Fiddler Jam

Release History

Fiddler Jam v1.7.0

August 30, 2022

Version 1.7.0

  • Update Fiddler Jam plans

Fiddler Jam Extension v1.7.0

  • Add a new DOM video format in Fiddler Jam browser extension
  • Add a new Sliding Recording functionality for choosing a specific duration to submit

Fiddler Jam Embedded v0.3.0

  • Introduce a new Fiddler Jam Embedded library
  • Add an option to integrate the capture and share functionalities in your own application
  • Add a new DOM video format

Fiddler Jam Portal v2.12.0

  • Add option to copy link after adding an item to an issue tracking integration system
  • Add information about Fiddler Jam Embedded in “My Resources”





Fiddler Jam Portal v2.12.0

  • JIRA can't be authorized when setting up issue tracking integration
  • Local storage does not disable the tab
  •  "My Resources" appears when changing the workspaces


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