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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight 2009.31208

December 7, 2009

Q3 2009 SP1

Common for all Controls:

With this SP release we introduced improved support for VS 2010 Beta:

  • Toolbox support
  • Property browsing
  • WYSIWYG preview for all controls




What’s New:

  • Added AddRange and RemoveItems new methods for GridViewColumnCollection
  • Added IsExpandedChanged event to the GridViewRow
  • Added RowUnloaded event
  • Added Context and TextAlignment properties for GridViewExportEventArgs
  • Added "Add Reference" support for Visual Studio and Blend 3
  • Added GroupPanelStyle and GroupPanelItemStyle Added
  • Now users can delete (if supported by the grid ItemsSource) selected items using DELETE key (can be controlled with CanUserDeleteRows property).
  • Added overload of the PrintToHTML method to allow much better control on what is being printed
  • Added designtime assemblies for the grid
  • Added EditorStyle property for the GridViewBoundColumnBase
  • Extension to the IEditableObject support, when exception is thrown from EndEdit() user can handle DataError event
  • RadGridView can be prefiltered programmatically
  • Always visible insert row. can be controlled with ShowInsertRow property of GridViewDataControl
  • GridViewDataControl.VerticalGridLinesBrushProperty
  • GridViewDataControl.VerticalGridLinesBrush
  • GridViewDataControl.HorizontalGridLinesBrushProperty
  • GridViewDataControl.HorizontalGridLinesBrush

What’s Removed:

  • GridViewDataControl.VerticalGridLinesBrushProperty
  • GridViewDataControl.VerticalGridLinesBrush
  • GridViewDataControl.VerticalGridlinesThicknessProperty
  • GridViewDataControl.VerticalGridlinesThickness
  • GridViewDataControl.VerticalGridlinesVisibilityProperty
  • GridViewDataControl.VerticalGridlinesVisibilityProperty
  • GridViewColumn.VerticalGridlinesBrushProperty
  • GridViewColumn.VerticalGridlinesBrush
  • GridViewColumn.VerticalGridlinesThicknessProperty
  • GridViewColumn.VerticalGridlinesThickness
  • GridViewColumn.VerticalGridlinesVisibilityProperty
  • GridViewColumn.VerticalGridlinesVisibility

What’s Fixed:

  • Invalid cast exception in CreateCellElement is now fixed
  • Exception on row selection in cases of grid hosted in WinForms application is now fixed
  • FilteringControl's SelectAll checkbox does not behave correctly (it is not three-state) is now fixed
  • Null ref. exception in Column PropertyChanged is now fixed
  • BeginInsert() will insert new item only once is now fixed
  • DataMemberBinding not set correctly in AutoGeneratingColumn event args is now fixed
  • Pressing "a" caused all records to be selected when multiple selection is enabled is now fixed
  • ComboBoxColumn and MaskedTextBox Column does not respect CellEditTemplate property is now fixed
  • Additional empty row for grouped grid is nowremoved
  • ActionOnLostFocus is now fixed
  • Problem with binding to nested property of derived type do not show cell content is now fixed
  • Exception with wrong indexes in IndexTree while inserting new item is now fixed
  • Cell alignment after edit is now fixed
  • When two grids were placed besides in a single page, the second used to fail to initialize the star Column width is now fixed
  • Toggling the "SelectAll" checkbox in the FilteringControl causes the QueryableCollectionView to refresh
  • GridViewCell Value not updated correctly when ContentTemplate is used in GridViewCell's style
  • Users can nowselect a row by clicking anywhere on a row
  • ScrollIntoView throwing exception when called in DataLoaded and ItemsSource is changed is now fixed
  • IsReadOnly property on RadGridView is nowdependency property
  • NullReferenceException on BeginInsert() with Null data source is now fixed
  • Exception on filter by an Invalid Value is now fixed
  • GridViewDataControl DistinctValuesLoading event is fired multiple times is now fixed
  • AutoExpandGroups does not work with asynchronous binding is now fixed
  • GridViewCells does not update properly when PropertyChanged with Null or empty property name is raised on row level is now fixed
  • DisplayAttribute's ShortName is nowused for setting of the GridViewColumn.Header property
  • ToolTipTemplate was the same for all cells in a Column is now fixed
  • Exception when changing ItemsSource and calling ScrollIntoView is now fixed
  • Exception when RadGridView has filter, Sort, or GroupDescriptors Added and the ItemsSource is set to Null is now fixed
  • Filtering UI does not show Null distinct values is now fixed
  • Issue with horizontal scrollbar when browser is resized and there is star Column is now fixed
  • Fixed header cell state with horizontal virtualization
  • When RadGridView is grouped an exception is thrown when a GridViewGroupRow is recycled during vertical scrolling
  • Navigating with keyboard to a disabled row caused exception to be thrown is now fixed
  • Add new item to a filtered collection is now fixed
  • First enabled cell will be set to current when click on the current row
  • Aggregates not updated on Filtering, updating and reordering is now fixed
  • Scrolling and frozen columns in hierarchy child grid (header and footer misplacements issues) is now fixed
  • The Filtering UI is not updated after clearing the filters programmatically is now fixed
  • Calling thread access issues in GridViewRow with ParallelExtentions is now fixed
  • Binding to IEnumerable or primitive type should create single Column with type as Column header and actual values for cells
  • GetCellContent of GridViewBoundColumnBase is nowprotected
  • Scrolling header and footer after theme change is now fixed
  • Changing the items of the grid while it is scrolled sometimes throws an exception is now fixed
  • External DetailsPresenter disappears when RadGridView is grouped is now fixed
  • When some distinct values are not visible due to drill-down Filtering, the Clear button does not deactivate them is now fixed
  • Adding items to source collection of paged RadGridView causes exception is now fixed
  • Filtering UI is not updated after clearing RadGridView's ItemsSource is now fixed
  • Aggregate results in Column footer nowrespect the Column.FooterTextAlignment property
  • Filtering a Column scrolls the grid to the left end is now fixed
  • Asynchronous operations problems are now fixed
  • Width of GridViewToggleRowDetailsColumn and GridViewSelectColumn changed to GridViewLength.SizeToHeader
  • Exception with GridViewRow.BeginEdit() when all columns are read only is now fixed
  • Problem with element type when a generic collection of base type with elements from a derived type was used is now fixed
  • Using the IsEqualTo and IsNotEqualTo operators from the Filtering UI performs a case-sensitive Filtering is now fixed
  • Nested grouping problems when grouped by Value type property is now fixed
  • Grid columns not sized correctly when hierarchy child of other grid
  • GridViewDynamicHyperlinkColumn content is empty in some cases is now fixed
  • ComboBoxColumn did not translate Value to Display member when bound to a nested property is now fixed


