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Silverlight Timeline

  • Part of the Telerik UI for Silverlight library along with 110+ professionally-designed UI controls.
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  • Selection and Grouping

    Provide readability of visualized events by seamlessly grouping the Timeline items. Display or hide a group of events on the current timeline thanks to the available expand/collapse logic. Make RadTimeline even more interactive by enabling and configuring the selection feature. Enable the single, multiple or extended selection mode to allow your users to select one or multiple timeline items.

  • Custom Annotations

    RadTimeline Annotations support provides your application users with more information regarding the displayed periods of time. Assign start dates and durations to annotations to position them easily on the timeline. 

  • Row Index Generator

    RadTimeline supports custom items order. Specify the vertical position by choosing the row index for each item to achieve the desired order of items.

  • Time Intervals

    A predefined list of supported time units allows you to choose the most appropriate time units for your timeline. RadTimeline chooses the best time unit from the collection, according to the current zoom level.

  • Customizable Templates

    Use TimelineItemTemplate, TimelineInstantItemTemplate and the ItemTemplateSelector to easily customize the appearance of the RadTimeline control. Colorize events for easier visualization and get a custom look and feel for each event or group of events in the timeline.

  • Zoom

    You can easily zoom in and out in order to display a certain sub-period in greater detail or get a better overview of the whole period.

  • Item Tooltip

    Specify a tooltip template for the Timeline items in order to display their details.

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