X-Axis Category values in a Multiple Y-axis chart

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    Hi All,

    I'm new to both Silver light and Telerik, i was trying to evaluate the multiple Y-axis support in Rad controls.

    I found success in displaying multiple Y axis,but I'm not able to get how to define the X-Axis labels, by default it is coming as 1,2 and 3.

    For Example, i have different Sales Represntatives and want to see the sales made by them in last 3 months as a series respectively, so i have created three series as below:

                chtAct.DefaultView.ChartArea.DataSeries.Add(GenerateSeries("Jan", string.Empty, new BarSeriesDefinition(), SelectedKPIS));  
                chtAct.DefaultView.ChartArea.DataSeries.Add(GenerateSeries("Feb", "Secondary", new BarSeriesDefinition(), SelectedKPIS));  
                chtAct.DefaultView.ChartArea.DataSeries.Add(GenerateSeries("Mar", "Secondary", new BarSeriesDefinition(), SelectedKPIS));  
            private DataSeries GenerateSeries(string legendLabel, string axisName, ISeriesDefinition definition, List<String> SelectedKPIS)  
                DataSeries series = new DataSeries();              
                series.Definition = definition;  
                series.LegendLabel = legendLabel;  
                series.Definition.AxisName = axisName;  
                IEnumerable<double> ChartSeriesData = null;  
                switch (legendLabel)  
                    case "Jan":  
                        ChartSeriesData = from KPIData in KPIBowlerData  
                              where SelectedKPIS.Contains(KPIData.KPI)  
                              select KPIData.JanActual;  
                    case "Feb":  
                        ChartSeriesData = from KPIData in KPIBowlerData  
                              where SelectedKPIS.Contains(KPIData.KPI)  
                              select KPIData.FebActual;  
                    case "Mar":  
                        ChartSeriesData = from KPIData in KPIBowlerData  
                              where SelectedKPIS.Contains(KPIData.KPI)  
                              select KPIData.MarActual;  
                foreach (double Plotpoint in ChartSeriesData)  
                    series.Add(new DataPoint(Plotpoint));  
                return series;  

    Now when i select single Sales Rep all the three series are displayed, however the X-Axis label is displayed as "1", how can i display the "Sales Representative name" instead of "1", because when i add the second Rep all the series are displayed with X-axis displayed as "2" which makes it difficult for reading the chart.

    Let me know if i need to provide additional information

  2. Giuseppe
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    Posted 12 Feb 2010 Link to this post

    Hi Murugan S,

    Here is a sample code snippet that demonstrates how to combine multiple Y-axis chart with XValue category labels:

    AxisY secondary = new AxisY();
    secondary.AxisName = "Secondary";
    DataSeries series = new DataSeries();
    series.Definition = new LineSeriesDefinition();
    series.Add(new DataPoint(21) { XCategory = "Category1" });
    series.Add(new DataPoint(25) { XCategory = "Category2" });
    series.Add(new DataPoint(23) { XCategory = "Category3" });
    series.Add(new DataPoint(29) { XCategory = "Category4" });
    DataSeries series2 = new DataSeries();
    series2.Definition = new LineSeriesDefinition() { AxisName = "Secondary" };
    series2.Add(new DataPoint(250) { XCategory = "Category2" });
    series2.Add(new DataPoint(1230) { XCategory = "Category3" });
    series2.Add(new DataPoint(290) { XCategory = "Category4" });
    series2.Add(new DataPoint(190) { XCategory = "Category5" });

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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