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Keyboard Navigation

The keyboard navigation of the TreeList is always available.

The data table of the TreeList supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

Arrow KeysNavigates between the cells.
SpaceSelects the row with the currently highlighted cell.
  • Selects or deselects the current row.
  • Persists the previously selected rows.
  • Performs range selection.
  • Selects all rows between the last selected one.
Shift+Arrow KeysAdds the row of the focused cell to the selection.
Enter or F2Sets the item in edit mode. If pressed on a command column, the shortcut focuses the first focusable element inside it.
EscCancels the edit or, if an element inside a cell is focused, returns the focus to the table.
Alt+Right ArrowExpands the current item.
Alt+Left ArrowCollapses the current item.
Ctrl+HomeFocuses the first focusable element inside the body.
Ctrl+EndFocuses the last focusable element inside the body.
HomeFocuses the first focusable cell in the row.
EndFocuses the last focusable cell in the row.
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