What files does LiveSync sync?

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    Posted 22 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    I have been developing an app in AppBuilder and testing it on an iOS device.  I've been refreshing tons using LiveSync, so I have a good sense of how fast LiveSync should be.  Tonight, I added a few hundred files to my project.  The first time I synced the project after adding those files, it took a while to download onto my phone, which was totally fine and expected.  However, in subsequent LiveSync refreshes (after I've only changed, say, one html file), the download time is still very slow.

    This leads me to the question: what files does LiveSync actually sync when I do a three-finger refresh?  Does LiveSync only download the files that have been changed since the last time I did an update, or does it just re-download all the files in my project?  I think it should behave like the former, but the change in download speed I've experienced suggests it's the latter.  (Of course, there could be some other factor causing the slowdown, and it's just a strange coincidence it happened after I added a bunch of files).  Thank you for your time!
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    Hi David,

    The delay is probably caused by the number of synced files. The livesync functionality at the moment downloads all files which can sometimes really be more time consuming. We also realize that this livesync implementation is not really traffic efficient and we are investigating different options for tracking the files which were last changed. Our goal is to allow the livesync to only download the modified files, which as you noted would be better. However, as we are in the early stages of discussing and exploring different options for this change I cannot yet bind to any specific time frames.

    Tina Stancheva

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