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Telerik UI for Silverlight is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for Silverlight effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for Silverlight 2009.1312

March 11, 2009

Q1 2009

New Controls:

RadGridView official edition - the Q1 release featuers the official version of RadGridView for Silverlight.

  • New Features
    • Grouping
    • Advanced Sorting
    • Hierarchy
    • MS Excel-like Filtering
    • Frozen Columns support
    • Asynchronous Data Binding
    • MaskedTextBox editor added
    • Editing API significantly improved
    • Export to Excel, Word, CSV, HTML, and simple text
    • RowLoaded event added for easy row appearance customization
    • Drag/Drop logic improvements - better cursors and added drop location indicators that provide better visual feedback to the user
    • RadGridView.HierarchyChildTemplate property added to simplify customizing hierarchy child display
    • Numerous performance improvements resulting in faster data operations and reduced memory footprint
  • Changes
    • Custom Sorting API changed: new Sorting event added
    • "Navigator" column renamed to "row indicator"
    • GridViewDataColumn moved to the Telerik.Windows.Controls namespace
    • The GridViewBackground control has been removed. Gridlines and column backgrounds are a part of the cell template now.

RadDocking official edition - the official edition of RadDocking now features, CompassMenu, Drag and Drop, ContextMenus and Commands to panes, new dependency properties like:

  • ShowResizePreview – new dependency property. When set to false the resize/split operation in the docking control happens immediately. If true then there will be a preview before the operation is completed
  • VisualCueStyle – new dependency property. Used to style the visual cue (visible only when there is a snap)CompassStyle – new dependency property. Used to style the compass control (visible only when dragging dockable windows)
  • RootCompassStyle – new dependency property. Used to style the root compass control (visible only when dragging dockable windows)
  • Added Menu, ContextMenu and Command to panes

The DocumentHostContent has been renamed to DocumentHost, whereas the SplitContainers has been removed.

RadChart official release - with this release we included 2D charts for Silverlight that leverages the capabilities of the Silverlight platform and allows you to create rich visualizations of enterprise data

  • Key Features - to all the currently existing features for the 2D RadChart for WPF we also added the following:
    • Two new chart types: Range and SplineRange
    • API for Saving images from the chart
    • Removed dependency to System.ServiceModel
    • Tooltip support
    • Tooltip opening/closing event
    • Click event
    • Greatly improved AxisX Layout mode. It now features Normal, Inside, Between and Auto layout modes
    • Options to show/hide item labels and tooltips
    • Support for custom label format expressions for all chart labels (axis, series)
    • LegendDisplayMode.None to enable hiding a specific series from the legend
    • SeriesAppearance settings
  • Breaking Changes
    • AxisX.ItemWidthFactor renamed to ChartArea.ItemWidthPercent
    • DataPoint.Label is obsolete. Use DataPoint.LegendLabel instead

RadEditor CTP edition - with this release we included a CTP of RadEditor for Silverlight. It features all standard text formatting options as well as get/set content both in HTML format and plain text and API allowing programmatic manipulation of the content

RadMaskedTextBoxTelerik MaskedTextBox allows you to enter text, numbers and dates that conform to a given mask. The MaskedTextBox accepts string and numeric data in various customizable formats and provides cross-culture support. The above example shows all the pre-defined masks and formats Telerik MaskedTextBox supports.

RadToolBar - the brand new RadToolBar for Silverlight supports the following features:

  • RadToolBar works independent and in pair with RadToolBarTray
  • Supports data binding through ItemsSource
  • Support for ItemContainerStyleSelector
  • A bundle with predefined Styles for most popular controls
  • Supports Strip and Overflow areas
  • Supports OverflowMode for items
  • Overflow area Opened and Closed events
  • Supports Band and BandIndex for Tray ordering
  • Themes support
  • RadToolBarTray - handles group of ToolBars, manages the ToolBars’ layout, supports Band and BandIndex for Tray ordering

RadColorPicker - this lightweight UI component allows to:

  • Choose amongst 25 Preset Color Palettes
  • Use sepatate components :  RadColorSelector and RadColorPaletteView
  • Use Styling buttons - ColorButton and DropDownButton
  • Fully customize RadColorPicker in terms of Layout and Styling
  • Use set of events 
  • Define Custom colors
  • Binding
  • Fully customize RadColorPaletteView in terms of Layout and Styling
  • Fully customizable RadColorSelector in terms of Layout and Styling
  • Themes support


