Represents the props of the KendoReact Dialog component.

className? string

Sets a class of the Dialog DOM element.

closeIcon? boolean

Specifies whether a close button should be rendered at the top corner of the dialog.

dir? string

Represents the dir HTML attribute.

height? number | string

Specifies the height of the Dialog (see example).

id? string

Sets the aria-labelledby value.

minWidth? number | string

Specifies the minimum width of the Dialog.

onClose? (event: DialogCloseEvent) => void

Fires when the Close button in the title is clicked or when the Esc button is pressed.

style? CSSProperties

The styles that are applied to the Dialog.

title? string | ReactElement<any>

Sets the title of the Dialog (see example). If title is not specified, the Dialog does not render a Close button.

width? number | string

Specifies the width of the Dialog (see example).