What’s New:

  • Animation added to the WPF TreeView.
  • The CheckedItems collection on the TreeView is not an observable collection anymore, but a Read-Only hash set.
  • ContainerBindings now are removed and reapplied when items are prepared and cleared.
  • Made the TreeView line lighter in color in the Office themes.

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed the case where the ScrollBar will sometimes obscure the last visible item.
  • Fixed the case where a drop cue will give a misleading feedback for an invalid drop.
  • The CheckedItems collection is now eagerly updated when TreeViewItems are created by the user and should reflect all check state changes.
  • The LoadOnDemand enabled TreeViewItems can be expanded by clickcing on the headers as well.
  • Regression: SelectedItem did not contain the new selection at the time of calling the Selected event when multiple selection is enabled in the TreeView.
  • NullReference Exception was thrown when an item with a DefaultImgSource is dropped in one of its former children.
  • Fixed a bug where the placing the TreeView in a ScrollViewer will result in an exception when showing the InBetweenDragCue.
  • Fixed a memory leak a WPF that was triggered when the TreeView was filtered
  • Fixed a slowdown caused by deep hierarchy
  • Now it is possible to set the IsInEditMode property before the control has loaded.


What’s New:

  • ShowsConfirmatyionWindowOnClose property added.
  • Time Markers are now localized.
  • Implemented HeaderTemplate and VerticalHeaderTemplate properties of ResourceStyleMapping class

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed bug: IsReadOnly property didn’t affects the delete button of the Appointment in some cases.
  • Fixed bug: Moving the focused/selected timeslot item with up/down/left and right arrows now starts from the first item
  • Fixed bug: Drag and drop of appointments didn’t work correctly when the scheduler is inside a Popup/RadWindow
  • Fixed bug: DateTimePicker does not always increase the date with one day after invalidating the string in TimePicker
  • Fix the above time ruler border to adjust accordingly with TimeRulerBorder, so when the time ruler si hidden, the border above hides as well
  • Fixed an issue with the RecurrenceChoiceDialogWindow template in Blend
  • Fxed issues with TimeRulerHostStyle and NavigationHeaderStyle


What’s New:

  • Added AxisY.LabelRotationAngle

What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed memory leaks in dynamic data update scenarios.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when setting Axis.MinorTicksVisibility in some scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue with labels not formatted correctly when underlying property type is decimal.
  • Remove unneeded delay when animations are disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with animations throwing exception when re-templating Line series in Silverlight.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented customization of the text alignment for axis label item instance.
  • Fixed an issue with AxisX.Title not visible in scenarios with non-default layout and horizontal chart orientation.
  • Fixed an issue with Line series raising an exception in some scenarios with single-item series.
  • Fixed an issue with right aligned AxisLabel2D with HorizontalBar
  • Fixed an exception when changing axis settings runtime
  • Fixed an issue with AxisX declared before the DataSeries in a declarative chart


