • Optimize the data engine so it does not produce filtering Where expressions when they are not needed.
  • Fixed: Child groups are missing when grouping a column that has a Converter defined on its DataMemberBinding.
  • Fixed: Connecting lines display before first item in GroupPanel.
  • Fixed: Removing an item in a grouped scenario, when this removal causes groups to be re-arranged by the data engine, results in another item being removed.
  • Fixed: A column's filtering pop-up may appear clipped when displayed for the very first time.
  • Fixed: RadGridViewAutomationPeer GetItem() method does not work properly.
  • Fixed: BeginInsert after one BeginInsert and CancelEdit causes StackoverFlowException when item has its own Equals implementation and DataAnnotation validation fails for default values.
  • Fixed: GridView rows not recycled properly when navigating up and down with arrow keys.


What’s New:

  • ChartLegend.TitleFontWeight property is now obsolete – use ChartLegend.HeaderFontWeight instead.
  • Added ChartArea.Command and ChartArea.CommandParameter properties to provide support for ItemClick commanding.
  • Added ChartHierarchyCommands.Back, Forward, and Reset commands for hierarchical data scenarios.
  • Added HierarchyManager.CurrentItemsSource property that gets the itemssource corresponding to the current hierarchy level.
  • Added ChartLegend.HeaderFontWeight property that gets or sets the font weight of the header template.
  • Added RadChart.UpdateLogicalChildren() method that can be used to sync the control state in scenarios where control with non-default layout is used and the layout is updated dynamically (add/remove ChartArea on the fly).
  • Added AxisX.ShouldScaleStepOnZoom / ShouldRoundMinValueOnZoom properties that can be used to accomplish a zooming / scrolling scenario where constant mapping between series items and axis ticks should be preserved (set ShouldScaleStepOnZoom to false and ShouldRoundMinValueOnZoom to true).
  • Added ChartArea.ItemOverlapPercent property that gets or sets the item overlap percent for overlapping bars.

What’s Fixed:

  • SeriesDefinition change notifications (SeriesDefinition will not be cloned unless grouping is enabled, or it is set through DefaultSeriesDefinition property).
  • Layout cycle detected exception when trying to measure / arrange charts within very tight constraints (e.g. integration scenarios with RadTileView).
  • ChartTitle / ChartLegend declared in XAML not getting the instance chart theme correctly if non-default one is used.
  • User-defined styles not applied properly on all axis-related elements.
  • Memory leaks in dynamic update scenarios and in scenarios where the ChartArea template is changed.
  • Binding support for ChartArea.ZoomScrollSettingsX and ZoomScrollSettingsY.
  • Line chart not drawn correctly in specific scenario (AxisX in “strict” mode and sorting by YValue applied when the items order specified by sorting differs from the order specified by the strict mode).
  • Interactivity selected state for scatter point items.
  • Stacked100 series issue when one of the series contains negative value(s).
  • NullReferenceException with camera extension in specific 3D series scenarios.
  • NullReferenceException when ChartArea.Annotations property is set to null.
  • Unpredicted zooming in specific scenarios with context menu.
  • PlotAreaMouseEventArgs for scenarios with horizontal charts and for scenarios with logarithmic axis.
  • Axis.IsZerobased property value cannot be changed in runtime.
  • Stacked series not refreshed when a data point value changes.
  • It is now possible to declare individual MarkerShape for different legend items.
  • 3D Pie / Doughnut slices not rendered for really small YValues.
  • Minor gridlines disappearing occasionally on zoom.
  • ItemsPanelOrientation binding error shown in Output addressed.


What’s New:

