Apply Your Brand Colors



The Kendo UI ThemeBuilder is used to alter the color pallets used by the themes included with Kendo UI for jQuery. The variables used by the ThemeBuilder are exactly the same as those used by  the Kendo UI Kits for Figma. This makes design implementation simple. The designer sets the variables in the UI Kit and then either sets them likewise in ThemeBuilder or simply communicated them to the developer for quick implementation.

Kendo UI for Angular ThemeBuilder

Three Ready-to-Use Themes

There is no need to reinvent the wheel, the ThemeBuilder comes with three ready-to-use themes built-in: Kendo Default, Bootstrap, and Material. You can select one of these themes as your starting point and only change the colors that you need. The design process couldn't be easier.

Color Swatches

Rather than define your colors individually, you can select from the ThemeBuilder's predefined color swatches. Designed to help you get your look as fast as possible, these swatches offer a collection of professional color palettes. You only need to make the selection and all the appropriate colors will change.

Design Services

If you want to control more than just the colors in your applications, we can help you to create a complete design system that will express your brand’s unique style. Check out the Design System Services page to learn how you can take advantage of our years of experience in application design and development.

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