What’s New:

  • Added a static property TextSearch.AutoCompleteTimeout
  • ValidationTooltip added

What’s Fixed:

  • When filtering, the dropdown does not adjust its position automatically when it is displayed above the control
  • The user has to press Tab twice to leave the control when the dropdown is opened
  • Setting IsDropDownOpen to True before the template is applied generated an exception.
  • Pressing Space toggles the dropdown. The dropdown should be opened only when F4 or PgUp/PgDown is pressed
  • If the theme is changed while the dropdown is open, all other controls on the page become unresponsive
  • Added proper conversion of the numpad button values when autocompleting in read-only or non-editable mode
  • The items are now automatically selected when highlighted with autocomplete
  • The dropdown is not opened when OpenDropDownOnFocus and the last element that lost focus was child of RadComboBox
  • Fixed bug in the auto complete functionality when RadCombobox is virtualized


What’s Fixed:

  • When create a RadWindow that is initially maximized, when show it appear not maximized. When click restore and click maximize again it works fine
  • Bugfix: Window: Width and Height of the RadWindow control are ignored


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed RadMenu memory leaking related issues


What’s Fixed:

  • RightClick on disable item in RadContextMenu causes opening the RadContextMenu
  • Right click did not close the ContextMenu


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed bug in PopupWrapper - forcing Focus on the OwnerControl
  • Fixed Popup placement when SL is Zoomed


What’s New:

  • When RadPane is in the AutoHideArea and it is focused (with the keyboard or with code) it shows like the mouse is hoovered over it

What’s Fixed:

  • When a UI content in the Header of a RadPane and the RadPane is in the DocumentHost and dragged out the application crashes
  • Fixed some memory leak problems


What’s Fixed:

  • When type a timespan and open the popup, the selected item is the previous one


What’s Fixed:

  • Not correct button type(year) when it is set in MonthView


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed: when index 0 is moved off the screen its item wasn't arranged and it remained where it was


What’s New:

  • The application button in the Windows 7 theme is now rectangular and not round
  • Windows 7 look like Application Menu and Button
  • Added ApplicationButtonStyle property to RadRibbonBar. It can be used in order to style the application button
  • The TitleBar can now be hidden by using the TitleBarVisibility property on the RibbonBar

What’s Fixed:

  • "Minimize the RibbonBar" option from the toolbar already works correctly depending on the IsMinimized state of the RibonBar
  • ApplicationButtonImageSource already size the image correctly


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed HtmlPlaceHolder in a TabControl not working with WPF XBAP content after switching tabs multiple times
  • HtmlPlaceholder already works with ChildWindow


What’s New:

  • Throw PreviewPageFlipStarted, PageFlipStarted and PageFlipEnded events on key down
  • Add property for page flip duration

What’s Fixed:

  • Move default property values from dep. prop. metadata to Style
  • Fixed TextBox cannot be accessed with the mouse when defined in Left|RightPageTemplate


What’s New:

  • New map provider: OpenStreetMap support added through the OpenStreetMapProvider
  • Added map provider extensibility options for authoring custom map providers
  • GetItemsInLocation method added to InformationLayer

What’s Fixed:

  • Added localization support
  • MapShape Opacity, OpacityMask, Tag and Visibility property values are now propagated correctly to the actual internal shape
  • Fixed an issue when dynamically adding MapShape objects to the InformationLayer
  • Fixed an issue with mouse wheel handling
  • Fixed an issue with the labels visibility checkbox
  • Fixed a memory leak when changing provider

What’s Changed:

  • VEMapProvider renamed to BingMapProvider
  • VEMapProvider (BingMapProvider) authentication changed to use ApplicationID (i.e. Bing Maps Keys) instead of the now obsolete token-based authentication
  • HotSpotUnits enumeration is renamed to HotSpotUnit


What’s Fixed:

  • Focus was not set and removed as expected from the Slider
  • Focus is "stuck" on RadSlider when using Tab key to navigate


What’s Fixed:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented tab navigation within a PanelBarItem's content


What’s Fixed:

  • OutlookBarItem does not clear its content when changing style dynamically. This caused OutlookBar to crash
  • Setting ItemMinimizedTemplates throws exception


What’s Fixed:

  • Setting IsDropDownOpen in XAML crashes TabControl and OutlookBar


What’s New:

  • IsSpinEnabled property added to control whether keyboard or mouse actions can change the value of the MaskedTextBox


What’s New:

  • ArrowVisibilityMinimumThreshold is added


What’s Fixed:

  • DropDownButton and SplitButton now have the KeepOpen property that makes them ignore routed events that will normally close them automatically

Our latest Q3 2009 SP1 release (version 2009.3.1208) uses WCF RIA Services Beta for Visual Studio 2008 SP1. In other words, you should install this WCF RIA Services to be able to load our demos locally.

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