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Keyboard Navigation

The keyboard support of the Calendar is always available.

The Calendar supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

 Alt+w Focuses the Calendar.
 Left Arrow Highlights the previous day.
 Right Arrow Highlights the next day.
 Up Arrow Highlights the same day from the previous week.
 Down ArrowHighlights the same day from the next week.
 Ctrl+Left ArrowNavigates to the previous month.
 Ctrl+Right ArrowNavigates to the next month.
 Ctrl+Up ArrowNavigates to the previous view.
 Ctrl+Down ArrowNavigates to the next view.
 HomeHighlights the first day of the month.
 EndHighlights the last day of the month.
 Enter or SpaceIf in the month view, selects the highlighted day. In other views, navigates to lower view.

When in multiple selection mode, the Calendar supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

 Ctrl+Enter or SpaceAdds the highlighted day to the current selection. If that day was already selected, removes it from the selection.
 Shift+Left Arrow or Right ArrowAdds the next or the previous date to the selected items.
 Shift+Up Arrow or Down ArrowIn the month view, extends the selection up or down one row.
 Shift+SpacePerforms range selection. Selects all dates between the last selected one (with SPACE or mouse click) and the one which holds the focused cell.
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