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KendoReact Typography Overview

The Typography is a reusable component that helps presenting the content in a React application. It could trim down a lot of time as the application grows.

The Typography Component is part of KendoReact, a professional UI components library designed and built from the ground up for React to make developers more productive. To try it out, sign up for a free 30-day trial.

The key benefits of the Typography component are:

  • EfficientUsing the built-in design system, you no longer have to spend time thinking about sizes and styles to unify the look of your application. It provides a set of types and sizes that works well together.
  • ConsistentHaving consistency in your application is important. The design system draws a pattern for a consistent look and feel that will help users find information faster and with less confusion.
  • MaintainableLet's say that your designers decide to change the font size if the all <h2> elements. You have to search for every place that this element is used, go to every CSS file, and try to find where the font-size property is. Instead, if you have reusable components you just need to change it in one place.
  • Avoids duplicated codeUsing reusable components helps you avoid copying your code and styles in many different places.

React Typography Demo Preview

The following example demonstrates the Typography variants and styles in action.

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Key Features

  • AppearanceYou can quickly add additional style to the Typography by choosing from the predefined styling options.