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The HierarchicalDataSource component utilizes the kendo-datasource component as a mixin. Other supported props are available in the API of the kendo-datasource component.




filter Array | Object

The filters which are applied over the data items (filter in Kendo UI for jQuery). filter applies filtering to all loaded nodes and creates views from the nodes that match the filter and their parent nodes up to the root of the hierarchy. Nodes that are not currently loaded are not filtered. By default, filter is not applied.

schema Object

The schema configuration (schema in Kendo UI for jQuery). For more information, refer to DataSource.schema. The supported composite props are available in SchemaProps.


change: Function

Fires when the data is changed (change in Kendo UI for jQuery). As compared to the standard change event, the HierarchicalDataSource includes additional data when the event was triggered from a child DataSource.




Returns the Kendo UI HierarchicalDataSource instance.