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  • Overview

    The Stepper control in Telerik UI for PHP displays the progress a user has made in a number of steps that must be done together for a big action be to completed. Consider using it when you'd rather not overwhelm the user with a huge page and many inputs to fill. For example, use a stepper to for the multi-step process of buying a airline ticket.

    Telerik UI for PHP Stepper Overview
  • Orientation, Layout and Customization

    The Stepper is as configurable as the other components in the suite. Steps can be laid out horizontally or vertically. The labels can be displayed next to or below each step's indicator. You can pick your own icons, fonts, colors and blend the stepper in the rest of the page. How far has the user progressed through the Stepper may be displayed with both labels and indicators of progress, or just one of the two.

    Telerik UI for PHP Stepper Orientation
  • Operation Modes

    With the Stepper you also get to customize how the users progress through steps! A basic stepper implementation would only allow you progress sequentially without skipping. With the Telerik UI for PHP Stepper, developers can

    • Label steps as optional
    • Allow users to go back to a previous step or skip several steps and fill them later
    • Display messages about the progression (like errors and warnings) directly in the stepper
  • Keyboard Navigation and Accessibility

    The stepper is usable by users however they prefer. It is designed to work without a mouse with intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, the Stepper supports all RTL languages and has meaningful ARIA attributes to help users who need ARIA compatibility

    Telerik UI for PHP Stepper RTL Support

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