Fiddler Jam

Release History

Fiddler Jam v1.2.0

October 8, 2021

Version 1.2.0


Web portal functionality

  • Using Monaco editor in inspectors and storage
  • Added additional information in request and response - time taken, size, URL path
  • Added Raw body in both request and response
  • Added Splitter between request and response

Chrome extension functionality

  • Fixed longer video recordings
  • The following regex values made to match the whole string in order to avoid masking the full value, because of matching too generic sensitive value:
    • AWS Access Key ID
    • AWS API Key
    • Facebook Access Token
    • Mailgun API Key 2
    • Twitter OAuth
    • Twitter Bearer Token
    • Facebook OAuth
    • Union pay card with spaces
    • AWS AppSync GraphQL Key
    • GitHub Access Token
    • Google API Key/Google Drive API Key/Google Gmail API Key/Google YouTube API Key
    • MailChimp API Key
    • Twilio API Key

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