JustDecompile FAQs


  • What is JustDecompile?
  • Does JustDecompile support languages other than C# (like VB, IL, F#, etc)?
  • What are the system requirements for JustDecompile?
  • Does JustDecompile support third party extensions/plugins?
  • Does JustDecompile integrate with Visual Studio?
  • Is JustDecompile an open source tool?
  • How much does JustDecompile cost?
  • What makes JustDecompile special?
  • Can JustDecompile extract resources from assemblies?
  • Can decompiled code be directly exported from JustDecompile?
  • How can I access the JustDecompile offline installer?
  • Where should I share JustDecompile feedback?
  • Can obfuscated code be decompiled with JustDecompile?
  • Will decompiling JustDecompile rip a hole in space/time?

    Decompilation Engine

  • What part of JustDecompile is open source?
  • How does open sourcing JustDecompile Engine affects me?
  • Where do I get the latest version?