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TileLayout Tiles Position and Dimensions

There are several properties that control the position and dimensions of the TileLayout tiles. You can pass these properties either as a defaultPosition object for each tile (uncontrolled mode), or though the positions property of the TileLayout component. See Controlling the Position for details.

The possible configuration options are:

  • col (Required)—Defines on which column-line the tile will start. The reordering and resizing functionalities require it to work as expected.
  • row—Defines on which row-line the tile will start.
  • colSpan—Specifies the number of cols that the tile spans.
  • rowSpan—Specifies the number of rows that the tile spans.
  • order—Defines the order index of the tile. If not set, tiles will receive a sequential order.
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Controlling the Position

The TileLayout provides options for controlling the position of each item by using the positions property of the TileLayout.

To manage the positions of the TileLayout items:

  1. Use its positions property.
  2. Handle the onReposition event.
  3. Pass the new value through the props.
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