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Message Attachments

The Chat messages can contain attachments such as images, videos, or other data.

Supported Attachment Types

The Chat provides built-in support for displaying:

  • Images—The contentType has to start with "image/". content has to be a valid URL.
  • Plain-text attachments—The built-in Chat template displays any content, other than images, as text.

Defining Attachments

To define attachments for a message:

  1. Populate the attachments field of the message.
  2. Set the content and an optional contentType for each Attachment. Typically, the content type identifier for the attachment is MIME, but you can also use a string.

Display Modes

By default, message attachments are displayed as a carousel or card deck below the message. You can also display attachments in a list by setting the attachmentLayout of the message.

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Attachment Templates

To customize the attachments, define an AttachmentTemplate . To get the default appearance of the built-in attachment template, wrap the template content in a "k-card" container.

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