  • Added: "Default" button to all property dialogs which resets the settings in the current context to their defaults.
  • Added: CommandExecuting and CommandExecuted events in RadRichTextBox.
  • Added: Image property to HighlightColorPicker.
  • Added: PreviewKeyDown event of RadRichTextBox to be used to alter the default shortcuts and behavior.
  • Added: UI for changing table layout mode.
  • Added: Type and name properties to context menu groups (ContextMenuGroup class).
  • DocumentElementAdded/DocumentElementRemoved events of RadDocument.
  • Added: HTML support for <em>.
  • Added: InlineUIContainer serialization support for the format providers.
  • Introduce property for vertical alignment in table cells.
  • Introduce property to set the space between RichTextBox borders and the text inside.
  • Resizing table columns by dragging the table's borders.
  • Added: Spellchecking dialog.
  • Added: Table borders supporting various colors, styles and thicknesses.
  • Added: Update DocumentRuler to support table resize and cell indent.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Cannot set Text property on Span after the document is shown.
  • Fixed: ContextMenu: Context Menu adds separators between empty menu item groups.
  • Fixed: CreateDocumentFromSelection method of DocumentSelection throws Exception when there is an empty paragraph in selection.
  • Fixed: DocumentInheritsDefaultStyleSettings does not work when RadRichTextBox is used as control template or data template.
  • Fixed: FontPropertiesDialog: Selected item in font size and font family listboxes are not scrolled into view.
  • Fixed: High memory usage when view is zoomed.
  • Fixed: HTML Importer: when a span ends with space (or  ), double space is inserted into the document.
  • Fixed: HtmlFormatProvider and TxtFormatProvider do not respect font settings from RadRichTextBox when DocumentInheritsDefaultStyleSettings property is true.
  • Fixed: InlineUIContainers going on random positions in certain cases.
  • Fixed: InsertTableCommand is enabled when there is table cells selection.
  • Fixed: Layout problem with scrolling in page view.
  • Fixed: New paragraph does not apply the style settings of the previous one.
  • Fixed: RadInsertSymbolDialog: Text "TextBlock" is visible on first load of the window before mouse enters the symbols table.
  • Fixed: RadRichTextBox handles KeyDown when Escape is pressed.
  • Fixed: SelectionMiniToolBar does not show when IsReadOnly is true.
  • Fixed: When inserting intervals at the end of a line in flow layout mode, text is shifted to the left.
  • Fixed: When IsSelectionEnabled is set to False, the Ctrl+A shortcut still works.
  • Fixed: XamlFormatProvider throws exception when exporting document from background thread.
  • Fixed: Zoom / Scroll problem in Flow mode.


What’s New:

  • Added: Asynchronous BringIntoView method on the tree view.
  • Added: DragInProgress event.
  • Added: Click and Double Click events.
  • Remove "set" from IsSelectionActive documentation.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: BringIntoView is not brining the whole item with the Selection, but only the internal item itself.
  • Fixed: BringItemIntoView and BringIndexIntoView methods don't bring the requested item into view if the TreeView is Virtualized and it has expanded items.
  • Fixed: Handles "Enter" key even when nothing is done.
  • Fixed: Null reference exception when TreeView uses Hieararchical virtualization.
  • Fixed: Hierarchical Virtualization crashes the application when a TreeViewItem is collapsed.
  • Fixed: IsSelected container binding causes a virtualized TreeView to jump while scrolling.
  • Fixed: Item stays in MouseOver state when tree/item is unloaded.
  • Fixed: Items not being rendered correctly when IsVirtualizing is set to True.
  • Fixed: Rendering issues in "Recycling" virtualization mode.
  • Fixed: TreeView does not behave correctly when inside Docking inside ScrollViewer.
  • Fixed: When Item is disabled the expander button is not disabled.


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Setting RowHeight under 25 px is now respected.
  • Fixed: Columns cannot be reordered.


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Changing ItemsSource property is not working as expected.
  • Fixed: RibbonWindow is flickering while resizing.
  • Fixed: When a non-default theme is set, the RibbonBarGallery isn't properly displayed.
  • Fixed: When hosted in windows forms ElementHost, Variants are not configured correctly on load.


What’s Fixed:

  • PerspectiveTransition effect shows white during transition on places where the content is fully transparent - fix to work with transparent UserControls


What’s Fixed:

  • Docking doesn't work correctly when the FlowDirection property is set to RightToLeft.


What’s Fixed:

  • ArgumentNullException when setting DataContext=null on Editable ComboBox and the Text property is bound TwoWay.
  • RadComboBox doesn't scroll into view the item selected with autocomplete or using Up/Down arrows.
  • The CanExecuteChanged event handler is collected by the GC, hence RadComboBox does not respond to CanExecute updates.


What’s New:

  • Added: Add Close button on RadDateTimePicker.

