Fiddler Jam

Release History

Fiddler Jam v1.4.0

December 13, 2021

Version 1.4.0


Browser extension 

  • Microsoft Edge support
  • Predefined recording link support
  • Capture WebSocket traffic
  • Mask sensitive data in local and session storage
  • Changed the shortcut for opening the extension to Ctrl(Cmd)+Shift+J
  • Added “Clear cookies, cache and storage on start” capture setting to Advanced Options
  • Removed “Mask all post data” capture setting from Advanced Options

Web portal

  • Predefined Jam recording link
  • Added WebSocket capture visualization
  • Indicate expiry label for non-added logs to a workspace
  • Adjusted Getting Started experience to Edge

Browser extension

  • Capture storage information only when the setting is enabled
  • Mocking mode now mocks first requests

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