Fiddler Classic

Release History

Fiddler v5.0.20211

December 15, 2021

Version 5.0.20211.51073

  • Change the name to Progress Telerik Fiddler Classic
  • Add Cross-Origin headers to Response Header Security section
  • Throw HTTP protocol violation when a header name contains a space
  • TLS ClientHello and ServerHello parsing fails when there are large extensions
  • Change the validity period for dynamically created certificates in Fiddler Classic to be less than an year
  • Update Set-Cookie header template as it is expired
  • HostnameIs method might return true even when host does not match when it has port
  • Incorrectly strips Authorization header if it happens to contain the letters NTLM
  • Fiddler Auth Inspector should decode BASIC credentials using Encoding.UTF8
  • Error window at launch may be hard to find
  • TLS Handshake Analyzer omits the last value in the supported_versions extension
  • Process picker option is not working for Chromium based browsers
  • "Set AutoResponder comment" hotkey moves list selection

Fiddler Classic

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