virtual-item-height Number

The height of the virtual item. All items in the virtualized list must have the same height. If virtual-item-height is not specified, the framework will automatically set itemHeight based on the current theme and font size.

virtual-map-value-to String

As of the Kendo UI R3 2016 release, you can determine if the valueMapper will resolve a value to an index or to a data item by using the mapValueTo option.

The supported values by mapValueTo are:

  • (Default) index—Does not affect the current virtualization process. For more information, refer to the article on virtualization.
  • dataItem

virtual-value-mapper Function

The MultiColumnComboBox calls the valueMapper function when it receives a value which is not fetched from the remote server yet. The MultiColumnComboBox will then pass the selected values in the valueMapper function and, in turn, the valueMapper implementation will return the indices of the respective data items.