  • New Features
    • LinearScale / RadialScale interactivity features (click support, indicator elements dragging)
    • LinearScale / RadialScale tooltip support for scale elements
    • LinearScale / RadialScale MajorTickStep property - this property provides alternative way to set up major ticks in the linear / radial scale: instead of defining the number of ticks, it allows you to specify the interval between ticks in scale units. Also, you can use the LinearScale / RadialScale ShowLastLabel property to indicate whether you want the last tick displayed in scenarios where the actual scale range is not divisible by the MajorTickStep property value (e.g. range 150 and step 9)
    • LinearScale.Orientation property - gets or sets a value indicating the orientation of the respective scale; this significantly facilitates the creation of horizontal linear gauges
    • IGaugeIndicator Interface - this interface combines numeric indicator and other indicators those are based on IndicatorBase class. It provides easy access to the common indicator’s properties.
  • Changes
    • RadialScale.IsLabelRotated property is now enumeration property (LabelRotationMode enumeration) instead of boolean property. The enumeration values are as follows:
      None – works like IsLabelRotated == false in previous version
      Automatic – works like IsLabelRotated == true in previous version
      SurroundIn – labels surround radial scale with character’s base line is directed towards the center of the scale
      SurroundOut – labels surround radial scale with character’s base line is directed backwards the center of the scale

    • The IndicatorList, RangeList and TickList containers must be used instead of Indicators, Ranges and Ticks properties of a gauge scale. Note that rendering of their objects will be performed according to actual placement in XAML (with previous version it was possible to place ranges after indicators but indicators were placed on top -- currently IndicatorList should be placed last in the scale container)

    • Types of Indicators, Ranges, Ticks, and Labels properties have been changed to ItemCollection (according to the changes in container classes). If you are accessing collection element then it has object type and should be converted to appropriate type. In previous version each element of the list was strong typed (for example Indicators contained  IndicatorBase objects) but currently it should be converted to indicator specific type or to IGaugeIndicator interface

    • Numeric Indicator - The NumberPositions property returns the Items property of the Numeric Indicator. If you get a number position from the NumberPositions collection via index then it has object type and should be converted to NumberPosition type

    • Number positions do not have own template list for characters now (TemplateList property is removed). You need to set the NumericIndicator.TemplatePrefix property instead. RadGauge provide "FontFamily", "SevenSegs" and "HexagonalSevenSegs" templates of characters for numeric indicator. The "FontFamily" prefix is used by default.

  • New Features
    • Added EditableTemplate, NonEditableTemplate properties to RadComboBox. These are used to specify the template of the combobox for editable and non-editable states


  • New Features
    • Added ShowButtons dependency property in RadNumericUpDown. This property controls the visibility of up/down buttons


  • New Features
    • Added BufferingTime dependency property to RadMediaItem
    • Added IsPlaylistVisible dependency property to RadMediaPlayer


  • New Features
    • Added UIElement property – this is the element on which RadContextMenu is attached to
      Control Animations


  • New Features
    • RadProgressBar has a property SkipValue which allows the ProgressBar indicator to start from any value smaller than the current Value. For example, if value is 0.5 and SkipValue is 0.25, there will be a visible indicator for 0.25 to 0.5


  • Bug Fixes
    • DragDrop does not capture the mouse anymore, so the state of the dragged items updates properly
  • Breaking Changes
    • Setting the QueryResult of DragDropQueryEventArgs to false will cancel the search for visual parents that are drop destinations. Who will be affected - If you set the query result to false and handle the DropQuery for another drop destination that is a visual ancestor of the element, do not set the query result to false but to null (the default value)


  • New Features
    • Support for Multiple Time Format
    • Support for Different Cultures

Other Changes  


  • RadControl GetTheme and SetTheme methods marked as obsolete. Use StyleManager instead
  • RadControl Theme dependency property marked as obsolete. Use StyleManager instead
  • Theming GetTheme and SetTheme methods marked as obsolete. Use StyleManager instead
  • Theming Theme dependency property marked as obsolete. Use StyleManager instead

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