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  • Overview

    The Telerik UI for PHP Form component is similar to the HTML form element but much more powerful. It provides easy field configuration, complete customization in terms of styling but also in terms of layout/orientation and validation. It is a Form component fit for every scenario.

    Telerik UI for PHP Form Overview
  • Field Configuration

    Fields are easy to configure - just provide the component with a list, each item of which contains the relevant data for some field:
    • The type of the field - text, password, number, address, etc.
    • Name - the text for the label of the element
    • Any validation callbacks

    Telerik UI for PHP Form Fields
  • Orientation and Layout

    You can control how the Telerik UI for PHP Form control will be rendered in several ways:
    • What algorithm to choose for layout - a grid or Flexbox?
    • How should it be oriented - vertically or horizontally?
    • Or should it use the well-chosen default and just work without you spending any effort?

    Telerik UI for PHP Form Orientation
  • Templates

    By default, forms will have 2 buttons – “Clear” and “Submit”. You can replace them, remove them all together or add new ones. For example, you might want to have a “Agree & Continue” in a form displaying the application’s license agreement.

  • Validation

    The values which the user entered can be validated for each element in the Formbut you can also have a function which validates the Form as a whole. You can also configure the template for error message and when exactly should the validation script be executed.
    Telerik UI for PHP Form Validation
  • Data Binding

    The Form component can work with your data model directly. This will cause it to both bind the value of the fields to your model and to automatically generate a field for every property in your model!

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