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Select Native Grid Rows When Specific Buttons are Pressed.


Product Version3.10.0
ProductProgress® Kendo UI for Vue Native


This KB article demonstrates how you can limit the rows' selection of the Native Grid by pressing specific keyboard keys. In the following example the rows of the Native Grid can be selected or deselected only when the Shift, Ctrl or Command(for Mac) keyboard buttons are pressed.

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Solution description

To achieve the following scenario, we use the onRowClick event of the Native Grid and the following code:

onRowClick(event) {
    if (event.event.metaKey || event.event.ctrlKey || event.event.shiftKey) {
    event.dataItem[this.selectedField] =

Runnable example

To test the following example press Ctrl, Shift or Command(for Mac) buttons and click on selected Grid row.

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