What data points are Exceptions bundled on?

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    Can you specify which parts of a logged exception are used to bundle them into groups?  E.g. Does 'Message' get factored in?

    I was about to 'Delete' an exception so I wouldn't have to see it again but I'm cautious not knowing how the bundling works.  I want to make sure that if an exception occurs again on the same line of code, but with a different message, that it would show again in EQATEC.  Message, for example, would be "This file is in use by another application or user".

    Thank you
  2. Soren
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    Hi Kevin,

    Our algorithm factors in the exception type and a normalized stacktrace (i.e. we attempt to strip the localized text and end up with just class, method and potentially file and line information). It does not factor in the message, since the message is likely localized and that would create a new exception for each language, even though it is actually the same exception.

    This means that an exception of the same type with the same stacktrace is considered the same exception and so in your case a new exception with a different message would not trigger as a new exception.

    We have loosely considered a way for you to affect this algorithm, for instance by providing a simple textual input alongside the exception that could factor in similar to the exception type, but we have nothing concrete on that yet.

    Hope this helps in clarifying things

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