Fiddler Classic

Release History

Fiddler v5.0.20242

March 27, 2024

Version 5.0.20242

  • Show informational banners in cases where some functionalities are not supported
  • Add tls1.1 and tls1.2 in the default HTTPS supported protocols for decryption (for new installations only)
  • Changing fonts breaks the TextView tab by hiding the search option
  • Saving SAZ file fails when there are more than 62K sessions.
  • Check for update fails when tls1.2 is not added in the HTTPS supported protocols
  • Host Remapping tool fails to override certificate behavior for requests created by Fiddler Classic
  • Export as cURL uses -d instead of --data-raw which causes security issues in some rare cases.
  • An unnecessary log is printed when ClientHello's length is greater than 255 bytes

Fiddler Classic

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