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A basic filter expression. Usually is a part of CompositeFilterDescriptor.

For more information on filtering the provided data array, refer to the filterBy method. For examples on using the documentation on filtering the Grid.

field? string | Function

The data item field to which the filter operator is applied.

ignoreCase? boolean

Determines if the string comparison is case-insensitive.

operator FilterOperator | string | Function

The filter operator (comparison).

The supported operators are:

  • "eq" (equal to)
  • "neq" (not equal to)
  • "isnull" (is equal to null)
  • "isnotnull" (is not equal to null)
  • "lt" (less than)
  • "lte" (less than or equal to)
  • "gt" (greater than)
  • "gte" (greater than or equal to)

The following operators are supported for string fields only:

  • "startswith"
  • "endswith"
  • "contains"
  • "doesnotcontain"
  • "isempty"
  • "isnotempty"

value? any

The value to which the field is compared. Has to be of the same type as the field.

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