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Column Menu

The Native Vue Grid enables you to show a menu with quick actions for its columns.

The column menu provides flexible options for high-level customization. For example, the regular sorting and filtering features are represented by individual components which allows you to implement complex scenarios and meet the specific requirements of your project.

Basic Usage

To configure the column menu, use the columnMenu option of the columns.

The following example demonstrates how to utilize the components for sorting and filtering while you implement the column menu in the Grid.

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Checkbox Filter

The ColumnMenu provides the GridColumnMenuCheckboxFilter component, which provides a checkbox list to filter the column data.

The following example demonstrates how to setup the checkbox filtering:

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Customizing the Filter Component

The filter component of the column menu enables you to customize its user interface (UI) by passing a custom component to the filterUI property.

You can integrate custom components in the column menu and pass additional properties to them.

The following example demonstrates how to:

  • Render the columns inside the column menu based on an array of the column names and on the column hidden property.
  • Hide columns from the column menu and enable the Grid to update the column menu accordingly.

To access all demo files, refer to the tree pane of the file.

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In the above example the filter column menu could also be defined as a local component instance in the following way:

const ColumnMenu = {
    props: {
        column: Object,
        sortable: [Boolean, Object],
        sort: {
            type: Array
        filter: Object,
        filterable: Boolean
    template: `<div>
            @closemenu ="closeMenu"
            @expandchange = "expandChange"
            @filterchange = "filterChange"
    methods: {
        expandChange () {
        closeMenu () {
        filterChange (newDescriptor, e) {
            this.$emit('filterchange', newDescriptor, e);

Styling the Column Menu Icon

Both the filterGroupByField and sortGroupByField static methods which checks if filtering and sorting are applied to a specific field. You can use these methods for applying custom CSS classes to the column menu and mark it as active.

The following example demonstrates how to style the column-menu icon when sorting and filtering are applied.

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