Winforms app that gets data over http?

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  1. deneb
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    We build rather complicated applications that need to be deployed to remote users. We're not especially fond of (or experienced with) browser based app dev, and would prefer to use a technology that has a richer interface and good wysiwyg design tools. Long term I may pick up silverlight and ria services, but it's not obvious that they're ready for the kind of cut to the chase development that I prefer.

    I know some developers use winforms deployed via clickonce which would be fine for us. But one aspect I've had a hard time getting a clear picture of is how the client winforms app would interact with the database on the remost server. Does anyone here have exposure to that? It's not an approach that really took off, but was promoted briefly by Microsoft in the .Net 2.0 period. Data access technologies have evolved a lot since then and I am not sure what would be regarded as the best current practices. I wish Microsoft had something like RIA Services for winforms. Basic crud functionality is what is needed; there are other aspects like local caching and retry routines that come into play. I don't want to write all of that and so I am hoping to fine a framework or something like that to work with.

    Does anyone here have recommondations to make re basic technologies to use, or frameworks that may exist that expidite this approach? I don't think the Telerik OpenAccess ORM deals specifially with actual connectivity - it's just an ORM, right?

    I hop it's ok that I'm going to post this query to both winforms and the OpenAccess ORM forms.
  2. Damyan Bogoev
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    Hello deneb,

    In terms of rapid development it would be the best to choose the RIA Services. Our target is to provide full support for RIA Services with our 2010 Q1 release (currently only read operations are supported).
    However, if you do not want to use RIA Services yet, I would suggest you to use plain WCF Services. You can have a look at our “Northwind WCF N-Tier Demo Application” which explains how to create an n-tier application with WCF and Telerik OpenAccess ORM. The full source code of the demo is located here. Although the service of this application is consumed by a web client, the approach would be similar with Windows Forms or any other client.
    Hope that helps.

    Damyan Bogoev
    the Telerik team

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