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A basic filter expression. Usually is a part of CompositeFilterDescriptor.

For more information on filtering the provided data array, refer to the filterBy method. For examples on using the FilterDescriptor, refer to the documentation on filtering the Grid.


string | Function

The data item field to which the filter operator is applied.



Determines if the string comparison is case-insensitive.


FilterOperator | string | Function

The filter operator (comparison).

The supported operators are:

  • "eq" (equal to)
  • "neq" (not equal to)
  • "isnull" (is equal to null)
  • "isnotnull" (is not equal to null)
  • "lt" (less than)
  • "lte" (less than or equal to)
  • "gt" (greater than)
  • "gte" (greater than or equal to)

The following operators are supported for string fields only:

  • "startswith"
  • "endswith"
  • "contains"
  • "doesnotcontain"
  • "isempty"
  • "isnotempty"



The value to which the field is compared. Has to be of the same type as the field.

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