When TabItem loses focus, all controls on TabItem GET focus

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    Posted 09 Feb 2010 Link to this post

    I have put together a simple app to demonstrate the problem.  I have a RadTabItem with several TextBox controls on it.
    If I:
    - click in a TextBox
    - click on another tab header in the same group
    All the TextBox controls on the first TabItem receive a "GotFocus" event.
    Very undesirable, since every time certain controls in our real application gets focus it initiates a round-trip to the server.
    The xaml:
            <dock:RadDocking x:Name="docking" Grid.Row="1"
                    <dock:RadSplitContainer x:Name="mapContainer1"
                        <dock:RadPaneGroup x:Name="leftGroup" GotFocus="Group_GotFocus"
                            <dock:RadPane x:Name="leftPane" GotFocus="Pane_GotFocus"
                                <tab:RadTabControl x:Name="leftTabControl"  GotFocus="TabControl_GotFocus" > 
                                    <tab:RadTabItem Header="tab1" GotFocus="RadTabItem_GotFocus"
                                            <TextBox x:Name="tb1" Text="tb1"  GotFocus="TextBox_GotFocus" /> 
                                            <TextBox x:Name="tb2" Text="tb2" GotFocus="TextBox_GotFocus" /> 
                                            <TextBox x:Name="tb3" Text="tb3"  GotFocus="TextBox_GotFocus" /> 
                                            <TextBox x:Name="tb4" Text="tb4" GotFocus="TextBox_GotFocus" /> 
                                            <TextBox x:Name="tb5" Text="tb5" GotFocus="TextBox_GotFocus" /> 
                                            <TextBox x:Name="tb6" Text="tb6" GotFocus="TextBox_GotFocus" /> 
                                    <tab:RadTabItem Header="tab2" GotFocus="RadTabItem_GotFocus"
                                            <TextBox x:Name="tb7" Text="tb7" GotFocus="TextBox_GotFocus" /> 
                                            <TextBox x:Name="tb8" Text="tb8" GotFocus="TextBox_GotFocus" /> 
                                            <TextBox x:Name="tb9" Text="tb9" GotFocus="TextBox_GotFocus" /> 
    Is this a bug?  Is there a work-around?
    (In the screenshot, I started the app, clicked on tb1, then clicked on tab2.  tb1 - tb6 received GotFocus events.)

    Update:  If I click on tb1, then click on tab1 (does nothing, since tab1 is already the selected tab), then click on tab2, tb1 - tb6  _don't_ get all the GotFocus events.  Weird.

  2. Ivan
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    Posted 14 Feb 2010 Link to this post

    Hi Bates,

    Thank you for reporting the issue.

    We confirm the observable effect - it is related to the tab-page that is becoming invisible.

    According your report we updated your Telerik points.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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