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The Grid allows the user to select single or multiple rows.

By default, the single-row selection option of the Grid is disabled. To enable the single-row selection functionality, set the :selectable option of the Grid to true.

<kendo-grid :selectable='true'

The :selectable option also accepts the following values:

  • row
  • cell
  • multiple row
  • multiple cell

As of the Kendo UI R2 2017 SP1 release, the Grid provides the columns.selectable property, which enables multiple selection through a checkbox column. When enabled, the selectable property of a column also renders a checkbox in the header and allows the selection and deselection of all rows on the current page.

  • The built-in checkbox selection, which is enabled through the selectable option, is not integrated with the selection functionality of the Grid. They are mutually exclusive and to enable the selection, it is recommended to use either of the approaches.
  • Selection is not persisted when the Grid is rebound—that is, when paging, filtering, sorting, editing, or virtual scrolling occurs—unless the persistSelection property is enabled. The persistSelection option is applicable for row selection only.
  • Selection performance may decrease when the page size is too large or paging is not used while at the same time the Grid is rendering hundreds or thousands of items. This behavior most frequently occurs in Internet Explorer. Grouping, hierarchy, and frozen columns also have a negative impact on the selection performance, because these features make the HTML output of the Grid more complex. As a result, it is recommended that you use paging with a reasonable page size.

For more information on selection, refer to the documentation of the Kendo UI Grid for jQuery.

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