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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight 2009.1526

May 25, 2009


  • New Features
    • TextDecorations property
    • Sorted event to RadGridView
    • ShowDistinctFilters property for GridViewColumn
    • CanUserInsertRows implementation
    • Added EditorSettings.CellEditStyle for customizing editor from xaml
    • Localization for GridView
    • Themes: Alternating Rows for Office_Black and Vista themes
    • Added ResultFormatString property to aggregate functions
    • CellEditEnded event is raised when cell edit is canceled
    • Silverlight3 DomainDataSource support added
    • Filtering and Filtered events added
    • PixelWidth property for grid columns added
    • CurrentCell property for the grid added
  • Fixes
    • ExcelML export to mark cells of type String when the column has a data format string defined
    • "TAB" deletes next cell when first cell is deleted
    • FilterOperatorConverter to always return translated strings for given operator
    • IsReadOnly moved to GridViewDataControl
    • AutoGenerateColumns moved from RadGridView to GridViewDataControl
    • Fix for the column resize when there is a "star" column and data source is set later
    • ComboBoxColumn: Display member to be used in filtering dropdown
    • Filtering is applied on “Enter” pressed
    • Localization: Removed text wrapping attribute form GridViewGroupPanel textbox
    • Only autogenerated descriptors should cleared if ItemsSource is changed
    • Editing floating point data
    • "TAB" clicked on last cell does not commit editing
    • The indentation of the new row in hierarchy
    • Fixed bug - adding "auto" column after "star" column
    • Reordering with hidden columns no longer prevents redisplaying the columns
    • Problem with drag and drop of columns in RadWindow is now fixed
    • CellEditEvent bugfixes and improvements: CellEditEndedEvent now fires in every case when Cell exits EditMode (Commit or Cancel)
    • Exception is no longer raised when cell editor cannot be created
    • DataSet hierarchical binding problems
    • Reset vertical scrollbar after delete row
    • Sorting does not work correctly after group
    • GridViewCell does not display ContentTemplate
    • Editor.Value bug when CancelEdit


  • New Features
    • Added ChartArea.PlotAreaStyle property so it is now possible to customize the appearance of the PlotArea (versus the existing functionality that only allowed customization of the whole ChartArea)
    • Added SeriesDefinition.SeriesItemTooltipStyle property for easy customization of the series item tooltip appearance
  • Fixes
    • AxisY step calculation issue when large numbers displayed on the axis
    • AxisX step calculation issue in some scenarios
    • An issue with setting the AxisX.IsDateTime property declaratively from XAML.
    • An issue with changing the SeriesDefinition after the DataSeries is added to the ChartArea.DataSeries collection
    • An issue with chart not rebinding when the series mappings are updated
    • An issue with databinding and creating a mapping for non-existent data field
    • An issue with CandleStick series throwing NullReferenceException when trying to clear the associated DataSeries
    • An issue with hiding the series item tooltips in some scenarios
    • An issue with last series item tooltip not correct for certain types (Area, Line, Spline, etc.)
    • An issue with applying incorrect styles in some scenarios when setting themes
    • An issue with clipped series item labels in Pie/Doughnut charts
    • An issue with legend item labels cut-off at the bottom
    • An issue with chart legend not populated properly when chart layout is set in XAML and chart data is set in code
    • An issue with chart legend items not styled correctly with custom palette in some scenarios
    • ChartLegendItem template so now appearance properties can be overriden in a user-defined style
    • SeriesItemLabel template so now FontSize can be overriden in a user-defined style
    • “Layout Cycle Detected” exception with single-item pie chart
    • Memory leaks in chart visual series
    • An issue with re-templating the RadChart control


  • Fixes
    • Radial gauge distorting its form when no width/height is set for the control
    • Gauge indicators not arranged properly when the gauge is resized from code
    • Numeric gauge resizing issue


  • New Features
    • PreviewWindowClose and WindowClose events added
  • Fixes
    • An empty container appearing in some cases


  • Fixes
    • ExpandItemByPath now returns Void
    • Fixed HorizontalContentalignment and VerticalContentalignment in treeview headers


  • New Features
    • IsMouseWheelEnabled property that holds a value indicating whether the RadComboBox will respond to MouseWheel events when its dropdown is not open/li>
  • Fixes
    • The SelectionBoxItem is now updated when SelectedIndex becomes -1
    • A selection bug when FilteringMode=Contains

RadMenu and RadContextMenu

  • New Features
    • ItemClick CLR event on RadMenu and RadContextMenu, that is raised when the user clicks on a menu item
    • NotifyOnHeaderClick property. When set to true the menu items that have children will raise Click event when clicked. The default is false
  • Fixes
    • RadContextMenu was not positioned correctly when the Silverlight plug-in is not placed at the top-left corner of the page
    • RadMenu and RadContextMenu Foreground property is now operational


  • Fixes
    • Added nullable support fo SelectedTime in RadTimePicker and Radclock
    • Default selected value in RadtimePicker is null
    • SelectedTime is made of TimeSpan? type
    • Fix RadClock selected states when using in TimePicker and clear the input box


  • New Features
    • Background property is now templatebound

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