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The globalization process combines the translation of component messages with adapting them to specific locales.

For more information on how globalization practices are implemented in Kendo UI for Vue, refer to the overview article. The following example demonstrates how to localize the built-in messages of the Kendo UI for Vue Pager and Filter components.


The internationalization process applies specific culture formats to a web application.

For more information, refer to:


The Pager and Filter components support the localization of its messages by utilizing the Kendo UI for Vue Internationalization package.

The following table lists the built-in message keys and their default values.

Message KeyDefault Value
pager.itemsPerPageitems per page
pager.info{0} - {1} of {2} items
pager.firstPageGo to the first page
pager.previousPageGo to the previous page
pager.nextPageGo to the next page
pager.lastPageGo to the last page
filter.eqOperatorIs equal to
filter.notEqOperatorIs not equal to
filter.isNullOperatorIs null
filter.isNotNullOperatorIs not null
filter.isEmptyOperatorIs empty
filter.isNotEmptyOperatorIs not empty
filter.startsWithOperatorStarts with
filter.notContainsOperatorDoes not contain
filter.endsWithOperatorEnds with
filter.gteOperatorIs greater than or equal to
filter.gtOperatorIs greater than
filter.lteOperatorIs less than or equal to
filter.ltOperatorIs less than
filter.isTrueIs true
filter.isFalseIs false
filter.afterOrEqualOperatorIs after or equal to
filter.afterOperatorIs after
filter.beforeOperatorIs before
filter.beforeOrEqualOperatorIs before or equal to
filter.addExpressionAdd Expression
filter.addGroupAdd Group
columnMenu.sortAscendingSort Ascending
columnMenu.sortDescendingSort Descending
columnMenu.filterEqOperatorIs equal to
columnMenu.filterNotEqOperatorIs not equal to
columnMenu.filterIsNullOperatorIs null
columnMenu.filterIsNotNullOperatorIs not null
columnMenu.filterIsEmptyOperatorIs empty
columnMenu.filterIsNotEmptyOperatorIs not empty
columnMenu.filterStartsWithOperatorStarts with
columnMenu.filterNotContainsOperatorDoes not contain
columnMenu.filterEndsWithOperatorEnds with
columnMenu.filterGteOperatorIs greater than or equal to
columnMenu.filterGtOperatorIs greater than
columnMenu.filterLteOperatorIs less than or equal to
columnMenu.filterLtOperatorIs less than
columnMenu.filterIsTrueIs true
columnMenu.filterAfterOrEqualOperatorIs after or equal to
columnMenu.filterAfterOperatorIs after
columnMenu.filterBeforeOperatorIs before
columnMenu.filterBeforeOrEqualOperatorIs before or equal to

The following example demonstrates how the language of the Pager & Filter components can be switched when the localization of the component is changed.

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Right-to-Left Support

The following example demonstrates how to utilize the RTL support for the Pager & Filter components.

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