Keyboard Navigation

By default, the keyboard navigation of the Kendo UI ListView for Angular is disabled. To enable the keyboard navigation, set the navigable property to true.

The ListView supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

Right Arrow && Down ArrowMoves the focus to the next item. If the focus is on the last item, the focus does not move.
Left Arrow && Up ArrowMoves the focus to the previous item. If the focus is on the first item, the focus does not move.
HomeMoves the focus to the first rendered item.
EndMoves the focus to the last rendered item.
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Controlling the Focus

To control the focus of the ListView items, use any of the following methods and props:

  • focus(index?: number) - Focuses the item at the targeted index. If no param is provided the last focused item will receive focus.
  • activeIndex - Gets the index of the item that received focus the last. This value can be used as a starting value if external navigation is to be performed.

When the ListView is not navigable the activeIndex prop returns null and the focus method will no not have any effect.

The following example demonstrates how external focus management can be performed.

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