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Custom Editors

The Filter provides an option to define the way each filter parameter will be passed to the component. With this functionality, the value of a text field, for example, can be entered through an Input element or selected from a DropDownList, ComboBox, or other Kendo UI for Vue Native component.

Built-in Editors

The @progress/kendo-vue-data-tools package provides a number of built-in filters that can be used as custom editors for the different Filter fields. Here is a list of the built-in filters.

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Custom Component Editors

The below example demonstrates how we can use the ComboBox and DropDownList components as custom field editors in the Filter component. The example uses the filterRender property of the FieldSettings.

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Add filter expression and see that editor of the Product Name field is a DropDownList and the editor of the Quantity Per Unit field is a ComboBox.