What’s Fixed:

  • Icons DPI fix for DatePicker, TimePicker and DateTimePicker.
  • Problem when parsing time values when in SpanishMexico culture.
  • TimeInterval property set on RadDateTimePicker fails to update the RadClock.


What’s Fixed:

  • RadWindow can't be closed sometimes with Windows7Theme.
  • RadWindow Windows7 Theme Buttons glitch when no buttons.


What’s New:

  • Added: PreservePositionWhenMaximized property.
  • Added: PreviewTilesStateChanged event.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Data binding the Content property of a TileViewItem does not work.
  • Fixed: Dragging does not work in WinForms host.
  • Fixed: Items don't position properly while scrolling.
  • Fixed: Memory Leak.
  • Fixed: ScrollBar doesn't hide when ItemsSource is changed.
  • Fixed: ScrollBar doesn't refresh it's value when items are being hidden.
  • Fixed: The Maximize/Minimize Toggle button is not is proper state when handling the PreviewTileStateChanged event.


What’s New:

  • Added support for RaiseEvent(…) method for MapShape objects.
  • Added support for right mouse button events for MapShape objects.

What’s Fixed:

  • Side effects with zooming / panning the map.
  • AccessViolationException that occurs when initial Visibility of the map shape is Collapsed.
  • Adding InformationLayer instance in runtime after map initialization is already completed.
  • ColorMeasureScale “Count” mode not working properly in specific scenarios.
  • InformationLayer.GetItemsInLocation(…) method returned incorrect result in specific scenarios.
  • Memory leaks in specific scenarios.
  • Issue with negative screen coordinates in specific scenarios.
  • Default HotSpot location and HotSpot calculations in specific scenarios.
  • Processing of BingSearchService.Circle shape.
  • Issue with binding to the RadMap.ZoomLevel property.
  • RadMap crash in integration scenarios with RadWindow.
  • MapShapeReader exception in VS design mode.


What’s Fixed:

  • Issue with setting ItemsSource property to null.
  • Issue with empty point behavior.
  • Crash when using normal range with bottom and top points outside range.
  • LinearSparkLine not displaying properly when only 2 points available.
  • Column and WinLoss sparklines not displaying properly when only 1 point available.
  • Expression Blend crash.
  • Fixed: Issue when changing indicator colors.
  • Layout cycle detected in live data scenario.


What’s Fixed:

  • Crash in VS design time and Expression Blend.


What’s New:

  • Added: DataPagerPresenter.PageSize property to allow TemplateBinding to RadDataPager.PageSize property.
  • Added: DataPagerPresenter.ItemCount property to allow TemplateBinding to RadDataPager.ItemCount property.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: DataPagerTextBox does not change IsEnabled when the corresponding CanExecuteChanged is fired.


What’s New:

  • FilterOperatorsLoading event is now fired on a member change even if the new member is of the same type.


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Cannot apply a theme.
  • Fixed: Clear "Time" and "Position" properties when media is stopped.
  • Fixed: IsAutoReverse is not working as expected - items start playing for less than a second.


What’s Fixed:

  • Gauge control changed support different cultures for different gauges on the same xaml page.
  • NumericPosition template opacity is now bound to the control property.


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: ColorPicker example displays wrong colors.
  • Fixed: The slider is misplaced when its width is set.


What’s Fixed:

  • Changing the Style/Template selector doesn't update the style/template of the calendar.


What’s New:

  • Added: AutoDrag attached property allowing starting drag, assigning payload and generating visual cue as screenshot of the dragged element without attaching to DragQuery or DragInfo.
  • Added: DragDropOptions. CurrentCursor property allowing defining custom cursor while drag operation is performed.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Dragcueoffset is now reset when drag operations completes.
  • Fixed: D&D autobring into view now works when EnableNativeDrag=”false”.
  • Fixed: D&D manager now starts drag when source is TextBlock.
  • Fixed: Issue with e.options.source is now set correctly when draggable items are nested.
  • Fixed: Issue with e.options.source is now set correctly when draggable items are nested.


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: Cannot be data bound.


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: "Add More Files" button is not localized.
  • Fixed: MaxFileCount property is not synchronized with Append Files button visibility.
  • Fixed: NullReferenceException when trying to upload files and the RadUpload's Visibility is set to Collapsed.
  • Fixed: When MaxFileCount is 0 there is no warning.

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